Sunday, June 27, 2010

SA world cup 2010 randomicities

So far, my boys have annoyed me so much. I'm pissed. Some points that I have to make for reals

  • Enyeama did us proud but I think that he has to change up his skill a little. A goal keeper is meant to keep the ball and not push it out of the goalpost area. Because if it's not done properly, a rebound goal can occur and that is what happened once or twice and cost us determining goals.
  • Kaita made a mistake but was not responsible for your loss against Greece. The dude was actually holding down the midfield. Kaka was also given a red card. Why did Brazil not fall apart after Kaka's exit?
  • Where is Mutallab? Because we need his skills to bomb Yakubu's plane to wherever. I kid, i kid. But that Yakubu cannot even show a sign of remorse because he was laughing after he had the greatest miss of the 2010 world cup.
  • Did anyone watch that Portugal-North Korea 7-0? That was pure comedy.
  • My Black stars are doing it big, so glad. Those GH players can hustle for ball tho, to the last second. Did someone peep Prince? I predicted that they were going to beat US 2-1 and they did. I have also predicted that they will make it to semi finals but not finals.
  • Keep blowing those Vuvuzuelas.

PS: I have a feeling that Sade will win the BET Best International Act. I'm not watching this year but I hope the show will be as memorable as last year's.

And this month is my Blogversary!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yesterday was Father's day

and all I could say was
'Happy Father's day, mom!'

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been a while loves

Yinkuslolo is in Nigeria and she has been having a swell time, no joke. Abuja is fantastic indeed. I did a couple of talks for the Water Awareness Project already and I went to the Plumbing market in Dei-dei today. It was raining, but still an interesting trip though. I met ~B~ of Butterfly, she's so adorable. We went to Drumstix and had an interesting lunch.

One other thing, Abuja's social scene is overwhelming. I'm meeting new people everyday and going to some new hotspot every wkend night. It's all good though and I'm loving it. I'm living in a 'girls pad' life in Abuja because my mum is home, in Europe and I have no vacant hosue in Abuja. Hopefully, I get to see my mum sometime soon.

I hope I make it down to Lagos and Obudu sometime, I really want to. Though, I don't know my way around Lag.

PS: This post is just an update. Basically, I'm loving it down here in Abj.

Wishing y'all a great summer.