Monday, July 20, 2009

Stimulator 101

You know what they say about the first time.
After much encouragement from friends,
We decided to make it a foursome; trois femmes et un garçon.
I waited for that 15-second ectasy-filled moment to come.
I liked the teaser.
My heart began to beat faster...and faster.

But your sudden vibration triggered my anxiety hormones.
Then, you rocked me back and forth.
I held on tight to my straps but my legs dangled below.
Some parts of my body thought of my decision,
other simply enjoyed the sensation.
Your strength was [obviously] metallic.
With a hump, you gave me head/
ache, which I felt in my heart.

How was supposed to know that I should have opened my eyes?
I preferred them close.
Because I didnt want to be guilty of my possibly ill-fated risk.
When we got to the much-awaited and suddenly-dreaded climax.
You took me through the twists and turns.
They were definitely adventurous positions.
You sexy bastard!
Wow! I enjoyed you
Albeit, you finished me.
It was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions.
I should have waited till I reached 20/
years have passed since I felt this way

J'aime toi beaucoup, Bizarro!
I definitely want to ride you again in the morrow.

P.S.: The hint to this poem is the update to the P.S. in my last post

What am I doing now?
Dulling at Work


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

immediately i started even though i didnt ven remember ur p.s...i knew what u were talking about..ha ha ha.

chayoma said...

i knew it!
Leggy take a back seat please, u r everywhere !

Lady X said...

You're talking bout a water slide I take it...

Bubbles said...

go away jo
off to read

Bubbles said...

i like how you wrote this

Sir Scribbles II said...

...Yinkus gettin freaky? me likey...give us a warning next time so I can get popcorn nd a soda

=♥...IamShhh...♥= said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!! interesting!

Penelope said...

HAHAHAHAHA Gooood See me and the bad things going thru my head...smh
I liked tho!

Imoteda said...


Stop going to amusement parks jare

cerberus said...

I the way you take a "normal" adrenallin fuelled ride and make my imagination go on overdrive.....


Yemi David said...

Roller coaster??
Water park??
Which eva one..nahhh...hd beta be what I'm thinking..haha..x

blogoratti said...

Nice one,hehe.

Anonymous said...

Lol, Yinkuslolo go and ask God for forgiveness for deceiving us like that. Is the name of the ride Bizarro? so that I can add it to my to do list.

muyiwa said...


Original Mgbeke said...

Ha! Bicycle? LOL
I didn't think it was sex related sha. I do like it, really nice one.

yinkuslolo said...

@leggy: u and ur mind. durrty?

@chayoma: tell her

@lady x: it is a roller-coster, bizarro

@bubbles: me freak? c'mon!

@robby, Penelope; see ur mouth abi mouth. this blog is PG-13

@IamSmhh: this ur name def has somethign to it, do u mind sharing?
I am glad u found it interesting

@Imoteda: that was my first time in yankee oh, how did i know i wud think like this. the thing bad

@cerberus:yeah right! that was the intended effect

@yemi: it was a rollercoaster. simply a rollercoaster

@blogoratti, muyiwa: merci beaucoup

@taymee: yea, it is bizarro! the biggest in the six flags, new england. did u go to the park, last wkend? how was it?

@OM: it was a rollercoaster ride, far from sex. hehehe

Trésor said...

You dis gal! I really shuld keep u away from my ex-boyfriend or boyfriends for that matter!
Seriously, if nas so u like "am", u most definitely would have beaten him at scrabble! *wink* *wink*

Afronuts said...

Is this poem about a vibrator?

yinkuslolo said...

@tresor, afronuts: This poem is about a 'rollercoaster', not about 'am' or a vibrator.

maybe it was pun-intended sha

Fabulo-la said...

LOOOL! Are u sure u r talking about a ride here biko???

Yinkuslolo said...

its one roller coaster in six flags oh. lol