Monday, July 6, 2009

Thankful post!

4 weeks
14 posts
430 profile reviews( a tenth of those are mine :P)

U rock blogsville, gracias!

PS: It's funny how some folks just post up all their ish on facebook cos they answer a series of questions. I think some pple are looking for significant others or just tryna feel cool abi mature to have had some long-ass relationship. Anyhoos, a friend answered the question, "Have u flashed anyone?" and she was like so "many times." I was like wth. Then I tot, she prolly meant flashing in the Naija calling context and not in the club/dance flashing (mostly in the western world). Juggling both mentalities can e cool.

PPS: any Grey's Anatomy fan in the house? I just watched the Season 5, episode 1 and I realised a fave song of mine was actually the sound track of a scene. The scene where Cristina and the Military trauma surgeon first kissed. As in, I really like the song. No wonder I am so into Grey's. I was painting my nails when I realised the song's origin, and a dollop of polish mistakenly fell on my duvet. (**sigh**)

what a disjointed post.


Nice Anon said...

I lost interest in greys anatomy a long time ago. sorry BUT if you wanna talk about Damages on FX then I am game! LOL

Lady X said...

Ahhh Grey's! I think I stopped watching after the end of Season 4. I just got really annoyed about the Grey Shepherd thing. And I just didn't like Grey's character. She was a bit annoying.

Now if it were Desperate Housewives, GG, Fringe, Criminal Minds and a lot of other series....

Anonymous said...

lol...i dont really watch television apart from the chelsea lately i try to watch often.

Imoteda said...

I used to love greys anatomy. Kinda lost track of it after the whole writers strike thing. And then moved to naja and lost rack even more.

But the soundtrack is always mad I started loving james blunt and uncle bob from Greys.

One of my favourite songs and episodes. When Meredith nearly dies and at the end Izzy is walking past Denny (as a ghost) and Swans by Unkle Bob starts playing. LOVE IT

Adaeze said...

I still love Grey's! Yes :-)

Congratulations on your accomplishments! It's lovely. I agree its funny how people post their ish on facebook..desperation.

miss.fab said...

Omg I loooove Grey's!!! Christina + Burke >>>>> Christina + Military Surgeon Guy (shit as soon as you called him that I completely forgot his name! Lol..) But I still like Christina + any guy who actually succeeds in breaking her walls

Derek + Meredith ftw tho!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes we know we me tatching oh..hiss. Congrats on ur blog's success though. People who tell their life story on facebook irk me too, like especially when they write stuff that aren't meant for walls on walls. Inbox, people, inbox!

yinkuslolo said...

@n.anon: i've never heard of damages. but itluks gud cos i just read the overview

@lady x: it got better in season 4. true talk, grey can be annoying sometimes esp with that her voice.

@leggy: i dont watch tv either. i watch a bunch of series on my lappie oh.

@imoteda: i am just realising thatthose soundtracks are unique to the scenes sef. Denny came back from the dead in season 5, he and izzy even did some serz stuffs. funny pple

@adaeze: yay for grey's. i am almost done with season 5

@miss.fab: i swear cristina is one kind but it is only her r/ship that keeps me on my toes. she gets the highly-intellectual sophisticated (whatever?) guys. derek and meredith are kinda of a mess.

@tay-mee:u are part of it nah, u are not attaching. dont mind thosewall-to-wall pple and they kow the new facebook allows every to know whatsup easily. notice-mes

Rose said...

Yup...A fan i am...
Thanks for coming by...and welcome to blogsville...

faB!! said...

LESSON: Don't get distracted while you are rubbing Nail That happens to me all the time.

Miss Natural said...

I thought I was random Nah, thank you for your interesting and regular posts :)

yinkuslolo said...

@rose, thanks hun

@fab!!: I know babe, I just ry to do two things at once. like I cant just my nail polish w/out utilizing to do smth esle also. rubbing alone is like a waste of time

@ms. natural: u're welcome

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