Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Reasons to Hate the “Summer” in Nigeria

10. Mud and puddles

9. Dust

8. Noise

7. Mosquitoes

6. Elephant grass

5. Houseflies

4. NTA news (cheeky cheeky) :), not for me tho


2. Expired imported apples

1. Heat

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too many things to love tho

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Water awareness project 2010

    From my recent posts, you will know that I am working towards a community-service project centered on water sanitation and personal hygiene. Thanks to America and my generous university, I was awarded a grant to sponsor my independent project, the reason behind this post's title. The first half of the project involves giving talks on water sanitation, conservation and personal hygiene in twenty schools. The latter half will involve installing a plastic water tank, using a rainwater catchment system, in a school in Mpape. Mpape, is a rural settlement 15 minutes from Maitama, with little or no access to portable water.
    I have some construction experience but I'm still looking for a volunteer(s) to assist with or partake in this project.  I already know this project is going to be so much fun and beneficial. If you  have some free time in June and July in Abuja, holla, !! Even if you don't want to help but just meet-up/chit-chat, still contact me

    PS: I am sitting in Heathrow waiting for my flight to Abuja and I see a Nigerian jamming to a gigantic iPod because he is working around with an iPad. Jeez! I did not know people actually bought that gadget jajaja. I’m so glad to be going back to the motherland after a long time. I’ll put up this post, when I get to Abuja.
    On another note, I want to explore Abuja this summer, no joke. Suggestions for hotspots and hidden goodies are welcome.

Je t'embarasse.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eminem Not Afraid-( Not Official Music Video)

I'm one of Eminem's lovers. I don't know why but he gets me.

I'm not afraid to take a ....

Done with this semester. Can't believe that I'm halfway done with college. Summer can commence, jajajaja. Naija is not ready for Yinkuslolo.

ps: comments have been enabled, as usual

Monday, May 10, 2010


" the midst of organic chemistry, with its frightfully dull theoretical problems, and involved cases of isomerism and hydrocarbon radicals-the benzene ring, etc etc- I found myself so wretchedly bored that I positively could not study for more than fifteen minutes without acquiring an excruciating headache which prostrated ne completely for the test of the day."

I'm beasting for my organic chem finals.

In other news, guess whose environmental proposal was approved with sufficient grant?
ps. I purposely disallowed comments. Thanks for wishing me well. I'll be back with the details in a few days.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That Underwear game

When it all comes down to it, you attract folks with your outerwear but nothing gets me like an A+ underwear game. I'm not talking about those who consciously match their bras and panties, it ain't all that maybe cos I don't do it.

My mother spends a great deal on underwear and that has made me to invest in my underwear collection too. Funny thing, 80% of the time, my mum gives underwear as presents. She must be the highest retail customer of Marks&Spencer Intimates.

Simple tips for the ladies, I may be biased.
  • Go for panties that don't show panty lines or pantyhem depressions, when you wear tight bottoms. Thongs are a safe bet. Sidenote: My friend told me that I should stop wearing thongs so often like a stripper, story!
  • Also, go for cotton underwear that will air to pass thru to your intimate skin. Silk may be sexy but the heat eh.
  • Please and please, sanitize/wash your bras. It is easy to neglect the bras and pay attn to only the underbottoms.
  • For the well-endowed sister, if your straps are gonna show in a sundress, pls watch that bra-strap size. Nothing gets me like seeing a 3cm bra-strap. I know it's a challange if u got 36DDs like me but there are some good bras with not-so-wide straps. They may come pricey, but I call it an investment.
  • If you're gonna wear that short freakum dress, pls make sure your panties/under-bottoms are close to your skin color. I don't appreciate being flashed pink panties on some ebony skin. Better still, wear some short tights underneath. I love/use my shapers to death.
  • Big-boobied sisters again. Don't wear undersized bras. No matter the size, e go dey for market.

As for the gents, just one rule.
Pls, have sparkly clean briefs underneath. Nothing turns me off as much has seeing a discoloured and possibly sweat-smelling boxers
  • Preferably white. ok, I lied. I loooovvvveee white briefs on bros.

Over to you guys, what makes an Underwear game A+? what are your undewear pet peeves?

Keep your Underwer game 100%, and what is under the underwear lol.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How much does this type of water tank cost in Nigeria?

If you know the price of anyone of the tanks, please tell me the estimated price and the color from the picture.
I am not crazy, I'm trying to type up something but I really have no idea of how much water tanks cost in Nigeria. Google has not been helpful either.Help please