Thursday, August 20, 2009

[On the fly], Queer sexual orientations,

I dislike when folks support some act because they don't want to be odd for not supporting it. Better still, they support some act because they wanna blend in.

Why am I thinking in somewhat-written-gibberish, I mean why do some folks support queer sexual orientations because they think it is some effing hip openmindedness. That's my main point. If I decide to behave like a minion and seem not to be opinionated, oh snap! I will be doing my curious self some injustice.

I am not sure I'm right. I am not sure anyone is even right but I can point out some, who are wrong. Btw, I am not even using anyone as a point of contact, but I have been reading stances on Homosexuality and other queer sexual orientations lately.

  • I cannot dislike/discriminate a queer-sexual, simply because I do not dislike/discriminate govt-fund embezzlers, kleptomaniacs....
  • I tolerate /interact with queer-sexual folks, as friends, co-workers ...
  • I have been to numerous LGBTQ info blahs
  • But I cannot support some queer sexual orientation because I want to be considered openminded and acknowledge some political correctness restriction.

In addition, as a Nigerian, I know queer sexual orientations are not acceptable in [conservative] Nigeria. It then perplexes me, when Nigeria-bred folks go abroad briefly or have some queer friends, and claim that they are in support of the queer community. Please do take a rethink, if you think it is kinda cute to be queer or if you think it is hip to think queer folks are not different. I have been forced to consider that some people accept the cause, to be a step on the Westernization ladder.

Just to be clear, I do not intend to control what people think. I am not judging cos I am yet to consider my religious obligation. If I delve into that, I would have substantial backup, that may lead me to considering the integrity of the religion. Snap! Back to the main gist.

Sometimes, I relate being queer with hurting someone. The way queer folks have the urges to fulfill their not-straight sexual desires is the same way some folks have the urge to strangle strangers. If this comparison is unbalanced, I know both sides share something mutual: the urges must not be fulfilled. There are mere urges, conquer them. I am tempted to prescribe shock therapy.

Plus, thanks to Sugabelly, she brought a fact, there is no natural human-body-part provision for homosexuals, to my knowledge.

Maybe, this post justifies my '?' status on Penelope's post, for now. I am not interested in debating this topic,

but eating my Thai Lemon Chicken with FriedRice for lunch.


Original Mgbeke said...

Gotta stand for something or you will fall for errythang!

Bubbles said...

I think you gotta understand that
there are some people out there
who support homosexuality because they have a reason to, not because they want to blend into some twisted westernized culture.
It's one thing to interact with homosexuals and it's another thing to fight for their equality in our society

iphyigbogurl said...

U ain't never lied my dear, u ain't never lied. Some pole just do stuff because they want to feel among. That's how one day I posted somethin about a gay church in naija and I expressed my dissapproval. Someone started tanning dust about how narrowminded I am and all.all bcos I stated my opinion oh.hmm

histreasure said...

i understand exactly what u mean cos i always wonder...i personally do not support that lifestyle. call me narrowminded and all but that is my view on the subject..
for most peeps, its all about being politically correct, i mean, i read about some pageant girl (miss US or something) who was dethroned cos she said she thinks marriage should be between man and woman(tho they denied this was d reason).
my point is, is expecting everybody to be poiltically correct in this manner not some kind of discrimination?

Sugabelly said...

LOL.Sounds like someone read my post on homosexuality. ;P

RocNaija said...

But isn't this in itself a debate starter?

David Numba-one God'sfave said...


I think bubbles has a point but still, most people do what they do because of their "identity crisis".

It's mainly psychological, not willing to go there but just as God won't force anyone to love or serve Him, I choose not to force people to do things but to bring them to a knowledge of the situation (if i have any).

I like this though but as rocnaija said, it's a debate starter on it's!

Trybes said...

I go with Original Mgbeke on this--
I am me, deeply believe in my convictions irrespective of whose ox is gored or whose nerve is frayed and i dont care what your sexual orientation is,your creed or color so long as i can see a kind of beauty inhibited in your actions and attitudes..

