Sunday, July 26, 2009

Temptation 101

As one, who went to an all girl's high school, I have faced the lesbian-tendency stereotype. such high schls are not as common in yankee and my college friends always gimme that side eye when I tell them I went to a women's boarding high schl for that marra. I'm not saying lesbo stuff doesnt happen in girls boarding skuls oh, but babes have to divert their emotions to the most proximate person. Even some bffs show too much suspicious love at times. For more declaration sef, I joined the "I went to an all girls' boarding high school, NO! I am not a lesbian" group on facebook. S'il vous plaƮt, I have nothing against same-sex sexual ish. I am not just subscriber.

U can now imagine, when I was applying to schls in Yankee, I included the best all-women's college, correct schl o. Infact, some folks already decided my fate and 'sexual future'. Well, I didnt go to the skul, despite the academic recognition of the skul sef.

Now, I watch most Tv shows off MegaVideo. Anyone who does can testify to the fact that some sultry-looking Asian girls always pop up, seducing viewers. That's temptation oh. Can't Megavideo, at least, include some guys? Jeez!

It's now the habit of numerous sites to be advertising singles in my supposed neighborhood, decoded from my IP's location. Based on the not-so-nuclear-looking babes I see in this area, those online singles must have fapped pics from Google. And there are numerous chics always sending me x-rated pic links located on Windows live, to my inbox. Abeg, I never grow 'junior' for under.

Plus, this summer is not helping. The hotter, the skimpier! See babes, walking around almost nakey. well! I have seen worse sha, considering the fact of the kind of high schl I attended.

Where are dem men?
*tsk tsk tsk stk*
(that's me laffing in Spanish)


Bubbles said...



Bubbles said...

so true about the megavideo links
'do you like a naughty asian or a nice asian'

Imoteda said...


Sad to say I used to have that stereotype about girls in all girls schools.
Infact there are still some sketchy QC girls. LOL

Nice Anon said...

I went to an all girl school too. I am not into women.

nameless said...

i went to an all girls boarding school and i knw and i think i knw how u r feeling.. i think its just because of what we were exposed to.

Anonymous said...

lol...i didnt go to an all girls school nd i know for a fact that there r plenty of private all girls,all boys schools here in yankee.

Penelope said...

loool..weird dat most of us went to all girls skuls. If i am declared gay tomorow, it would only make me a transexual...the love i hav for boys is inevitable!! Lol
Laughin in spanish? Lol.

NaijaBabe said...

Those megavideo links are too funny! But pele o...its cold here so everyone is covered up!

RocNaija said...

Lol @ growing 'junior' for under..

Tigeress said...

on tv?

Yinkuslolo said...

bubbles: HAHA, quote on quote, i ususlaly like the naughty asian. u? lol

@imoteda: QC babes are on another level abeg.

@nice anon: same here, a choice

@nameless: thanks for relating.

@leggy: plenty? for reals, relative to naija's, i think they are by far fewer

@penelope: I was just thinking the same thing oh. all the only girls schls attendees. trust me, i like the male species

@naijababe; another megavideo user? where u dey? australia? just joking cos most places I know are in the warmer seasons

@roc; what can I say

@tigeress: huh?

SkinnyLegs said... is hilarious.
Oh least none has cornered u and tried to "do" you by force.

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

lol.... abi oo..dey should show us pics of guys @ megavideo..(find local singles in your area)...i get real pissy wen dat icon comes up!!

Fabulo-la said...

LOOOL@ the megavideo!
Growing junior under ke?
Well if u want, Im sure u can always have surgery to get 'junior'

UnderCover07 said...

Lol @ growing junior under. I guess they dnt need a junior anymre Went to an all girls sch too...the stories plenty well well.

miss.fab said...

looool... megavideo is the devil's work!!!

Yemi David said...

Junior growing under?? LMAO...
shay?? where are dem men?

muyiwa said...

Do not believe the videos oo,lesbianism,lol

muyiwa said...

Abeg when dem do naija blogger awards and my blog no feature,we need to redo

Sir Scribbles II said...

LOL!!! omo na true o, those dating ads always say this fine chick is waiting for me at ilford...shey she be psychic lol. LOL@ never grow junior 4rm under lol

Geebee said...

I feel you, gurl. Most of my female friends went to girls0-only high schools and they tell me as much. But then, lesbainism still seems understandable. What freaks me out is how guys manage to 'do' one another. RThe act itself makes me want to puke. Homosexuals sure need mental check ups. . . and maybe lesbians do too.

Yinkuslolo said...

@skinnylegs: nah, it hasnt reached that yet. lol

@gidiP: the fact is that it is mostly girls that even watch vids on megavideos, showing guys wud pay them sef

@fabulola: nah, junior's pkg wud be excess luggage

@muyiwa: i just joined blogsville sha, so i mssed the naija bloggers' award ish.

@Robby: have u tried meeting up with any of those babes?

@geebee< girl on girl is sortaattractiove, but boy-on-boy is sorta weird-looking. i may have personal ish against them, but i still respect their sexual orientation choices

bibee J. said...

LOL... probably the men are vexin bcuz women can make children without them (stem cells) so... they must be feeling unimportant. LOL... and those pop-up bbz used to vex me! one nyt, it kept happening and happening, as in, I almost broke my laptop! LOL

bibee J. said...
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Yinkuslolo said...

@bibbe J: break ur laptop ke, i think they is a setting to bar the pop-ups, or at least limit