Friday, September 4, 2009

Kreative Blogger Tag

I was tagged by YNC, so I have to share seven facts about myself, in no particular order.
  1. I love food seafood, especially snails that I prepare from scratch myself.
  2. I sometimes come off as dumb purposely because my brain (not even my DDs) takes the better part of the attention.
  3. I remember people's first and last names, of almost every ethnicity, even if I see them in print just once. I am not a stalker but I still remember the names of my primary six classmates.
  4. I don't know how to appreciate things conventionally cos I am shy like that but I know how to pamper my beloveds.
  5. I am a spontaneous romantic. You will not discover this side of me except you crack unleash it.
  6. I don't like writing papers. I skim thru my posts rather than proof-read, which I do 2 days later. Walahi! I detest writing, other than blogging and chatting. I would rather write a 5-hr calculus exam than write a 2-page paper.
  7. I have a wavering self-esteem and I loathe this virtue.

Now, I have something to refer to when I am asked to describe myself. Whoo! Describing one's self is no joke.

I tag my fellow bloggers. Una plenty.

PS: Blueprint 3 is on the way. A new obsession is on the way.
Shawty get it down.
Dad-Daddy go home
Venus vs Mars.


Nice Anon said...

I don't know how i feel about Blueprint. We shall see.

I remember names and such too. I particularly remember places. I can tell you how to go from M4 to Essex even though I don't live in the UK. It is weird! Oh and I never forget a face

Elusivebabe said...


Mz. Eniola said...

NUMBERR 1!! i love3 sea fooddddd!! shrimps , snail,! bring it on!! sigh u just made me hungry!

Ebony~!* said...

You are soo like me in your manner of showin appreciation, i am trying to work on that but i just dnt know how to! God help me!

Nice Anon said...

Ylolo, I am sorry okay.. Can i retract my comment about the blueprint? Have a listen to "hate" feat Kanye. He also produced the track. It is simply SICK!

Vera Ezimora said...


Disgusting!! Simply disgusting!! Can't stand em. Yuck. LOL.

TayneMent said...

I love ma scrimp, fish and snaillzzz. Although I never thought of snails as sea food.

Lolia said...

I love seafood too!

But ohmidaiz @ the calculus bit...I'd rather write a 50 page paper than do 10 math questions...1 even..As in seriously me and math are NOT friends..

Do you know what I remember that's odd? People's birthdays. If you tell me I'll never forget it even if you say it in passing.

Woooo for Blueprint 3...Hopefully it'll be as good as all the hype :)

Rene said...


Anonymous said...

i hate papres too,they scare calculus..ive gotta love it

temmy tayo said...

I so love fried snails in sauce...yummy!

Emmymillion said...

Like ur description... I love them seafood too...
'bout blueprints3 im on that wiv wat i hear so far so good... And i also like the "venus vs. mars" track and "off that ft. drake"... U H.O.V.A.. Happy sunday..l8r

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

guess who has the new blueprint 3 album!!! yuhhh yuhhh... the album is amazin!! i love venus vs mars!!! holla if u want the link...