Friday, July 24, 2009

Name's first letter meme

Blogsville gist(click) is on fire now oh. Juiceegal and I are joining Sting to make Blosgville gist the hotspot/bustop. We are gonna be dropping some news bombs like they are hot. No dulling! If u wanna know what's popping in Blogsville, or if u are a self-declared or an unconfessed amebo drop by and u wud get the gist of other bloggers and even urself.

Now, to the agenda of my post>>
Basically, you answer the following questions using the first letter of your name. YNC tagged moi and omitted numero huit, so ask her what the missing question is.
Anywoos, I was trying to do it. It's been five minutes and my Y letter is giving me tough time to think of answers. I decided to f*ck it and leave some questions on unanswered, it's not my fault that my name starts with a Y, one of the letters pple fear abi dodge to use. I am feeling unique and sorta mumuish for not knowing these answers sha. I will update as they pop into my head.

1. What is your name? Yinkus (a cliché nickname for all YINKAs, dont call me Yinkus outside abeg...just j/k)
2. A four Letter Word: York
3. A boy's Name: Yemi
4. A girl's Name: Yashaman
5. An occupation: ?
6. A color: Yellow
7. Something you wear: ?
9. A food: ? (Damn, and I'm a food freak)
10. Something found in the bathroom: ?
11. A place: Yugoslavia
12. A reason for being late: Yesterday's Hangover
13. Something you shout: Yee kpa!
14. A movie title: ?
15. Something you drink: Yoghurt
16. A musical group: ?
17. An animal: ?
18. A street name: ?
19. A type of car: ?
20. The title of a song: “You are beautiful" by James Blunt

I tag:
Yemi David and
Vimbai cos I wanna see your creative answers with the letter 'V'.
Oh! and everyone reading this, I mean you! no be by force sha.

PS: Game freaks in da house! I was gearing up to buy an XBOX 360/PS 3 but I now want my laptop carriage flexibility. Sugabelly, that babe has fun time on her hands mehn. She is creating this koko mansion Sims thing. Check it out. I wanna get SIMS, for MAC oh. But I guess, the same Compact Disc works for both PCs and MACs right? I hope SIMS wud do me gud and be fun. The game wud take my time and I am prone to game-addiction oh. Shud I get it or not? why?


Penelope said...

umm food cud have been YAM? LOL
But u tried...Y is a very weird letter if u ask me. Blogsville gist ke? On the realies?? LOL

Sir Scribbles II said...

Ssssshhh!! I don't want pple to know I'm a gamer lol. I have a PS3 nd although it has been colonised by my younger bro it's my most prized horcruxe if u will. As for SIMS...don't get it if u r not in 4 d long haul, Sugarbelly is doing wat u say? that's really creative of her u know...wonder why I didn't think of that lol. anyway if u get the SIMS they buy urself selfcleaning underwear cos u won't be getting up 4rm ur lappy anytime soon...d same CDs don't always work sha

bibee J. said...

the car one could be yaris LOL!
bt yh... u tried!

Anonymous said...

new blog...verynice

The Bookaholic said...

Interesting post and nice blog. Thank you for the visit to Bookaholic...

Anonymous said...

Ahan Yinkuslolo why are there so many blanks now??

FIGE said...

dont buy sims. ADDICTION! the only resonmy laptop aint got much game on them... iget get into into it. i got into game once...i skipped 3 weeks clases even more i gues... just cos i was tanning.

Anonymous said...

lol...i never play games.and y?lol

Yinkuslolo said...

Penelope: yeah babe, i hope the weirdness of the letter is not getting to me.

Robby: I downloaded the game overnight, still trying to get the hang of it. i am still far from addicted. hehe, u a HPotter freak? hocruxe? oh well

Bibbee J: thanx for the suggestion, i wudnt have tot of that

Bookaholic: u're welcome

Taymee: I need to chill my brain nah, Y-letter aint no joke

FIGE: hha, too late. I got the game already. lol at u tanning, in SIMs? that clssic

leggy: games like SIMS. thruout elementary and middle shls, vid games rocked my world. i am just reigniting that passion.

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

first time on here....had a good laugh too!
5 could have been yodeler, 14 coulda been you, me, and dupree, and 17 coulda been a yorkshire poodle..Yinx..u no try o! lol!

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

first time on here....had a good laugh too!
5 could have been yodeler, 14 coulda been you, me, and dupree, and 17 coulda been a yorkshire poodle..Yinx..u no try o! lol!

yankeenaijababe said...

Yinka this your own tag, na wa o. You omitted a lot o. lol An occupation with Y would be Yam

Yinkuslolo said...

@ The experiences....: I salute this ur name oh but o girl! i would not have tot of those things well. that's smart/sharp of u.

@YNC....yam seller! dis babe no kill me abeg.