Very lovely expository--we need more of this...

Nice Anon said...

Lemon chicken sounds good. I agree with mgbafo m on this one.

Anonymous said...

lol..i never speak on this topic.

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

na wah ooohh... i know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and stuff... that is just how anyone is entitled to whoever they find attractive.. same sex or opposite.. let them live their lives... we shall never understand their attraction.. but we should make them feel comfortable and tolerate them... im a member of the glow club in my school...yes im from 9ja but going abroad has given me a different view on this other to let peace reign.. tolerate and treat them as one.
i love em all...queer n straight!! yeahhh!!!!!!

muyiwa said...

i know some asshole here that are homo..ooh it sucks a lot

Rene said...

I so get you but me I'm neutral on that ish

Mz. Eniola said...

err im not neutral and im with Bubbles on this. I personally have nothing against being homosexual or even being Bi sexual. Perosnally people shouldnt tell other pple how to live their lives. i persoannly think itz annoying and disgusting. Not everyone supports it because they want to blend in or fit with the crowd. My basis of supporting it are stated above. I donT support it because i think itz cute because it really isn't and westernization can kiss my behind too. id still do wat i want to do if im cool with it. Telling other pple wat to do and how they shud act dsn't just simply go down well wit me. For me its live ur life the way u want to @ d end u have no one to blame but urself if shit goes dOwn!

Mz. Eniola said...

@david Gods number one! ure so right! d same way God wont beg pple to serve him n follow hez wayz is d same way we shudn't/ have no right to tell others wat to do! this one has started a debate on its own yinkuslolo!

Suru said...

I have a strong stance on this but since I don't wanna debate either, I'm just gonna say, homosexuality is not a choice it's something you're born with. Yes it's abnormal but saying what they're doing is wrong when they have no control of it is like saying a dwarf is wrong for being short. They have no choice.

Sophie said...

ooo... i am a super fan of sweet and sour food! sigh. i want the Lemon Chicken sooooo badly right now. with rice.

Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

SkinnyLegs said...

I'm a tad confused here yinks....are u simply referring to the fact that people who actually hate that 'lifestyle' pretend to support it so they can be considered open-minded?or are u urself against it?
Well the thing is I Have called several people narrow-minded because of this issue...its simply because of the way they talk bout them like monsters.
I am not in 'support' of the homo way but I am not against it either...LIVE AND LET LIVE is my point.
The way I see it,with all the bullshit people like that face everyday,if they could change, they simply would and avoid all the criticism.
Condemning them amounts to oppression...and I absolutely detest oppression of any form.

Yinkuslolo said...

@ OM: u rock girl, that used to be one of the signature of one mailbox of mine

@roc: I was just expressing my somewhat-zigzagged opinion. i dont really wanna debate this with anyone and i cn leave this post in someone comment box either. really, i wrote it for future references, when someone forces me to have an opinion.

@sophie: hahahahaha, i dont do sauce packs really, just get them to season the meals for me. but imma check that website for other goodies

Penelope said...

Wow a very respectable point of view. But we don't come abroad to come to have "queer friends and be in support of the community" Nobody is in 'support' of the community per se, we only learn to accept them. if my brother turned queer tomorow, i just might freak out but hell he'd still be my brother. I'm not going to start giving you stories, wouldnt want to force u to debate the topic...but yeah this post DefinatelY justifies the "?" on my last post.

BSNC said...

i hear you..

Ebony~!* said...

Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! In....Out.....In.....Out! lol okay! i agree on the being 'open-minded' talk being rather annoying, we are born to believe right is right and wrong is wrong and someone will stand up one day and tell you to be open minded. I can't stand any kind of relationship if it is not man and woman and nothing can open my mind about that!

bob-ij said...

It's the same thing for everything... Do everything for the right reasons...!


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