Monday, August 9, 2010

*How to make love!*


4 laughin eyes,
4 well shaped legs,
4 lovin arms,
2 firm milk containers,
2 nuts,
1 mixin bowl,
1 firm banana...

1. Look into laughin eyes
2. Spread well shaped legs with lovin arms
3. Squeeze & massage milk containers very gently
4. Gently add firm banana to mixin bowl workin in an out until well creamed
5. As heat rises plunge banana deep into mixin bowl and cover with nuts, leave to soak, preferably not over nite
6. The cake is done when banana is soft, if banana doesn't soften repeat steps 3-5 or change mixin bowls! Note...
If you are in an unfamiliar kitchen..
1. Wash utensils carefully before and after use!
2. Do not lick mixin bowl!
3. If cake rises, leave town...

every line has pun-intentions.
stole it from a friend's fb.
shit is funny as hell. don't ask me if i've followed this recipe lol.

gotta post stuff like this, when you have too much time on your hands in jand.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A letter from London

Dear followers lovers,

Once again, I've tried to satisfy my curious self by travelling to another acclaimed city. This time around, it is London. I have been here for only a few days and one thought that keeps recurring is '1 USD is not = 1 GBP'. By the side of that, every pence counts too and is not as negligible as the cent.

I'm staying with my cousin, an LLM student, and she works the night shift at her workplace. So, she creeps back into the house at the crack of dawn, then sleeps all-day. I kept wondering how many people in London are actually nocturnal workers until I read the free 'London Evening Standard' that stated over 100, 000 workers use the night bus service. Basically, nothing in London is free. I was glancing through a Vibe mag, at a train mini bookstore but the attendant told me to stop unless I was buying it. I thought one could read any unsealed book in a bookstore. Oh well, I just told him that I'm used to American bookstores, where one can camp at Barnes and Noble lol,  and that he should pardon me.

One other thing that my cousin told me to assume is to think every Black person in London is Yoruba, until he/she proves otherwise. Like seriously tho, I have heard more Yoruba spoken than English by black folks around here. Last Sunday, I was in Blackheath and it seemed like the road was invaded by ankara-clad humans. Oh well, Nigerians were coming from the church.

Silly me, I should be a tourist in London but I can't help practicing my number 1 hobby, people watching, full-time. Just in case, you catch a juicey babe, wearing glasses(after 18mths of contacts) and extra-extra-long braids, appreciating the awesomeness of London folks, that's Yinkuslolo!

oh, I have a one-well all-access travel card and I should not be wasting almost 40 pounds. Funny how my Jand friends are vacaying in Naija and I just left them behind there to come to this upgraded Lagos. So, I need places to go but oh well, folks be busy working and crashing all-day lol.