Thursday, December 17, 2009

"You know that, I'll be coming home" (Bday special)

I prefer
  1. Sucking to Licking
  2. Humor to Swag
  3. Ketchup to Cheese
  4. Firm buns to great racks
  5. Chocolate to latte pigmentation
  6. creamed Hausa accent to British'
  7. Wine to Beer
  8. Spooning to Grinding
  9. Porn to CNN
  10. Hookah to Pot
  11. Sums to Papers
  12. Eyeliner to Lipstick
  13. Kunu to Smoothies
  14. Flats to Heels
  15. Sums to Papers
  16. Body to Face
  17. the Chase to the Kill
  18. good loving to cash

So, I really should be studying but Im just out of that mood. My Bday is in 2days, the 19th, Sat. Im going home next week. I'm not excited for either. I intended posting this on my bday, but Imma be busting my ass for my Orgo final then. So, here is my Bday special, my preferences. very random cos I was studying and these were the first things that came to my mind, in that order.
    The title is a line from John Legend's Coming Home.

I just realised that I want one of these badly lol. They are made by Z.

and Myne Whitman's e-Book, A Heart to Mend. Both for my break/bday.
Peace. Love. and Coconut.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    "Birthday sex, Birthday Sex."

    Y'all be expecting read stuff about getting some action. holt! not yet, It's not yet my birthday yet.

    But in 19 days, to be exact. yes, Dec 19th! bomp! womp! lomp! Coincidentally, Robby and I are birthday mates. Just putting it out there, in case you want to organize a party for us on FB, buy some stuffs from eBay, send us an eCard, and hug us thru skype.

    This is going to be a legit year mark. Y'all know when your age grants you some statutory access, you be feeling fly. Lemme stop this round abt story, I dont know what this bday will look like. I dont have any expectations. Given it a serious thought and all I really want, besides the sentimental "Happy Birthday shout-outs", are
    Good Loving. most importantly. (I don't mean BAMF stunts). I just want to chill and you know spend some QT with loved ones. Now, this is too much to ask for?

    Adobe Photoshop for MAC. I need the App, for my hobby. (click on photos for more 411)

    And a camera bag for my canon rebel T1i, which I just got.
    This yr, I'll be jacking for my Orgo Exam final.
    Last year, I was in air for the most part.
    The year before that, I had >10 major college application essays, due the wk after. Explanatory.
    And before that, I was in stuck in HS, prepping for another exam.

    Btw, why is there a sketchy rumor about Yarddy being chronically ill? If the president is sick, how can the nation be healthy?

    Je t'embarasse.
    BAMF: Bad ass Mo^$^RFu*&(%^^$
    QT: Quality Time

    PS: My Text Size is off the hi-zack in this post, I don't have the patience to deal with Blogger's Editor. I tried and tried to no avail.