Saturday, April 30, 2011

Skin Deep

Race is just a social construct set for discrimination. 
Why can't we use nose sizes to categorise people?
Why must we use skin color to fit people into check-boxes?
I'm black and I have no problem with that.

Black pride at its best. 
Nodding at the random dark-skinned fellow seated across me on the tube.
Using the darkest shade of MAC Studio Fix, NC 55. 
I have no inferiority complex for being closer to the darker end of the spectrum.
That is not only because black don't crack. 
But because racial distinctions are only skin deep.

Did I hear someone claim that we live in a post-race society.
Oh yeah? I beg to differ. Mind the Gap. 
Why do we have affirmative action? 
Positive discrimination is about equality between people of different ethnicities.
This is not a ploy to boycott the regular procedure to favor the less privileged. 
What do I know?

Like always,
Je t'embrasse.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boobs again! Inspired by 'Help save my mom' fund

This is not meant to be a post but I was inspired from something that I read while I was appreciating the awesomeness of tweetdeck. That app is awesome. On the other hand, I get no work done now, even though my exams are knocking on the door

Last night, I was procrastinating on my TL (Timeline in Twitter lingo, similar to FB's NewsFeed). Some people were ranting as usual. Some had horny epiphanies. Some were famzing (Nigerian lingo for associating yourself with people probably on celebrity status, similar to groupies) with the soon-to-be royal couple. But a couple of tweeps (people on twitter, tw + peeps = tweeps) were asking for support to a cause.
Shame less plug, follow me on twitter @yinkuslolo

As usual, my curious self decided to investigate and I discovered that some Nigerian guy is raising money for his mum's mastectomy because she has stage III breast cancer. He is trying to raise $60, 000, that is more than 9 Million Naira. That is a lot of money but worldwide donations have been going on all night. Within 8 hours, (yes I'm still up, from 11pm through 7am) I saw the donations go from $399 to over $14, 000. The power of the Internet and kind-hearted people cannot be overstimated. Even a fundraising walk will most likely not accomplish this in such a short amount of time. I don't know the family but I pray that he gathers sufficient money for the cause and God's grace for the mom's operation. Through the night, a few thoughts crossed my mind about the reason why that lump sum of money was needed and about breast cancer. Click here for the link to donation page 
Thank you for taking out time to read this. I am writing to appeal to you for your prayers and financial assistance. My mom has been diagnosed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center with stage III breast cancer. Because she is uninsured, she needs to come up with $60, 000 to have her left breast removed in the next 2-3 weeks. I can’t put a dollar amount on my mom’s life, but I really really need your help now. Nothing is too small. Thank you and God bless. For those outside the US, help through paypal using email:
From the fund blurb above, I gathered that the operation is scheduled to take place in the States. Nice! Although I'm going to my fourth year college, I have not been to the hospital in the States, as a patient but I've volunteered in one before.  From my occasional visits to my university health center, I highly commend the quality of the American health care. Unlike in Nigeria, if you don't have a good insurance coverage in the States, you will pay an arm and a leg for health services. Most people in the US get insurance through their jobs, which in turn makes employers lower their employment rate because of insurance premium charges and similar bills. I don't know much about this but I think it will be better if the US adopts the UK NHS style or tries some capitalist method. Hopefully, Obama's health care reform will make the health care more accessible to low-income earning Americans. The mother in need of support doesn't have insurance (and I don't know why), which explains why the price for the operation is that high.

As per breast cancer, I feel very strongly about this subject not because it is related to boobs. Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in middle-aged women. Ok, I definitely like talking about boobs, as shown on this blog from my post on Underwear game to my rants about the size of my own jewels. I also got a new bra at bravissimo today. There I go again with my TMI (too much information). Back to breast cancer, the obvious side effects may be going through tedious chemotherapy, losing a boob(s), or death in chronic cases. Chemo leads to hair loss, mastectomy leaves you without a boob or both boobs and death takes the life away. I don't think any of these options is desired by anyone.

Ladies, please and please (tautology for emphasis), conduct your breast self-exam every 3 months. Society seems to be more receptive of people's confessions of touching themselves nowadays. This is different, ladies touch and feel your boobs for your health's sake. Cancer is not a respecter of person or age. Your noticing a lump-like tissue in your breast can prevent cancer and/or severe operation. I was tweeting about this earlier and some lady said that her boyfriend has conducted the breast exam for her before. I think that it is okay to include your self-exam in foreplay, masturbation or any sexual activity. The main point is to observe the basics and not get distracted.

Below is a tutorial (video) for breast self-exam, if you don't know how to or if you need some clarity.

Self-CheckHow To Become Breast Self Aware

A little something extra for you, this video is a wonderful cover of Chris Brown's 'Look at me now' Enjoy!

On that note, I announce my undying love for boobs. Everyone loves a good rack. Ladies take good care of yours.

Je t'embrasse.

PS: I hope everyone had a good Easter break, elections in Nigeria and bank holidays in the UK. I'm going to get my Aso-Ebi outfit for the Royal Wedding from my tailor tomorrow. Look out for my the fancy gele (Yoruba headgear) in the congregation at St.Paul's  on Friday.
Update: I was obviously famzing. St.Paul's is not the name of the church where the wedding took place and I watched the ceremony from my bed. Yay to live streaming on the internet. Thanks to technology.

PPS: My London-Budapest-Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris-Madrid two-week trip was so much fun. That's the longest multi-city trip that I've ever embarked on. Too much ridonkulousness. I should post some pics and tales from it soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you live in a 90sq feet apartment?

Watch the video of a lady below. She literally sleeps 1 foot below her ceiling because she lives in a 90sq ft apartment.

My thought on this: Classic case of keeping it real. I see no point in accumulating debts because you want to be fancy. At the same time, you should strive to live comfortably. NYC, especially Manhattan, is very expensive. With that $700 that she pays, she can get a nice 2-bedroom flat in the DMV. I can't knock her hustle

I have to learn some storage and conservation tips from her (as a fellow lady), for real. At the end of last semester, I had to make three car trips to my storage because of how much stuff that I had accumulated in less than 3 years. I can't believe that I went to the States with just two boxes in 2008. I need to go into retail rehab. I stay ordering things from China and Australia. I know worse people though. I mean, fashion bloggers seem to have lots of clothing. How big is their closet? 

My question for her is "How do you live without a kitchen, three years and counting?


 PS: It's so warm in Europe man. Looks like I may be copping some shorts during my trip. Btw, I still do not know what to do in Belgium for two days, besides munching waffles. I need ideas :)

Amsterdam in 6 hours.

Stay Blessed.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

enjoy! British royalty and elites can be Facebook savvy?

Hopefully. I'm home in Budapest, when this gets published.

Je t'embarasse.
PS: I need recommendations of what to do in Belgium, besides eating the famous waffles.