Friday, August 28, 2009

No one claims to be fake

I don't dislike fake people. If I know you are fake, I can totally be cool with it. You know what I dislike? The lack of your pride to uphold what you truly have. More importantly, the fact the world may not appreciate you for who you really are. Most times, it is that fact that leads fake people to the alter[/fake] egos that they create for themselves. On the other hand, I hail fake people. Like for real yo! (I'm gonna parahrase Rayo's words). It is somewhat difficult to be yourself, why make it harder by being someone else?
Juggling two facades of ur personality isn't the easiest thing. The only aspect of fakeness that I loathe is faking what you think. For example, knowing that A is wrong and telling someone that A is right.

Just to be clear,

  • I don't mind ladies wearing that so-called Brazilian weave. haha, everyone is entitled to being omni-beautiful.
  • I don't mind you going to the swimming pool for the sake of FaceBook
  • I don't mind ladies breathing in, so hard, cos of the much-coveted flat tummies in photos.
  • I don't mind guys taking pictures with random white chicks. yo! it's all good, if you think that is how to be diverse/exotic.
  • I don't mind your texting unnecessarily on the iPhone. Baby ko easy to acquire that gadget.
  • I don't mind your barely audible fake accent. It is your voice box and nostrils that you're straining.
  • I don't mind your carrying the faux leather bag imprinted with 'D&G' on it. yo! we all know the way to Chinatown.
  • I don't mind your being plastic. Almost everyone has got some sort of plastic, silicone, metal, silk, natural hair on/in their body.
  • Hell can freeze over and I would not care about your batting fake eyelashes like Tiny's.
  • I may not subscribe to your form of 'fakeness' but I know being fake is a lot of work.Don't just fake your opinion, that doesn't do it for me. If you want something, front moderately. Don't go out of your way to feel stupidly tech by ignoring that chat msg. If you think Sarah Palin is hot, believe it. Don't diss her cos almost everyone is. If you think Rita should have really won Koko Mansion, believe it. Some people, who talk shit about her, may not be able to form coherent msgs.
Next time, you say some one is fake or think you are soooooo real, we've all got some fakeness going on.

Just believe in what your 'brain' thinks, to say the least. That doesn't mean I would not rock a waist-high Spanx under that freakum dress.

Where do you draw the line between being fake and real?
Greasing that ashy knee?
Wearing gray non-recommended contacts?

PS: I recently quit blogsville gist 'co-authorship'. =/ It was fun digging out newbies tho. This next week will be hella busy cos it is Orientation period in my school and I am an Orientation Intern. oh well! This morning, I had to go to pick up some international kids from the airport. Time is just a bitchy constraint. I guess Ms.Dufa offered to take my place. Thanks miss. I'm glad! On that note, I do hope everyone is doing alright.


iphyigbogurl said...

i approve of this post.. :D
it makes sense.....
dont be fake enough to openly deny what u think/believe.
and oh...yea!!!!!! homegurl is first!!!!!!
I am freaking first!!!!
this is a serious something oh.......
*goes to pop champagne*
cash ya

iphyigbogurl said...

i approve of this post.. :D
it makes sense.....
dont be fake enough to openly deny what u think/believe.
and oh...yea!!!!!! homegurl is first!!!!!!
I am freaking first!!!!
this is a serious something oh.......
*goes to pop champagne*
cash ya

Sir Scribbles II said...

Nice one Yinkus, sometimes I even think that pple are fake just so they can feel real cos their real lives aren't fulfilling enuf. Abeg wetin be brazillian weave? you women will not kill us oh! But yeah, today the society actually proposes fakeness even in d most miniscule ways and it'f hard for some pple to be themselves when teh norm is to be someone else

Mz. Eniola said...

wow lol...awww u dissed my poor tiny just wen i was gettn past her nose u just made me go on to see her lashes :( nd im petrified now ...loool @ knwing the way to china town! grey contacts...uhmm no...
PS: does having an alterego mean ure fake? i dont think so though.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Nice post. It makes a whole lot of sense. I once wore grey contacts for one day, horrible!

Being fake is a full-time job in itself! Lol@fake accents.

That stuff about Rita is so true! Before we criticize, we must first look within.

Yinks! give me tips on how to make it work o!

RocNaija said...

You lost me here.. "..going to the swimming pool for the sake of FaceBook"

Do people do that?
To prove they can swim??
Or to prove they got a bikini???

I'm thinking "fake eyelashes like Tiny's" is not that bad, as long as she hasn't got 'Miss piggy' the nose to go with it..

BSNC said...

“No matter where or what, there are makers, takers, and fakers.”

Bubbles said...

No Roc
they go to the swimming pool
to take sexy pictures of themselves
wearing their not so sexy bikini :)

I approve of this post as well
HELL I am not gonna call some-one fake
when I'm wearing that weave.!

Trybes said...

Very exquisite thoughts- i buy it all the way..

and hope you have a great time at school..

Best wishes..


lol! claim your fakeness is the message of this post? ha, luvs it

temmy tayo said...

I swear you cracked me up yinkus.

I don't suffer fools gladly. I say it the way I see it or I keep shut.

But well, I suck my tummy in a lot cos my stomach is big. Am I fake?LOL

Nice Anon said...

I would say that people succumb to being fake because a lot of people aren't willing to accept the real you nowadays. In a world where fakeness rules it will be hard not to succumb to being fake as well.

P'sy-A-wana said...

being fake is needed to survive in todays world nobody wants to let anybody else in, so why shuld i be the one to show my true face...i av 10 sisters and i still dont get the fixation girls av for their hair

Yinkuslolo said...

