Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feminism, sometimes an escape route

Obviously, I have the X-X chromosome.

I am a feminist by expectation but a mere passive supporter of feminism by decision. Just to add a lil sum'in, I support masculism too. Well, to be clearer, I dont give a damn about Hilary Clinton being the first US president or Lady Gaga's right to discuss a pun-intended disco stick.

When everyone is tryna prove why men shud take up culinary duties, not only in Top Chef, I think of the way women use feminism as a form of armor. In order to make a simple presentation about breast implants, you have think about not triggering some feminism-induced nerve. Eff political correctness!Whenever person A tells me something along the lines of 'Girls! and petty things.' Yeah right, I am meant to put on my feminism armor and tell person A that that statement is sexist. Oh well, some ladies use that feminism response to make person A guilty. Well, I am sometimes person A. As a girl, I sometimes tell girls that we worry about petty things. Two generic online examples, facebook and blogger. Check your homepage, most facebook updates are often by females. And blogger! most posts, I am in position to declare them unwarranted for or ingenious, are authored by females. That's it, on the average, we females talk more. Thus, we tend to talk gibberish more. So, use the feminism armor for the right sexist defense. I don't appreciate using feminism as a coat of armor, when someone criticizes a girl about her benching 100lbs.

To be honest, I think feminism is the outcome of some women liberation. Feminism is important, especially in regions, where gender inequality has not been fully regarded.

PS: Just to reiterate, I am a passive feminist but I actively enjoy feminism's benefits. If I am given preference frats'-entry wise employment-wise, because I identify as a female, thank you. Yo, that's called affirmative action, right. hahaha.


Ebony~!* said...


Sugabelly said...

Frankly, I think women who claim NOT to be feminists need to be slapped upside the head. Feminism is the reason we don't live absolutely miserable lives right now like some women do.

And I'm not talking about the American feminist movement. I'm talking about us everyday individual women that demand respect and equal access in our daily lives. Those are the true feminist heroes.

And no, pointing out the different idiosyncracies of the genders is not being sexist.

Also, I disagree with you when you say that women worry about petty things. What makes a thing petty? If it's important to someone then it's not petty. Also, women are wired to talk more, naturally we write more. You cannot expect women to cut back on their facebook updates simply because men are more reticient by nature.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Feminism attracts a lot of controversy. True, some women use it as a shield but when genuinely wielded it could be a strong tool in women empowerment and liberation.

Anonymous said...

i personally dont give a crap about r feminist but you expect a guy to hold the door open for want him to pay for your first date.mscheww..personally i think its crap!

Fabulo-la said...

Leggy those are called manners.

Feminism is just being respected as a woman and giving that respect right back, because for a long time, woman were less than 2nd class citizens..
And still are in some places.

And hell to the yeah Im a damn feminist!

Lady X said...

Well...We do like to talk a lot. But maybe the men don't like to talk a lot because they are afraid of opening their mouths and confirming beyond reasonable doubt that they are stupid.

Chi-Chi said...

wow, I haven't been on your blog for so long!
I'm off to read ...x

Anonymous said...

thats funny.
i thought the basis of feminist is that men and women are equal?

Anonymous said...

now dont get me wrong i think its a great movement but its been so overused and noone even knows the meaning again..women use it as an excuse for everything!!

histreasure said...

i do not like labels..they just dont do it for me..
in any case, the term has been misused and misapplied by men and women alike.
i believe a real woman should know when to draw the be strong yet feminine, bold and assured yet pleasant and true. i believe that while we expect our men to be supportive, caring, we should not ourselves turn unnecessarily aggressive and sexist, yes, we are also guilty of this.
yes, it is true..some women use feminism as an escape route or at best, an armour.

Lolia said...

LOL yes, that IS affirmative action.

And @ leggy: Feminism does not equal not having a man open a door for you. It's about much more than that. Esp as Yinkus said, in some religions where men and women aren't given equal rights or in certain workplaces where they will NEVER {and I mean never} promote you to a top executive position unless you can assure them that you won't go 'soft' and want to have children because the company can't afford to have you take time off from work.

Feminism defends THOSE people.

Those women whose husbands won't let them work because they believe a woman's place is in the home...

Those women who are perfectly qualified for a job but not employed BECAUSE of their sex.

Much like Yinkus, I really wouldn't have cared less if Hillary Clinton became the President of the United States...or if Sonia Sotomayor or Regina Benjamin had been men. What I would have cared about is any of them had been the most qualified people for the job and did not get elected or in the case of the other two, nominated because of they are women.

I agree that a lot of women use 'feminism' as an escape route and as an excuse for things they really shouldn't but I also think that no one truly knows the value of such a movement until they need it or they're put in a situation where they're discriminated against.

~My extra long two cents~


Anonymous said...

When i people are telling i am a lesser being, that when i scream feminism ; however I do not support the bra burning wacky people, besides I am tired of this namby pamby PC state we live on where people can't take jokes

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

The whole feminism theory had been overflogged and abused!!!

I am a feminist, but there are some roles of a man, I just would not want to step into

Sugarking said...

no comment. lol

Nice Anon said...

Make we leave all the independent thing to the side jare.. i want a man who will take care of me jare.. shopping, ego, surprises here and there, dinner, etc. Good thing is good! I want some of that.

Trésor said...

the problem wit feminists is dat they've got the right name for a wrong ideal...