Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Repping Naija Jamz


I am unapologetically big on Naija Pop. The 'Naija Jamz' Playlist on my iTouch is on shuffle/repeat, like right now at work. No matter where I am, ( I'm back to the US of A) I try my best to be current/critical/appreciative about what's popping in Naija. Scratch! I composed these stanzas after remixing MI and Naeto C's songs during my lunch break. Not remix per se, I added some jara and 'twisted' some lines, if you are familiar with MI's Safe, Teaser, Short Black Boy, Anoti and Naeto C's Ringtone and This is what I do.

PS: If you don't know MI, shegay!!! Something dey do that guy


MI is not just chilling in my belly,
cos that is Naija Hip-Pop speaking.
That short black boy
makes me go loko,
when I listen to his voco.
Isn't that the koko?
Claiming to be looking for diva,
with some bakassi pennisula,
cos he is a cute bootay squeezer
Does he need someone's data?
Who is cool like a freezer
and can make you perspire,
like you on fire.
Look at her he-re.
Sit on her,
like you do on Naija's rap messiah,
and I dare you to delete her.

Don't push my button,
Don't turn it on.
Cos I ain't got no ringtone.
Should I check up on you?
and put it on you.
Wetin I go do?
This is what I do.
Naeto Chukwu.

My Bonus/Jara/Fisi.

Effing Amber posing for Complex

Je t'embrasse


Nice Anon said...

Amber is a god! Quote me anywhere!

Yinkuslolo said...

seen! skeenish!

(hi Bubbles! i so hate those words like you do, but they define my seconding n.anon's comment)

BSNC said...

lol you did a good job sure you don't want to go into the music thing.

Amber rose is hawt sha..

Bubbles said...

Yinks you just silly.!

I love me some M.I!

I would do Amber Rose in a second.!

RocNaija said...

Hmm.. Why do I think this would have been better done as an audio post?

And is that what Kanye is...

*Mouth hangs wide open..*

Yinkuslolo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yinkuslolo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yinkuslolo said...

BSNC: my voice and lack of audio-tuning skills will betray me.

bubbles: you will do Amber in a sec ke? who am I kidding, I know someone that will do her in a nano. eh ehn! what does dodo really mean? email me if it needs some special description

roc: may consider doing that sometime [in the near future].
yes, that is what Ye is ...

Gee said...

is as if something is worrying this amber girl....she has a very repulsive energy..lol..
nd MI..hmmm i have nothin to say bout him, he mkes funny music tho..heard one about chicken nd rooster..im like wat the crap?lol...funny guy still.

E-service coming soon, check out my blog for more info!

Elusivebabe said...

Mister Incredible is the shittt...lol. Loved the remix hun.

Amber Rose...no comment.

muyiwa said...

@yinkusolo,i think i can be your manager and introduce you to few music producers,then we are into limelight,lol

bob-ij said...

Amber Rose is gorgeous, but I'm not a fan of the last picture.
NE ways back to the issue at hand. Your thing is madd...ttotally loving it..hey! I love Naija music...nice!

Ms. Dufa said...

M.I- (Mister Incredible, Most Immaculate, Mic Inspector, M.C Interrogator, the Music Innovator, mankind Illustrator.) is H.A.W.T. Have you listened to his illegal music mix??? I really love how you put those lyrics together. I don't like Naeto but I'm so into M.I!

Original Mgbeke said...

Amber is looking HOT. Very very nice.

Afronuts said...

Haaa! You wan put person for trouble for work with this nekkid chick photo?

Yinkuslolo said...

@ Gee: repulsive energy? lol. pls can u tell me the name of that MI's song. rooster? and by e-service, u mean what?

@elusive: Amber rose is just amber rose

@muyiwa: yes bra, show me the way. just j/k

bob-ij: the last pic is not my fave but i see nada still

@ms.dufa: haha, we need to talk more about MI, he is the shit. wow, thanx for writing all his name. is illegal music mix the title of the mix tape? if u mean his remixes of other artistes's songs, then I have prolly heard them

@OM: seconded

@afronut: wetin u see. abi wetin u dey think

RocNaija said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TayneMent said...

There is no way on earth you can't be a cool person. The fact that you love MI ALMOST as much as I do is enough for me, you can do no wrong in my book! :D