Sunday, September 13, 2009

Temptation 103, S.E.X


This is no pseudo-orgasmic experience on a roller coaster or some kpanshing-deprived outburst.
I know Leggy and maybe other bloggers have been hovering around this virginity issue but I have been asked questions . I wonder whether people think I am a major in sex virginity.

I have some gfs, who are in a dilemma of leaving the not-yet-penetrated state and moving to the chooking level. Now the questions that are withholding virgins back, not from me but a third party.

'Hypothetically thinking as a virgin-girl'
  • Q:How much does this losing-your-virginity ish cost?
  • A: I need bville to help me out. Deflowering causes u a brief pain and sex is blissful, not always.
  • Q:Do our bros really care if they marry a virgin?
  • A: In this century, nobody buys a Ferrari without making sure the engine runs smoothly. But for reals, guys! Will you give more respect to your wife, if she's a virgin? Putting all the cultural obligations aside, we know no one is gonna do the red sheet-full keg or white sheet-half keg in this age wedding ritual.
  • Q: Our sexed sisters, do you regret loosing your virginity?
  • A: Bville help me out.
  • Q: If a girl is under 19 and she is determined to lose her virginity cos she thinks that is what is right for her, will you be in support?
  • A: Now, I have two answers because I am morally religiously obligated to proclaim sex-until-marriage but I also believe in doing what makes you happy, if you will not look like a mugu.
  • Q: Greatest question I keep thinking about: Is it advisable for two virgins to disvirgin each other?
  • A: Bville! That's why I'm asking you.
I hope bville sexed folks can help me out, so I can give more reasonable answers, when I'm consulted. And the non-yet-sexed folks too, your input is tangible.
It's important mehn. I go to college, at the end of almost every party, comes a newly-deflowered babe.

Update: From the comments, which I have read so far, it seems folks tag the maturity needed for losing ur virginity at a particular age. I mean, your reasoning does not really parallel with your age?

Je t'embarasse


Rene said...

lol @ full keg, half keg.
i tink ny1 determined 2 lose his/ her virginity is dumb esp b4 19, wot has d person workd for?
d college party = 1 less virgin is crazy.

SkinnyLegs said...

virginity this virginity that!
personally it dont matter to me if the girl is a virgin as long as she's not a ho.

Anonymous said...

lol...personally i wont advis anyone under 19 to have sex...thats exactly why i never give an advice on anything..ive heard the word prude in reference to me so many times.
i hope u get answers cos im waiting to too.

miss.fab said...

Lol two virgins going at it... That'll be tres interesting. But if you think about it, that's the way God meant it to be. You learn together and discover what really drives your partner crazy! What drives 3647473878 other girls/guys crazy really shouldn't be your business. Imo

That said, I'm pretty sure a male virgin is as rare as the Iberian Lynx

Fabulo-la said...

Lool@ Half keg full keg!
Dont be too sure o!
After all there are still some men that are expecting their wives to be their housemaids....
But that is besides the point..
my thing is..putting religion obligations aside, if you r going to play adults games, you better be willing to deal with adult consequences too...
We never really think abt all that.
All these boys nowadays can decieve through thier noses..if you cant deal with it..u berra keep ur legs closed!

Ok..I think I had started rambling somewhere....

Myne Whitman said...

I advice my younger sis to finish uni first before the do. If the uni bf hangs around he gets it if not, next guy in line. Bottom line advice make sure it's what you want and you not being coerced and even if the r'ship ends, no regrets.

Ebony~!* said...

I really do not think any1 who is not yet married should be laid. That is just my opinion, in this age where it is hard to find a virgin, if you keep your virginity till you are married i believe it will make your husand even value yoU MORE, cuz in the pressures of the world you still held urself together and all. For the 19 year old pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dnt do it. Sex is more than the momentiary penetration, it;s intimacy and a way of communication. Dnt fit in, stand out!

Sugabelly said...

in this age where it is hard to find a virgin, if you keep your virginity till you are married i believe it will make your husand even value yoU MORE,

LOL!!! @Ebony: Read this:

Of Virgins and Virginity

SkinnyLegs said...

19 my arse!

Yinkuslolo said...

thanx for the comments

@rene: u mean someone is dumb for losing her virginity before 19, what makes u wiser for losing it after 19 before marriage?

@miss fab: i doubt they are, some under 19 males have not sighted a V-jay, no kidding

@myne: pple finish uni at diff ages. so, grading from uni makes u a legit virginity-give-away pkg, huh? u shudnt make grading from uni a std

@ebony and sugabelly: the man will decide ebony's argument. but if i am the husband, i will think my virgin-wifey is a slacker not righteous.

@skinnylegs: 19 my arse! did leggy strike a nerve?

Yemi David said...

1st,lemme answer the questions.
Q1- It costs nothing..once its done.its done..
Q2-Let us not deceive ourselves mehn, all this "ur husband will value u the more" hmmm.I disagree. Is the husband a virgin himself?? If you value him after doing girls in his youth,why shouldn't he value u? Its not like the wife is a ho or sumtin..Shit happens.
Q4-I wont advise any1 to have sex or not,like I said earlier,shit happens,some sex were not planned to happen(n I dnt mean rape) It just happens. If you think you are ready,FINE.If you are having 2nd thought..close your damn legs until you know r ready n prepared, when you start asking for advise,you get the wrong one and end up regretting thing,FOLLOW YOUR HEART..
Q5-There are two things here
1) It's not good to date/sex with someone less experienced on the female to male ratio,you tend to be unsatisfied n issues starts popping up
2) Its good to learn and grow together,then,you understand each others feelings n blah..
@Rene,If you think its dumb to lose virginity b4 19,then its equally dumb to lose it after u turn 19 b4 marriage..Then just save it..

