Friday, September 18, 2009

Temptation 104.....Liberalism supposedly

I go to one of those extremely liberal American colleges. Views from the right are just as welcome, all for the sake of the proclaimed eclecticism.

  • Sex party
Think about that literally. That's the name of an annual party in my school. This year's sex party is tomorrow. It is attended in ready-to-get-kpanshed apparel. No kidding, babes go to V.Secrets to get all the lingerie and the guys, fo sho, go in hot bum shorts. If you still do not get, there is live-sex going on by attendees in the party. Sex! That's the theme, proclaiming the human sexuality. I dint go last year. This year, Yinkuslolo and a friend wanted to go see that the ish happens for real cos I know after college, where else will I get to see such party? but guess what? tickets are already sold out. Even the fake ones are elusive. Some students are bidding the hoarded tickets

Update: I got fake tickets. U get? Some students made fake tickets for the sex party. So, I gathered my babes, with the fake tickets of cos. Unfortunately, the frat, where the sex party was at, was already filled to capacity. Hahaha, those with even real tickets were still outside cos some fake ticket holders got inside already and took up room space. mehn! it was mad cold and most babes were just with bra and shorts, while some guys were with shorts, ties and maybe, handcuffs. orisirisi gears for sexing. Oh college!

Talking about parties, I have to plan a Uniform party for next weekend on behalf of my student group. A uniform party is simply a costume party, dressing up as whatever you desire, naughty maid, sexy nurse, hot CEO or Lady Gaga.

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
Well, if you don't get, it means both sexes share the same bathroom space. There is no restroom specific to the Gents or Ladies.

A couple of minutes ago, I was trying to do number 2, to no avail. When I came out of the toilet stall, my homie, was shaving his goat-like strands and admiring his stubble. This guy lives next to me, actually we purposely live next together cos we're cool with each other like that asper friends. Now, we see each other in the bathroom, [read: in towels] all for the sake of the gender-neutral bathroom. Don't get me wrong. It's either you're excited that you will be seeing the opposite sex in your bathroom or you get offended. I'm cool with the ish yo! One of my homegirls is roommates[read: shares the room] with a guy. I don't know how they do it. Note: They are not going out. The roommate has a gf sef.

The other day, I was rushing into a toilet stall and bumped into a guy, The guy was pants down doing numero dos, I guess. I just quickly exchanged "sorry" apology with the guy "It is ok" reply and ran into the next empty stall. Still in shock, not like I saw anything, I uttered "God" and I'm sure the boy heard from his stall. He may pass me for some freak, not knowing that I say "God in place of "oh shit". Oops! Thou shall not say the name of the Lord in vain.

  • Sex magazine
There is an annual sex magazine in my school. I was going thru the past editions and saw some students pose nude[read: stark naked] for the magazine. The magazine also contains sexuality articles.

In the fall, the cross-country males' team run thru the freshman dorms naked.

Ok, these points are not the main reasons, why I think my school's liberalism is questionable. Part two post is on the way.

Some ish going on.
Last Saturday, Yinkuslolo tried a cigarette. She dint even choke. Someone implied that she smokes like an advanced beginner. She doesn't like the feeling in the cavities. So, it's not on the prospective habits' list. She even took a pic with the whiff/poke going off. [read: I was trying to do some Ambersome shot, like the one on the side tab of my blog] Pardon me! I think smoking socially [esp with a cigar] is classy. More explanation on smoking socially, if needed.

Hey! It's Friday night.
Looks like imma just chill with my French Sauvignon [weekend wine of choice] or jet out with the homie.

Y'all be thinking along the lines of good girl going bad. No worries pple, I do just wine and no wine-buddy in sight yet!


Nice Anon said...

You "do" just wine huh? Good. I hate the taste of vodka and the rest of em. I tired smoking once and it was crap plus i hate the smell of em.

What school is this again? Any chance of seeing the magazines with naked students?

Anonymous said...

Your school is very liberal. The closest we have to a sex party is a pyjama parade during frosh week when girls get to wear revealing pjs..oh well.

Lol at trying an Ambersome shot, so did you get it right?

Rene said...

You're really having fun...I'm happy for you. did you get d Ambersome....why dint i think of dt wen i tried it.
What's ur skuls name? twud b fun 2 watch all dem sex party n ish?

Anonymous said... wa oh.i know you already told me some of these things but not in details...again:na wa oh.

histreasure said...

na wa o,ur school sound like fun sha but neutral bathrooms...urgh...nah...

so let's see a pic of u doing ambersome. we'll totally rate it for ya - lol..

akaBagucci said...

wow... chineke god of akwa ibom...

Bubbles said...

your school is mad liberal tho.!!!

Smoking hunh?

Sugarking said...

hehehe. omo ehn, like say na yankee i dey na dat school i for go. Even if they said admission was only available in the yr 3000, i ready wait die!! correct school mehn!!!

Plus u need to get a camera sharpish! I'm with Nice Anon on this. I need pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with hitreasure, i school does sound fun. My uni's got one neutral toliet as well but i have never used it

Sha be careful with the eperiments

Lady X said...

LOL Your school sounds very interesting o! Can you go for the sex party and not have sex... Plus I tried a cigarette once for fun...It tasted very horrible *shrugs*

SkinnyLegs said...

Lol this jus reminds me of me...a few days ago I tried a cigarette...*shrug* i'm still "good" lol...but the thing is if we don't experiment now when will we?

Did I jus say that?LOL

Ebony~!* said...

this your school get as e be shaaa!!!

miss.fab said...

Lol was it good? The cigarette I mean...

Interesting school you go to. I can only imagine

Myne Whitman said...

Let's see the ambersome pic, the real one here is quite classy. And except for the gender neutral bathrooms, giving vent to the sex on their mind a'la all hormone ridden teenagers and young adults is not liberalism. Looking forward to your next post.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

ooops, i didn't say that...
my twin brother did
i know you are smart enought to
be careful but i'll still
say careful
still love your fun school

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS, you go to Harvard, don't you?
The plot thickenss.....

Trésor said...

Like what did u say the name of ur school is again. like that's the school I shuld have attended.
Like... seriously, they should call it 'dash dash dash' sex college.
Like do they also have sex edu n porn as part of the majors and minors?
Like that kind of school for Naija would cause the final 'religious clash.'

Fabulo-la said...

All of this is happening in one school?

SkinnyLegs said... investigation?lol

Ms. 'dufa said...

Your schoo; is mahd crazy! I thought those stuffs (like running naked) only happens i muveees.
Anyway, there's nothing we won't see in this life.
I think smoking looks classy too. Tried it once, two sticks. Not going down that road again.

Abujamaiden said...

This ur school get wah, Liberalism gone uber wrong, just hormones. Harvard does a sex magazine I know.

My first time here (i think).

Anonymous said...

the x-country team in my school also ran around all the freshman dorms was not an eye-pleasing sight!

Yinkuslolo said...

lmao at the comments