Monday, August 24, 2009

Be less foolish in a foolish town.

We all know this is the back to school period and while everyone is shopping I'm being offered freebies jejely. I don't mean the Vibrating Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush in my bathroom case, or that sleek Fridge in my room besides other things...I am talking about the Logitech Subwoofer 5 component + 1 boom box speaker, a mere acquaintance offered me all at once. These speakers hasten my heartbeats.

I may have a not-so-straight way of thinking. For instance, I think the compassion you have for your enemies tells me about you than the compassion that you have for your enemies(Hi! Dan Brown). Point being that I don't think that the kids, who go to my college, are rich cos of the $50, 000+ school fees but the worth of the goods that they flippantly part with at the end of the semester.

My own [idea] freebies, few tho cos I'm thinkin' on the fly.
  • At this point, I think is a blessing. Quote me, whenever!
  • If you buy anything online like me, from face Primer to groceries and even earrings, you may want to google the name of the 'store' or 'website' and the word, coupon. eg. Google "Urban Outfitters cosmetics coupon." I swear, generous coupons are online.
  • On that note, is the headquarters of awoof.
  • The most annoying thing I buy with my money is water! I usually fill a bottle with water from home. Better still, ask for tap water with lemon. It is a rule that tap water must be filtered in restaurants (Hi! Katherine Heigl).
  • Fruits are cheaper and more hunger-quenching than snacks. College pikins in particular, take some fruits offered in the cafeteria

I just bought these posters(3 of the 5) for my room.

Get it girl! The innocence and the photographer are doing it for me.

The girl in la veste rouge looks like she is in a hurry. I like to work under pressure. In other words, procastination is my bitch. I wanna go to Paris, not badly tho, thinking of Thanksgiving break.

Decent. Black. Nude.



Rene said...

I love the posters :)
the first is jus cute; the red in d second is lovely....need i write bout d third?

bonnie said...

the first poster is too cute.

ohh and great tip about the coupons! never knew that...and now im off to slickdeals lol

Sassy Trends said...

Nice posters if I may add... all in nice cool black and white... I have a nasty cousin that juust bought all these porn ones and im like arggggghhhhhhhhhhh***, and that is with im papa hard earned pepper.

Enjoy school oo mii dear.

Fluffycutething said...

I'm loving those posters!!!!!!

UnderCover07 said...

Love the posters, wish I had my own space to put up stuff.

Will look into that o!

NaijaBabe said...

OOOOOOOO that last poster mehn

yankeenaijababe said...

loving the posters all the way for you room, l normally go to for free coupons, trust me i find so many cool things u de now?

Suru said...

Online shopping is the best. For some reason that poster with the red coat reminds me of the scene in Schlindler's List with the girl in the red coat. Love that movie btw

Nice Anon said...

I will be a photographer in the near future. The way I love the art of photography would be a shame if i don't! I love it that much.

Good looking with the gidi lounge.

Anonymous said...

the third was my favourite in some weird just thugged on my heart strings...then the firt..then the second...they are all really cool.

RocNaija said...

I'm with you on the 'buying water' skit..

Problem is everyone says London's water is hard..

So now I'm paranoid :(

Chi-Chi said...

The pictures are beautiful but the first picture with the kids are so adorable!

Elusivebabe said...

Love the pictures!

@ Roc..London tap water is nastyy mehn. Chemical ridden kinda stuff.

Yinkuslolo said...

yeah, i learnt u have to buy bottled water in a couple of places, like mexico. damn them, if i lived in such.