SkinnyLegs said...

I jus don think maturity comes automatically with age....its not like some magic transformation occurs when we turn 19 or any other age for that matter.

juiceegal said...

All that talk about some husband somewhere valuing you more cuz of ur virginity is just pure crap..if dats s only reason y some pple out dere are saving their virginity den they have gawked cuz guess what....if the only reason y my husband values me is cuz i was a virgin wen we got married i wld feel insulted...most esp if he was'nt a virgin himself. That said...age is no criteria to determine wen to loose one's virginity......we still have 30 yr olds dat are as naive as hell.

histreasure said...

Really, i have met guys who were crazy abt marrying virgins while they themselves were everything but..
and i have met guys who are virgins but do not care abt marrying one..
generally, i wouldnt want to think that many men care, for most it's enuf that she wasn't a girl about town
at this point i should add, that virginity is not a trump a girl uses to hold over the guy or a thing to make u feel better than your friends cos really manners and character matter more and when it comes right down to it, you lose in a second.

and while i do not like the word 'regret' i would say if i were to do things all over again, i wouldn't have done it when i did and it was back in Uni.

also, i would say, in this age and time that kids are having sex so early, if u are 19 and haven't done it,then that's great and u might wanna hold on but why is 19 like a magic no?

of course, two virgins can totally disvirgin themselves, it could be a beautiful trip to self discovery tho it might be pretty bumpy but hey, u would learn more abt eachother on the journey there.

Anonymous said...

i really dont know what skinny legs problem is...i didnt maufacture the age..the age was in the post...yinky said will you advise a 19year old to have sex..i said no.thats my about you make yours and leave mine alone?
better a prude than a whore.just saying.

Miss Loré said...

Ok if u asked me this question 2 days ago I would have told whatever makes you happy..its all about learning and growing no?

but after church yesterday, something moved inside of me, when the preacher said 'everything God says is to protect you because he loves you.
and to me that makes a lot of sense...i mean i wasn't planning on waiting till i was marrried or anything, but now i'm determined more than ever to wait.

because this is a bond you are making with someone not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual, and i don't want to be bound to 1,2,3,4,5 is fine for me.

Yemi David said...

@skinny legs,I kinda disagree,d older u get d more mature u shld become...if you r 19 n u act n think like a 15yr old,then its nt a matter of physical well being's simply psychological issue..
lol@ juicegal,if it wre me too n the only reason he values me is cuz he met me a virgin,i will feel insulted too...there r oda 1001 reasons y he shld value me n nt cuz I was a virgin...

SkinnyLegs said... fight?no worries ur opinion shall be left alone and unharmed.

SkinnyLegs said...

And besideeeesssss...I said "19 my arse!" not "leggy my arse" so abeg don give urself no headache cos as u said...u didn't manufacture the age.
The prude thing was a joke à la ur first comment.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

yinkuslolo, where have you been?
i hope school ain't stressing and where did you get these ?s...LOL

i miss your mark on my end so you berra visit sharp sharp pr else...

Sugarking said...

Sexual topics always get d most comments don't they?

I'm with Yemi David on this. Sex is such a useless issue these days. having sex wasn't started by u, and won't end with u. Y would I want to marry a virgin when I'm not?

While dating, people communicate and get to know one another by talking about loads of things about themselves, including sexual questions as "r u a virgin?, how many ppl have u been with sexually?" e.t.c. How many people do u know say to the other person "oh so, ur not a virgin? sorry i can't continue with this" ?

Chances r dat while dating u, I'm gonna try to make love to u. So when u let me make love to u (to my delight and gratefulness), when we've gotten d sex out d way, and i realise that i am actually in love with u, and we get to d point were we want to get married, wouldn't it b hypocritical of me to suddenly think " ah, but i didn't find her a virgin o!"

I tell my female friends. if ur gonna have sex, do it cos u wanna, and have a blast at it. 9 times out of 10, a guy just wants to fuck. i hate to see a girl give in to sex because she hopes to rope him in afterwards. that don't work. that is stale news. but lets not forget the one percent that stays on and really proceeds to fall in love with you.


Yinkuslolo said...

@jgal: virgin 30 yr olds?

@histreasure: in a typical nigerian setting, i think virginity is worshipped, when it necessarily shud not be

@david: ive been here

@sugarking: that 'how many pple have u been with sexually?" is quite indefinite. folks have different ansa for diff questioneers

Abujamaiden said...

Hmm, to each his own.

I'm a virgin and determined to wait not because of hubby-value but for religious (and maybe cultural) reasons. No point of calling myself a christian if Im not going by the books. I'll please God first then if the hubby values me more for that, then good!

Plus, Im not even ready to go that far with my bf.

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

im nt sure sha(cuz ive nt had it) buh i fnk sex is rather overrated...i wld rather chill till marriage cuz thn im more sure tha the guy wnt jus ex me afta ive given him my 'pride'+ if u hav sex wiv the guy u're goin out wiv b4/at 19, by the tym u're married, sex wont b as big a deal as it shld...
jst sayin...