Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dusting the lenses

Lenses! A pair of recommended eyeglasses lenses? Contact lenses? Camera lenses? ......

I started wearing glasses in high school. Oh my! I was glad to acquire a new 'tech' accessory but I didn't know something else came with the baggage. That something was a virtue, patience. I could only see the things within the focal length(?) of my glasses clearly. Sometimes, my frame slid down my nose bridge and I had to push it up. Sometimes, my glasses were dusty from accumulating particles on the screen. Particles, which I sometimes did not know about, blurred my vision. I could not go anywhere that required vision without my glasses, even in the dark. I felt my curious self became restricted. My glasses became a significant definition of my person .

This year, I discovered the world of contact lenses. I felt relieved that I had left the world of a fenced vision. I felt unlimited. My curiosity became fueled to beat the . But my glasses were gone. The only inanimate object that could curb my not-so-patient-self.

I delved into photography, in high school. I must add, as an amateur. To write a book in a chapter, I became the school's [unofficial] photographer['and something else']. Two months before graduating, I lost my camera. This year, I got another one, not with the intention of taking pictures of other people but to have a recent sassy FaceBook picture, truthfully.

Looking back at the days, when I lived behind the lenses [whether it be the eyeglasses' or the camera's], when something, inanimate, reined my view of the world, I miss those days. I do not intend to go back to the days of myeyeglasses because my curious self can't stand that patience anymore. I lust for the days of the camera's. Not the chic take-a-picture-of-me-pregaming-with-tequila camera cos I have one of those already. I want one that can take pictures; pictures that will give more meaning to stilled moment.

But which camera? I am not up-to-date with what is hip in photography. I need suggestions. I do not have a price range cos I am ready to save for it, if I have to. I do not mind the physical size. I only mind its ability to awaken my 'photographic spirit'. I need to dust my 'lenses'.

Camera suggestions? or any thing that will assist me with developing my photographic ego?
Merci à l'avance

PS: Muyiwa, author of People in the Limelight, interviewed me, my responses can be viewed here.


muyiwa said...

i think latest samsung digital camera will be good for you,its pictures are very sharp,it costs like $250,Thanks once again for honouring my interview

Tinu said...

im intrested in photography as well but this thing called school is in my way!!!!hehehe get a canon or a nixon and just ask around!!!and look at shutterchance blogs!!!
totally random amber rose is HOT!!!!!!now i know what u see in her!

Anonymous said...

i dont know anything about help you there.
i wear glasses too,started in primary four...still wear them,i dont think contacts are for me at all.

Yinkuslolo said...

@muyiwa: thanx, but what's the number of the camera. samsung produces new cameras errytime like no man's biswaps

@tinu: haha, so u what were u thinkin g before about my like amber?

@leggy: contacts have helped me oh, with the harsh weather conditions and when i play sport. my glasses are for back-up now.

chayoma said...

Yea, Canon has some nice selections to choose from. It is a wonderful thing, capturing and preserving memories!
Contacts... i wear the hard ones, gas permeable, coz of my eye defect. whether i like it or not (more like not) i gats to wear them.

Amber Rose, is growing on me. when i first heard her voice, i was like, "WHOA" wasn't expecting that.
She does know her way around a camera :)

Need an Amber Rose to capture when u finally get ur camera, i am i know, VAIN!

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

i heard nikon cameras are the way to go...but the prices come with a lot of zeros :(.. good luck in finding one...nice interview btw

Rene said...

Get a sony cyber-shot digital camera 12.1's quite expensive though, like $450.
I've been wearing glasses since high school too, I want to get contact but my parents don't.

muyiwa said...

@yinkus Try samsung S760,its pics are nice and clear,cos i use one

afrocouture said...

Sorry,cant help with camera.

I just heard a little girl tell her mom "mom, can you get me glasses, it makes people who wear them look smart". There ought to be a new technique for removing the constant dust that settle on the lenses. Wonder how that happens to begin with.

BSNC said...

There is the new nikon camera they advertise on TV, heard its really good.

Sir Scribbles II said...

First of all I like how you wrote this, didn't even know wen I'd gotten to the end honestly. Secondly, I knwo nothin of cameras but weneva you want to buy a gud Laptop Sir Scribbles will disect the variosu models and brands for you lol Gud luck sha

Tigeress said...

I have an EOS Canon. Check out

Yinkuslolo said...

@chayoma: I think I am going Canon. u wear hard contacts? do they hurt. sure! i dont mind capturing an amber rose, u! lol

@GidiP: mehn! my pocket will be so light, with the cameras that i am considering

@rene: my mumcee does not still permit my wearing glasses too, well, u have to tell ur folks the pros of wearing contacts, instead of glasses

@muyiwa: thanx

@afrocouture: yeah right, i dont think they have invented self-cleaning glasses yet.

@BSNC: haha, they always have new ones, i havent seen the adevertised one on Tv tho

@robby: okey dokey. not getting a new lappie anytime soon

@tigeress: i am thinking along the canon, eos, SLR lines...are u bigon photography?

Sweetnothin' said...

you wouldnt want my answer because i don't even owe a camera, i don't know megapixel from 13 inch screen but yeah, go ahead and get one. as long as it can take the pic, no problemo

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

temmy tayo said...

Just do a samsungcamera. I am a fan of the products.

Buttercup said...

I'm still too chicken to cross over to contacts :(. But I'm looking on the bright side, my glasses make me look like a sexy school teacher/secretary..hehehe! Lmao @ wanting the camera for a sassy fb pic. I'm clueless about photography..sowee!

Sumptuous said...

I just found out something else peeps here have in common; glasses, I've been wearing them since high school. My parents also don't approve of contacts but they later agreed I could get one if it was neutral colour. Pls who does that? Then nobody will know i'm wearin them? No way! Me I plan to do colour combo and match them with my outfits. Rite now, still stuck with them glasses except maybe you know the pros of coloured contacts so I can tell my folks. Sorry I know nothing bout cameras. P.s: thanks for stopping by mine. Pls do visit again.

Penelope said...

sigh...i don't know anything about camera's oh sorry.
Emm glasses...i tried wearing them twice..i lost both glasses twice. My mother got tired of me. :P

QMoney said...

Hi there,thanks for your message,i appreciate.

i think Canon and Nikon cameras are very good...u can check them out

Chi-Chi said...


Well, guess we were both in the same condition.
I also started using glasses in high school, then discovered contacts ….and now I’m in love with photography. I’m already saving up to buy a new camera, though I’m not sure which but it’s likely Sony.

Yinkuslolo said...

hey chi! really!

lemme know when u get the camera. i think i am going for a canon though.