Monday, May 31, 2010

10 Reasons to Hate the “Summer” in Nigeria

10. Mud and puddles

9. Dust

8. Noise

7. Mosquitoes

6. Elephant grass

5. Houseflies

4. NTA news (cheeky cheeky) :), not for me tho


2. Expired imported apples

1. Heat

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too many things to love tho


Lara said...

You did not add, the traffic jam or should i say go-slow.

Hope your project is going smoothly...lovely week

Sugarking said...

The Kpoli there should compensate for all this. We both know I'm not lying. lol. yeah put up pictures of that kush when u get some abeg!!!

doll said...

@ Lara...the traffic most bearable durin summer...cuz the school children are on holidays

onosetale(damsel) said...

summer is summer...i dread the flys/mosquitoes/heat and almost everything else that comes with summer, but i only put up with it because the first day of summer is my birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 9ja! *grinning* how is the project kicking?

2cute4u said...

Lol.. Naija in action!!!
Sorry, consider it your baptismal water...