Monday, July 20, 2009

Stimulator 101

You know what they say about the first time.
After much encouragement from friends,
We decided to make it a foursome; trois femmes et un garçon.
I waited for that 15-second ectasy-filled moment to come.
I liked the teaser.
My heart began to beat faster...and faster.

But your sudden vibration triggered my anxiety hormones.
Then, you rocked me back and forth.
I held on tight to my straps but my legs dangled below.
Some parts of my body thought of my decision,
other simply enjoyed the sensation.
Your strength was [obviously] metallic.
With a hump, you gave me head/
ache, which I felt in my heart.

How was supposed to know that I should have opened my eyes?
I preferred them close.
Because I didnt want to be guilty of my possibly ill-fated risk.
When we got to the much-awaited and suddenly-dreaded climax.
You took me through the twists and turns.
They were definitely adventurous positions.
You sexy bastard!
Wow! I enjoyed you
Albeit, you finished me.
It was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions.
I should have waited till I reached 20/
years have passed since I felt this way

J'aime toi beaucoup, Bizarro!
I definitely want to ride you again in the morrow.

P.S.: The hint to this poem is the update to the P.S. in my last post

What am I doing now?
Dulling at Work


leggy said...


leggy said...

immediately i started even though i didnt ven remember ur p.s...i knew what u were talking about..ha ha ha.

chayoma said...

i knew it!
Leggy take a back seat please, u r everywhere !

Lady X said...

You're talking bout a water slide I take it...

Bubbles said...

go away jo
off to read

Bubbles said...

i like how you wrote this

Sir Scribbles II said...

...Yinkus gettin freaky? me likey...give us a warning next time so I can get popcorn nd a soda

=♥...IamShhh...♥= said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!! interesting!

Penelope said...

HAHAHAHAHA Gooood See me and the bad things going thru my head...smh
I liked tho!

Imoteda said...


Stop going to amusement parks jare

cerberus said...

I the way you take a "normal" adrenallin fuelled ride and make my imagination go on overdrive.....


Yemi David said...

Roller coaster??
Water park??
Which eva one..nahhh...hd beta be what I'm thinking..haha..x

blogoratti said...

Nice one,hehe.

Tay-mee said...

Lol, Yinkuslolo go and ask God for forgiveness for deceiving us like that. Is the name of the ride Bizarro? so that I can add it to my to do list.

muyiwa said...


Original Mgbeke said...

Ha! Bicycle? LOL
I didn't think it was sex related sha. I do like it, really nice one.

yinkuslolo said...

@leggy: u and ur mind. durrty?

@chayoma: tell her

@lady x: it is a roller-coster, bizarro

@bubbles: me freak? c'mon!

@robby, Penelope; see ur mouth abi mouth. this blog is PG-13

@IamSmhh: this ur name def has somethign to it, do u mind sharing?
I am glad u found it interesting

@Imoteda: that was my first time in yankee oh, how did i know i wud think like this. the thing bad

@cerberus:yeah right! that was the intended effect

@yemi: it was a rollercoaster. simply a rollercoaster

@blogoratti, muyiwa: merci beaucoup

@taymee: yea, it is bizarro! the biggest in the six flags, new england. did u go to the park, last wkend? how was it?

@OM: it was a rollercoaster ride, far from sex. hehehe

Trésor said...

You dis gal! I really shuld keep u away from my ex-boyfriend or boyfriends for that matter!
Seriously, if nas so u like "am", u most definitely would have beaten him at scrabble! *wink* *wink*

Afronuts said...

Is this poem about a vibrator?

yinkuslolo said...

@tresor, afronuts: This poem is about a 'rollercoaster', not about 'am' or a vibrator.

maybe it was pun-intended sha

Fabulo-la said...

LOOOL! Are u sure u r talking about a ride here biko???

Yinkuslolo said...

its one roller coaster in six flags oh. lol