Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A letter from London

Dear followers lovers,

Once again, I've tried to satisfy my curious self by travelling to another acclaimed city. This time around, it is London. I have been here for only a few days and one thought that keeps recurring is '1 USD is not = 1 GBP'. By the side of that, every pence counts too and is not as negligible as the cent.

I'm staying with my cousin, an LLM student, and she works the night shift at her workplace. So, she creeps back into the house at the crack of dawn, then sleeps all-day. I kept wondering how many people in London are actually nocturnal workers until I read the free 'London Evening Standard' that stated over 100, 000 workers use the night bus service. Basically, nothing in London is free. I was glancing through a Vibe mag, at a train mini bookstore but the attendant told me to stop unless I was buying it. I thought one could read any unsealed book in a bookstore. Oh well, I just told him that I'm used to American bookstores, where one can camp at Barnes and Noble lol,  and that he should pardon me.

One other thing that my cousin told me to assume is to think every Black person in London is Yoruba, until he/she proves otherwise. Like seriously tho, I have heard more Yoruba spoken than English by black folks around here. Last Sunday, I was in Blackheath and it seemed like the road was invaded by ankara-clad humans. Oh well, Nigerians were coming from the church.

Silly me, I should be a tourist in London but I can't help practicing my number 1 hobby, people watching, full-time. Just in case, you catch a juicey babe, wearing glasses(after 18mths of contacts) and extra-extra-long braids, appreciating the awesomeness of London folks, that's Yinkuslolo!

oh, I have a one-well all-access travel card and I should not be wasting almost 40 pounds. Funny how my Jand friends are vacaying in Naija and I just left them behind there to come to this upgraded Lagos. So, I need places to go but oh well, folks be busy working and crashing all-day lol.


Myne Whitman said...

London is a great city. I hope you find something to do and enjoy your time there.

My world said...

oh,I see your doing almost same as I did :)
But,when you get the right people,it can be wonderful and breath-taking..

histreasure said...

funny post..nice to see someone write about London without a word on the weather..

ZeL said...

Lol...Have fun

Anonymous said...

lol...glad to hear the 'otherside' of London...have fun.


lol - glad you are enjoying urself... carry go


Miss Natural said...

London is really a second lagos, true talk. Enjoy your stay!

Nice Anon said...

If you ever get hungry taking a walk around Leicester square NEVER go to the Chinese place(s) around there to get something to eat. I wasted a whole 7pounds($14) on food that was crap. I dumped it and almost asked for my money back.

bob-ij said...

bahahah! It is true though. My immigration officer's name was Kemi! lol. Did the attendant really tell you to drop it? wow!

Every penny counts oh! keep it!!

Have fun though. I'm a London fan!


Addy said...

You should go to Oxford Street if you haven't already been! I could sleep there. And for amazing Chinese food, go to Golder's Green, there's a Chinese place,Hainanese, their food is to die for. Oh and you should also go to thorpe park, it's one of the best parks ever. It's not actually in London, but it's not too far.
Please go to markets as well. So many bargains! They're so many markets but most of them are only open on Sundays and you have to get up early!
How long are you in London for?

Enitan said...

you must visit camden while you're in london, don't even dare get back on the plane without doing so! :)

Yinkuslolo said...

@myne, my world, zel, nitty-gritty, le dynamique, ms natural: sure thing, gotta get doses of fun b4 i head bk to schl lol

@his treasure: hmmn, i havent noticed anything particular abt the weather yet.

@nice anon:lmao, i really dont bother buying food in central london, its like im eating gold.

@bob-ij: Kemi lol. black brit = naija

@addy: i've been shopping a lil on oxford. gon go to the chinese store sometime. i dont think ill make it to the sunday markets, except i've someone to ginger me for that. how u know all o' these? u stay in london? i'll be here for 2 more wks.

@enitan: lol, whats happening in camden? i've got so much time. is that where u reside? ps. congrats on ur recent graduation, it's a big thing o

Secret Admirer said...

I am in london too. Been following your blog for ages.. Wanna go for a date? If not, hit the following places

a) Haagen Daz Leicester Square
b) Regents Park
c) Portobello Market in Notting Hill
d) See a theatre play at Leicester Square but be prepared to queue forever for tickets or pay through the nose
e)Madam Tussuads to take pictures with wax work of great people
f) Peckham or Dalston to reconfirm that you are in mini lagos.
g) Carnival - Europe's biggest street party ... bank holiday weekend 27th-30th August. Go to Nigerian corner at carnival or just dance to soca and dancehall with drunk caribbeans.
h)Jamaican Independence Party weekend of 14th August - every Jamaican club in town....
i) As you love sushi - yo sushi is affordable & if you wanna try high end sushi go to bayswater or chinatown..

Adiya said...

haha! Upgraded Lagos. I heard about that but i'm still surprised that the number of Yoruba people there are high.