Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you live in a 90sq feet apartment?

Watch the video of a lady below. She literally sleeps 1 foot below her ceiling because she lives in a 90sq ft apartment.

My thought on this: Classic case of keeping it real. I see no point in accumulating debts because you want to be fancy. At the same time, you should strive to live comfortably. NYC, especially Manhattan, is very expensive. With that $700 that she pays, she can get a nice 2-bedroom flat in the DMV. I can't knock her hustle

I have to learn some storage and conservation tips from her (as a fellow lady), for real. At the end of last semester, I had to make three car trips to my storage because of how much stuff that I had accumulated in less than 3 years. I can't believe that I went to the States with just two boxes in 2008. I need to go into retail rehab. I stay ordering things from China and Australia. I know worse people though. I mean, fashion bloggers seem to have lots of clothing. How big is their closet? 

My question for her is "How do you live without a kitchen, three years and counting?


 PS: It's so warm in Europe man. Looks like I may be copping some shorts during my trip. Btw, I still do not know what to do in Belgium for two days, besides munching waffles. I need ideas :)

Amsterdam in 6 hours.

Stay Blessed.


Ginger said...

OMG! That is Alice in not-so-Wonderroom. Don't think it is much bigger than my room
I love her use of space though. Talk of micro-managing.
Babe dont be too fast to condemn your luggage. From what I see i think her luggage would still fill 2 car-load. But 3 yrs in this tiny space??!! Words fail me. Anyway she's saving for other luxuries so she can be excused. but still!!!

Ehh google "Interesting places in Belgium" na :)

kitkat said...

omg she's trying. i cnt do this! i'll die of claustrophobia lol.

NikkiSho said...

WOAH!! she def knows hows to use space...i CANT sleep on that bed with the walls everywhere and its sooo close to the ceiling..ah she is trying o

The Corner Shop said...

I think i need these her storage skills oh! But seriously, can't she move elsewhere? All this just to live in a good part of town?


TayneMent said...

I saw this earlier and i can't do the bed. I'd be freaking out with all those walls around

Yankeenaijababe said...

can't do it o..she de try o. Can't wait to see pictures of ya, post pictures

doll said...

i'm claustaphobic

Miss C.C said...

I clearly agree with spending only on what you can afford BUT this video gave me a headache!
Clearly I can't do it