@iphy: cash ya lera fo real! haha, so we are on the same page about fakeness cool.

@robby: that's another plausible reason. women have so many types of weaves going on oh, have u heard of lace-front weave?

@mz.eniola: if that alterego is real. u don't claim or decide to have an alter ego. it unleashes itself on its own. otherwise, i think its fake

@ms.dufa: haha, i wanted to get grey, but they were too soft plus i was like the stuff aint worth all that sef. tips to work what? i am not clear on that

@roc: facebook seems to be the motive for some adventures now oh. i don't think/mean Tiny's lashes are bad. Bubbles got you

@BSNC; new quote darl. i don't really know what i wanna be, but I don't wanna be a faker, if i am to choose

@bubbles: fake calling out fake = wrong, i guess

@trybes; thanks, i hope so too. school has kicked off nicely.

@solomon..: yes oh, thanks for pinning downa central pt for me, i appreciate.

@temmy; u know ur answer, there may be no right answer tho

@n.anon: oh well, what we do to please the world. it's all good.

@P'sy: ten sister? u've always been pimped huh? well, u shud know what i'm talking about in the post then

Buttercup said...


Anonymous said...

lol...yup,u mentioned the orientation wa oh..goodluck oh.
i cant call someone fake,cos i dont even know what that word means when it is applied to someone.

Rene said...

I love this post.

Yemi David said...

I love this,shld prob be published on a newspaper or sumthing. People seriously have to read...
ouch,grey contacts,I wear them too:(
Orientation week,mehn..on my skools team too..too much wahala sha..

David Numba-one God'sfave said...

**commot's his fila in respect**

this is the intelligence of your mind **wink wink**

Penelope said...

YinkusloloOoooooooooo! Lool. I just want to shout ur name cus i havnt been on here in a yle since 'that thing'

LOL @ knowing our way to china town, yeah we all do!
Yeah i dig ur post..even I for one am not always real. Sometimes being urslf 24/7 actuali gets boring for me. So i fake sometimes...Just lik wen i faked some sort of crazy attitude with my mum and called it my alter ego. hehehe it dont get better than that. lol

Penelope said...

wtf i didnt se the swimmin pool part...loool. Hilarious!

uNWrItten* said...

lmao at swimming pool and facebook...its a usual sturvs...i loved rita mehn..razz babe or not

bonnie said...

this post made a lot of sense!

RocNaija said...

Got that, got that ladies, thanks!!

Sassy Trends said...

waoh this is sooo sooo touching nd real,
love this pa.....

muyiwa said...

haaah,i love this write up,it talks about a lotta fake people ,if i were to talk on this ,i will talk about naija artistes, actors,actresses that are messing themselves up by living fake lifes in the name of fame.Hisssh

bob-ij said...

I semi-agree... just because I have the iPhone and I love it...looool... But I understand you, in a quest to be the cool kid people get confused. it is well though because people still find their way back to originality even if it takes forever.


Yinkuslolo said...

@buttercup: abi?

@leggy: fake is not original. oops! i think it gets more complicated than that.

@rene: my pleasure

@yemi: haha, so do uwear the contacts everyday. u prolly look different without them. its all good

@david...: oh well, on behalf of my supposedly ingenious mind, thanks

@Pene: yeah, its been a while since the homo post. haha, i think mz. eny has an example now, i mean ur alter ego story

@unwritten: usual sturv of today's world mehn

@bonnie, sassy trends: my pleasure

@roc: haha

@muyiwa: well, making fake real is what the acting world is all about anyway

@bob-ij: i hope that journey those not take 40 yrs like the Israeli journey

Yinkuslolo said...

@bob-ij: does*

Myne Whitman said...

Nothing beats being real with YOU. The person you are, who your thoughts and opinions shape you to be. W/out that we're nothing.

rayo said...

hmmn. makes alotta sense, but mehn, there's a limit to the level of 'fakeness' i can stand oh. seriously, it just grates on my nerves

ShadeNonconformist said...

Praise the Lord for this post!!

TayneMent said...

haha, you ain't never lied.

Yinkuslolo said...

myne: sometimes, the fake you is better. without the real you, i agree, u're just a clone

@rayo: grates on ur nerves! lol

@shade; alleluia!

@taynement: oh well

Yinkuslolo said...

myne: sometimes, the fake you is better. without the real you, i agree, u're just a clone

@rayo: grates on ur nerves! lol

@shade; alleluia!

@taynement: oh well

Lolia said...

Awwww orientation! Hope you enjoyed it! Even if you were stressed think about all the confused little freshman you go to help, and smile :)

I care about Tiny's eyelashes but just because she Tiny though..I have no love for that woman whatsoever..

That said, I don't believe in fakeness being about material things...If you want to go out of your way to get things so that you can impress other people then go right ahead {even though I'm a big believer in doing things because they make you happy and not because of other people but if impressing other people makes you happy then who am I to judge?}

What I DO take issue with is people not expressing themselves because they're scared of what other people will say or because they want to fit in. At the end of the day that's not going to get you very far {unless it's a war and you're trying not to get killed for treason and the like} :)

Hope you've been well dear :)


Chi-Chi said...

LOL, I didn’t know people went in the pool for facebook sake.

I really though Rita should have won Kokomansion lol

I agree mehn, we all got some fakeness lol going on, from our hair, nails, teeth lol just name it!
I always wear colored contacts that’s a fake part of me that’s becoming a trademark.

Elusivebabe said...

Looool! You are too funny. Your points are on point.

Nicola Dreamer said...

lol...well said!

Anonymous said...

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