Monday, November 23, 2009


If you go to eat in a restaurant (**haha**, my mumcee pronounces the word in French but with the Yoruba tone), in Yankee, you are expected to tip the waiter. That is to my knowledge.

I know not everyone will tip like a Johnny Depp, who tipped a waiter $4000.

If you tip at all, my point in question lies somewhere there. How much? Most restaurants recommend 15%, where I reside. When I'm in a restaurant with poor service, I'm like 'say who die?!?' Reason is that I'm a middle class student, I can't be tipping $3 for every $15 or so meal, every time. During breaks, I eat out a lot. In fact, I love to eat dishes, from different places. Any Sushi, Panini or Pad Thai grubbies in blogsville? Related randomisity, I organized a Food fair for the Intl Stud Assoc at my school, last Sat. So much food, from different parts of the world, was too busy to sample much tho.

Back to my tipping story, I pay for my eat-outs myself, most times. This one time, I went out with 4 other friends and we were billed ensemble. The waitress did not even ask if we wanted to pay separately. Anyway, you will not believe she indirectly told us to do the maths ie. calculate whose food costs so so and so. Escusez-moi? I expected her to apologise for not asking how we wanted to be billed and offer to sort out the bill. I was pissed seriously. And I bet she still expected to be tipped. After eating with delight, we started using the calculator in our phones to divide tax and ish. Trust American students, every man for his bill.

Another situation, that a friend told me about, was when she ate at a Thai restaurant and forgot to tip. One of the waitresses caught up with her and her friends to remind them to do so, out side the restaurant. Last time, I checked, tipping was recommended and not necessary. Am I right?

Maybe it is the Nigerian mentality in me but I think it is up to these restaurants to pay their workers well and not make customers feel guilty for not tipping. In Naija restaurants, with comparable standards, tipping is not a must but for sure, customers leave their bill payment balances(change) for the waiters, according to their own judgment.

One time, a friend decided to have a to-go at some place because she did not want to feel guilty for not tipping the waiter, if she ate in there.

Case in a nutshell, I'm just a middle class student, who likes to eat. I don't want any waiter to think that I'm miserly cos don't tip generously. I try.

PS: I am not referring to 5-star restaurants.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Where is Leggy!?" I have the on

I promise that this is not with relation to the recent and definitely, unwarranted dispute in blogsville.

If you try to go to Leggy's blog, you will get the 'the blog cannot be found' default. Actually, Leggy deleted her blog with the intention of coming back in 2010 because some non-blogsville folks, who found out her blog, were reading her supposed-anonymous posts. From the source, these non-bville residents think that she is writing stuff about them and she decided to go off-air for a while.

Well, the problem is that she is trying to recover her deleted blog acct and that has not been successful. She told me to ask If you know how to recover a recently ( less than 90 days), pls let her know and drop your suggestions for recovery.

Currently, she is back to her first url,

Je t'embarasse.

PS: Right know, all my tests have rendered my technologically-challenged. I have no ideas

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dating in College, potentially biased

College here, refers to a typical undergraduate higher-institution. In my case, I go to a college, one that is effectively diverse ethnically yet a white-dominated university. Lemme stop at that demographic yarning.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may want to dust your memory on the liberalism-supposedly present in my school.

On monday afternoon, I was sitting in a library and the wall on the main floor is made of see-through glass. I was looking through the glass, when I saw 3 males and female run through the campus naked, like effin' stark naked in broad day light. I know you are wondering who they were. Some white cross country runners, they usually run naked laps but I did not know that they ran naked even in broad daylight, in this cold. Funny part of the story is that the naked runners stumbled upon a prospective students' tour that was being given at the same time. ha! This is the second time that I'm seeing naked folks run through campus.

On Wednesday, I took the same spot in the glass-walled library and I saw two squirrels gettin' at it on the curb outside. It was a the doggy style, then I was like that spot in the library is not healthy for me esp. if I've got limited time to study.

