Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hmmnn, I was at work jejely this afternoon. U know chatting and e-window shopping (online). A mother of an incoming student in the fall calls, I pick up the fone gladly cos I will get to do my something legit. Coincidentally, the woman is Nigerian. Shasha, she said she wud like to meet me on New Students' Arrival and introduce her son to me cos of the Naija familiarity and all that. In my mind, I know the boy for don akata finish cos he's been in Yankee for a long minute. I told the woman my name and informed her in adv that I wudnt be readily available that day and dodged the one-kain-taking-care marra. That's true tho cos I have to cover some events that same day.

The convo just reminded me of the school-mother, school-daughter, school-father, school-son, even school-cousin(if ur school-mother has a bf, the school-pikins of that bf are ur school-cousins).....yeye schl-family tree in Naija boarding sec schools. But that was part of the spicin' oh. I missed out of it cos I went to a somewhat ajebo skul, where school-parenting wasn't allowed legit-ly.

Ha, but my first term in JSS1 was spent in a hard-core boarding skul oh, as in ehn trés mauvais! Police Sec Schl(PSS), the new barack for Police staff descendants. I wan die(in short..tori for another day). When I first got to, the snr girl sleeping beneath my bunk automatically became my skul mummy. Ha! she took my mosquito net, my imported shoe polish cos the yeye had not yet given me my (police) boot, my bucket, many things like dat. In turn, I delivered msgs to and from and her bf. She made my hair once manageably. That was not really a nice experience of school-parenting for me.

When I transferred to my latter sec schl(the one-kind ajebo one), it was funny cos on the arrival day, a mother told me to take care of her daughter, Lizzy, who was crying. The daughter was my classmate oh and I told the mother. The mother was like she knows but she thinks I am more mature or emotionally blah blah blah than Lizzy. Whenever Lizzy and I reminisce over Lizzy's crying and my taking care of her now, it is so funny. That was six yrs ago and I was even janjanlah (little) then.

When I was in Snr Sec Schl, the school-parenting heated up in my skul oh. Ok, I was in the first set. So, I had no snrs just jnrs and the schl grew very fast yo! See my mates spying out for new students with fine cars to scope. The parents were glad to hand over their kids and settle my mates. Like real settling, some parents can be very generous sha. I guess I wasnt so sharp in doing such then cos I opposed having any potential skul-pikin. I was the jovial snr but those yeye JuBabes still introduced me to their parents on visiting days. Me, I know I cant watch a jubabe but when I am compelled to do it with material gratification, I would not be at fault if I dint do my supposed-job.

Anywoos, I am in Uni now and I don't wanna look over someborri, je ne veux pas. I don't mind someone looking out for me tho :))

PS: Did you guys learn that Akon did this. Did What?
"Political folks from all over the world hit up the New York Hilton for the 100th Annual NAACP Convention this week. And rapper Akon was set to have a meeting with the President of Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade. He and Akon were supposed to appear at a joint press conference yesterday to discuss the Third festival of World Black Arts. Akon, however, did not show, and stood the president up. We hear the President was anything but happy. I’m sure Akon’s Senegalese parents weren’t either. Classy."
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PPS: Imma ask who watches "So You Think You Can Dance"? The show is getting hawtter. That couple that kissed. Brandon looks hot, Je l'aime but the guys messed up the African Dance sha and Ade is bringin' on his swagger with his comb abeg.

PPPS: I know I like PSing but many blogatable stuff are just popping into my jelly-brain.

What do I want to do now: Remove my effin' contacts

Je t'embrasse


Tinu said...

I neva had tht school mother thing to do!!!
lo@ur school mother taking ur imported shoe polish!!!!

seye said...


You know, I was mommy's boy in school...never had a school anything. You touch Seye, you'd face the school authorities immediately. lol

muyiwa said...

the school mother and father thing was just childplay then i think

Lady X said...

E Window shopping is the best thing ever LOL!
But you need a LOT of self control for it.
And that school mother father thing has never been my thing lol. I had my older siblings wherever I went. And Contacts...hmmm I had an episode with mine yesterday. The right one refused to go in! It finally did but at the end of the day when I wanted to take it out it wouldn't come out!

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO, maybe the bobo go fine. But oops he is prolly younger than you. He He He.
I remember that school mama steez o, no be small thing. I had a pretty cool school mother sha o, she protected me.
Ha! saw that Akon kini, imagine that!

So did you end up getting the UO stuff?

Anonymous said...

lol...i went to a day school filled with all these rich kids whose parents dont want mybody no seniority

Nice Anon said...

Funny you say this now but there's this girl I so much wanted her to be my school mother. She just chop all my gifts back then digestive ooh and shortbread but no kon ja me face. But she fine eh!

Bubbles said...

this made me giggle so hard
I love your blog now

chayoma said...

what is Tinu doing here being first...
school mothers...i remember those.
i am watching So you think you can dance right now!
Ade is killing it mehn... Jason is soo cute, Kupono is just plain hilarious...Brandon has a beau bod, gals....Janette, Miss Miami...i wish i cld move like that....
Loves ur blog.

UnderCover07 said...

OMG...I was gonna blog bout SYTCD!! Brandon is a hottie, and yup yup Ade's swag is def blowing on fiyaah!

When that couple kissed yday, I began to wonder if something has started going on btwn them oo.

Lol...they tried for the African dance now, poor Evan managed to blend in

And I did have a school mother my first yr in sec. sch. I remember when one SS2 chic was gonna punish me some ish lyk dat, my sch mother punished her to scrub gutters...lmao.Gud ol' boarding hse days!

Maiya said...

I love Ade

He is rather about tres seduisante!
And his body....lets not forget that he can dance!
I am angry I'm missing out...Im in lagos :(

I feel you I was totally opposed to school mummying was just too much wahala.

Miss Natural said...

lol I hated taht school thingie was done informally in my school, they didnt start encouraging it till my SS3 and then they called it angel and mentor program or something. Those of u tht went to my school will probably knw this lol. As for Akon, that's rude and crazy, he keeps on falling down my list of respect

Anonymous said...

oh yinx
if i get ma hands on u!!
ur doomed
just messing
u know who dis is
i jst remembered wen mariam
used to stand beside d gate to see flashy cars...she once told i was a juBabe n wanted to be my skool mother
it was frickin' hilarious!!!

yinkuslolo said...

dont mind the babe. plus,i even shined her boots for her with the polish

@seye: mummy's baby. but u shuda have faced ur cross[es] urself oh, w/out mumcee's intervention. i think that's more fun.

@muyiwa: it can be serz oh, as in life-long r/ships are formed from it sef

@lady x: u and that ur right eye, scoin scoin dey oh!

@OM: trust nah! the UO stuff is on the way. i hope they dont do me F21 pt 2 oh. thanx for the tip

@leggy: haha, rich kids, i get.

@n.anon: i know wetin u mean. i bin dey eye one fresh-looking jubabe that time, but my gra-gra mates were sharper. me, i used to scope the jubabe with no labor and ish lol. later, i just fashi

@Bubbles: hahahah, did this remind u about something?

@chayoma: SYTYCD! is the sh*t. I feel janette dey, d babe set. Ade and Brandon!!! too sweet-looking

@UC07: haha, dat couple def had more to the dance, some thing is def going on btw them. but the kiss was hot and kept them in the show lol!

@Maiya: u feel me, i had much on my hands already. skul mummying will just poison my runs

@ms natural: angel and mentor kini? whats the name of ur HS? Akon wan fall my hand oh

@anon 12:21: mariam no dey stop nah. dat babe lol