Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flashing on another level

Last Wednesday, my mum called...scratch that! The woman flashed me. You get? She called me and allowed my fone to ring for a nanosecond. Thus, I did not have enough time to pick her call.
With courtesy, I called her back, not flashed. Remember my mumcee from her preservation skills.

Yinkuslolo: 'Sup? I just got a missed call from u.
Mum: Oh! I was just flashing you
Yinkuslolo: Haba, I'm at work oh. U this woman! How far?
Mum: I was just greeting you. I also flashed Ruka(my cousin) in Naija and she called me back, we talked for a while.
Yinkuslolo: Ha Mummy! You must have burned her credit and made her feel guilty that she did not pick your call
Mum: ****he ha he ha he ha**(she giggled)

Back in Naija, my high schl declared "GSMs" to be contrabands. Trust hardknock-life boarders, some babes still sneaked in fones. Yinkuslolo cud not afford the consequences of the authorities seizing her janded Nokia fone, so I dint take my fone to skul. Still, I wud borrow a mate's fone and flash my mumcee twice spontaneously. God Bless my mother! She always called me back, even if it's 3 in the AM.

Now, that I am in Yankee, she flashes me all the way from Europe, across the oceans, not even minding the time difference. I dont even know when to take her missed calls seriously. So, I flash her back. Lol! It's a game oh. When we get tired, we start talking for 10 mins+ about nothing to everything.

Presently, I am rocking a fro. A friend told me that I look like I just time-traveled from a disco club in the 80s. As you may guess, when Mumcee saw me virtually, she said that I look old-fashioned and started laffing at moi.

She doesn't know that I'm paying her/home a surprise visit this wkend. I am still thinking about making it a surprise cos some folks are like "Yinkuslolo! u want to make a 10 hr+ flight a surprise visit"

But, I no send. Imma surprise my mumcee's a$ and she will not be able to avoid me, walking around with her, with my old-fashioned hair-do. **muahahaha***

PS: New post on Blogsville Gist, check it out.

PPS: This is related to the post. Sometime two yrs ago, I was yarning with a Kings College(KC) ex-boy. We were talking about flashing. He told me that one boy in KC flashed his P-man, cos the former was 'broke' and all those boarding skul suffer-head ish. The father flashed him back. See embarassment cos there was a group of boys round, borrowing the same fone. Just remembered, I still laff at the story. ha!


Bubbles said...


Bubbles said...

ahhh flashing mayne
I miss those days
I always flash my friends when I'm in lagos because they always call back
my first boarding school didn't allow phones either
hard life mayne

Rene said...

I hate 'flashing' or 'flasher' even though I do it.
My high school din't allow phones too but babes still sneak it too.
I totally dislike when my parents call me without considering the time difference...I still pick their call though but most times I end up being unable to sleep again.

Imoteda said...

LOL!!! My entire family is morally opposed to flashing. My dad will just ignore you if you flash him. I tend to do the same.
I try flashing my mom occasionally. I was trying to flash her yesterday and completely forgot how it was supposed to work. She picked up and we spoke for like five minutes before I remembered it was supposed to be a flash. She laughed at me ehn. Obviously I'm not meant to be a flasher.

There were no cell phones allowed at my school either. No one bothered to bring one though. There is no reception in the middle of the bush so why get into trouble?

Anonymous said...

my school ws a day school nd no phones or ipods were allowed...i dont flash,i ignore flashes too...but wen i was in naija i used to flash my parents eh nd dey always called back.

Anonymous said...

my school ws a day school nd no phones or ipods were allowed...i dont flash,i ignore flashes too...but wen i was in naija i used to flash my parents eh nd dey always called back.

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

im never first (sob) :( flashing!!!! hmmm im still guilty of that here sef.. if the number is long distance...lol old habits die hard ehh!!

Anoda Phase said...

lol @ ur mum's flashing...I flash my mum too occassionally...infact, my younger bro calls me flasher general...but I only do it when I haven't got any call credit...

Fabulo-la said...

Ah ah Bubbles u r on a roll..
I hate flashers o!
I wont even entertain them. Waste of time...lol

LOL! I know ur mum didnt laugh at u calling u old fshioned!
that is funny

nameless said...

flashing!! those days..lol! i used to do that a lot esp to my dad.. and he wud jst ignore me :P

a fro eh?? i think i have found my next hair do =]

Anonymous said...

abt flashing...if ma momma should flash...then the world is ending mehn....if dadda should flash...boy...I dunno...but then sth is seriously WRONG! REALLY!

RocNaija said...

Was it 'Del' that did the song?

"We no get money for geezim na flash we dey flash.."

Thankfully we can look back at the memories fondly..

UnderCover07 said...

Lol...my boarding school banned fones too, but trust us boarders to always do the opposite and break the rules. Even prefects sef. But if dem catch u...lol.

Anonymous said...

lol..Lord I hate flashing, I do not call you back. If it's important the person would def find money to call. I only flash my parents, because well they pay my phone bill, and if it's high their loss, not mine..lol

*Dith* said...


Flashing was fun sha...when i was d flasher now its just plain ol annoying especially when I am being flashed in d wee hours of the morning.

muyiwa said...

hate flashing a lot

Tigeress said...

is it just me cos i didnt get the PPS story.

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO @ your mom flashing you. pretty heeelarious stuff.
You are off to Naija? Bring me Golden morn o. :-)

Vera Ezimora said...

I'm so tired of flashing ehn.... chei. Funny how that means a totally different thing in America. LOL

Yinkuslolo said...

@bubbles: haha, my friends will flash back

@rene: haba, u dont like it but u do it, which one u dey? u know some folks are ignorant and flash u with a private number, annoying stuff

@imoteda: where did u go to skul/ lol bush! if u need flashin tips, I may be able to offer u some

@leggy: i cant ignore flashes cos some convey more msgs that calls sef

@gidiP: u flash in obodo oyinbo, i think i shud introduce u to my mumcee

@anoda phase: hahaha, u are on another level. flasher general ke/ lol

Yinkuslolo said...

@fabulo-la: the woman meant the olcd-fahsioned comment oh. i was even the one laffing at whowas calling me old-fashioned

@nameless; yeah yah ya! get it, fros l;ook nice always. i used to think u were a guy. lol.

@chari; ur parents must be really opposed to flashing ehn. thats how i communicate with my mom a few times

@roc; haha, i dont know Del. btu it seems i know the song

@UC07: if dem cathc u, u are on ur own. they will seize the fone and ur friends who borrowed the fone at nite wud have no say in the marra

@tay-mee: haha, what if the person lacks cash and wants u to help with cash. whatever! u friends will know u policy sha

@Dith: haha, flashing in early mor-mor is so pissing. donteven try me

@muyiwa: okay

@tigeress; sorry, i restrustured it already. i rarely edit my post until 12hrs after publishing. my bad

@OM: i dont know for the woman. i no dey go Naija. So, u're part of the golden morn crew, u will like cerelac then

@Vera; i swear, if I tell pple I like to flash, they will think OP. I dont even use the word flash in non-naija circles