Onto the topic of this post, Dating in college, I have some observations.
Before I came to college, I was accustomed to the baby steps approach to dating between 16 - 22 yr olds. This may be as a result of the fact that I grew up in Nigeria.
  • Guy notices some babe
  • Guy chases the babe and gets her phone number by hook, book or crook
  • Keeps toasting her persistently and girl say no everytime
  • Girl succumbs to a date after 1 - 3mth, depends on how much the babe is feeling the guy
  • They get to know each other, all the hobbies, habits and stuff
  • Girl and boy keep playing cat and mouse for 3 more mths, then they make it official
  • Most times, the nookie is included after 6 mths, and their sexual compatibility is investigated/improved.
Now, in college, dating is done in reverse.
  • Drunk boy and girl meet at a party, during the weekend
  • They make out.
  • They meet at parties on the following weekends and hook up.
  • They keep doing the koko, not exclusively and find each other sexually-compatible
  • Then, they get to know each other, all the hobbies, habits and stuff by going out on dates
  • After 2 mths or so, they make it official
Now, I will not state my preference for the pattern that I like but the basis of my observation is that sexual compatibility seems to be the first criterion for dating anyone in my American college. On the other hand, sex is usually the last bus-stop on the to-do list in the typical Naija dating system.

One may criticise this college system of dating but I think that if sex is the pillar ( sometime, the purpose) of most relationships amongst 18 -22yr olds in college, then let the sexual compatibility be the initial criterion rather than beating around the bush.

You may beg to differ?

PS: miss natural, you wrote that I look familiar. from where? i may just know you. email me cos I can't comment on that post for some unknown reason.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

DC chilling, Halloween and other stories (My first personal pics included)

Sup fellow Blogsvillites?

I see some new bloggers popping, some have migrated to Twitter to discuss Blogsville and other issues, some funny/controversial/*^%? ones are acquiring a fan base, some females are chopping the hair off (including moi), some are still posting up poems (i dont read most them tho), some are just there, some are tryna get the Blogsville critic/judge title and some have gone MIA. Y'all know where you belong? How y'all been tho?

Mehn, Ms. Dufa's blog's playlist has been on, on my lappie, for the last 3 hrs. I'm feeling most of those jamz mehn. Like, my iTunes is becoming 2000 and late. Homegirl is busy jare. I was on Ms. Dufa's blog, after a long while today. PS: If I don't comment on your blog, trust me, I am in touch thru my Google Reader. if you don't use that ish, get on it. Google reader has been saving milions of my seconds of opening individual blogs.

So, how was my DC trip?
Last wkend was my fall break and I went PG chillin'. Good stuff mehn. But my 45 mins flight from JFK was unfortunately eventful. Fashi that side sha. I went shopping, chilling, went to DC's Chinatown branched to Smithsonian and saw the monument, White House, Air and Space Musuem. Basically, orisirisi avenues of American History. It was coincidentally Howard's Homecoming and before you ask I wasn't at any of them events but I went to Howard on Monday. That's the first HBCU, that I went visiting and guess what? I had to dress up because they dress-up to school at Howard. Say wetin happen! some folks at my school even go to class in their PJs mehn. Dressing is mainly for night time. But I wore my koi-koi oh cos I baffed up and my legs pain me tire that day. Howard has some strong hilly parts mehn. I met some folks there, cool Naija people feeling fresh, as expected. Some Howard infrastructures need to be renovated tho but I like the school. Even though, it's like the opposite of mine.

And then! I lost my Halloween virginity on Friday. Shit mehn. Kanye West was kicking it. For those that are not current, I was Kanye West (with boobs) and two of my friends were Taylor Swift and Beyonce. It was a long night jo. I'm not gonna dish out the long story but I recovered with 12 hrs of sleep.

And guess whataaaa! I'm posting pics. I have not posted pics of myself not because I don't want to identifed but I did not want to have a face to my blog-story. Anyway, due to popular demand, here are my Kanye pics. I didn't get the shutter glasses but I found that top in DC. I will like to warn you that on a regular day, I will not look like this. Well, I present to you Yinkuslolo, in her naked Kanye-ego. Dayum! I can't believe I'm not having some hawt [read: sexy] pic of my regular self up, as my first personal photo. whatevs mehn!
She's wearing a wig cos she's actually a brunette and I'm holding my shoe polish.
"Yo Taylor! I'm real happy for you and Imma let you finish
but Beyonce got the best video of all time!"

UPDATE: Pics have been removed.

PS: I usually have Orin by Adol on replay. I think the song is not popular and it's not really my in preffered genre but I have been feeling it for the last 6 wks. who else has?