Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My randomisity

There two sides of having a good sense of humour. One is possesing the humour and the other is appreciating it. Well, I am have more of the latter. Oh Facebook, the virtual site that saves me from boredom at work.

Anywoos, all these pple that post 100 truths on facebook. There are on thier own oh, when they start complaining about stalkers and stuff. U laid the bait. I was just checking my notes section when I stumbled on several Naija buddies' 100 truths.

Here is a sample of a friend's that left me cracking


23. First fear → striking a match and being alone.

24. First best friend → I remember the face but not the name

26. First crush ---> lol......Omarion.

27. First pet → A baby fowl.....her name was Asia....she was so cute.

28. First big vacation → One christmas like that in the village....was a lot of fun and had loadz of laughter


So, from my last post, Robby Scribbles is a mind reader. I see how pple kinda avoided commenting. If u need the answer sha(request by emailing me at yinkuslolo@gmail.com). I don't know how to figure it out also, or maybe not yet. I will manage being among the 98% for now.


I have removed my Music gadget, as a result of my poll. Actually, I kinda presumed the result before hand becos I appreciate music but not unexpected audio releases from blogs. Most times, I open 6 or more tabs(3 of which are usually different blogs). It's kinda pissing, when two different blgo songs are playing/colliding and interferring with the one, already on the play in my iTunes. I have to look for the blogs 'oozing' out the songs/noise, or sometimes just mute my speakers and open the blogs one-after-the-other

Bye to my punk biyatch, Gaga. She rocked my blog. That Paparazzi song makes me go bonkers eh.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie is coming out at midnight at various theatres near you. I am not going sha. I watched from pt 2 to pt4 over the wkend but I've read all the books. I am sure this pt 6 would be a great watch

update: I have seen the Half-blood-Prince. This is a comment, that I left on skinnylegz' blog
I saw the HP movie. Frankly, I have not discussed this with anyone, but I think like folks on the other side of the court. The movie cut out significant parts of the book. Thus, it is [or was] the least representational [or translatable] of all the HP movies I've seen. U cannot show all parts of a movie, but U dont omit scenes, like McGonagall's fight. Such scenes influence major issues in latter sequels. attentive viewers of the next movie will be like where.t.h did this come from, except the producer(or whoever decides the scenes) decides to cut out those issues in the latter sequels.

personally, i dint really gbadun this HP film. In an effort to do so, I watched the 3 sequels beforehand, but still, Half-Blood-Prince was so much talk without the much action, which is hyped in the book. 

I have read all the books and if anyone really wants to know the details of HP past the first two sequels, ze stick to reading the books.


I am now on twitter oh. My username is.... whatelse other than 'yinkuslolo'. I don't even update, reading other pple's stuff is enuf for me. If I start tweeting, my real life would diminish to an unhealthful extent. Feel free to add me, or drop ur twitter username, so I can add/follow u. There is a circle of blogsville residents on there.


ShadeNonconformist said...

Thanks for the love..I appreciate it. Yes i was that close to MJ's corpse...was a really weird feeling...

ur favorite pet comment is funny. a baby fowl.... reminds me of a friend of mine who currently has chickens as pets. They named them. They also feed them ice-cream, bacon, chicken pieces (aren't they chickens themselves), and rice. I was so shocked. The weird part is that when you call the chickens by their names, they come running to you!! I swear..This is not 'tori, i saw it myself...God knows if i die and i had to come back, i may seriously reconsider choosing to do so as a chicken that lives in their house. My life will be set...constant pampering..lol

Tinu said...

loool @the first pet being a chicken!
yaaay ur on twitter!

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

lol....fowl u mean?? lol... i am guilty of following the 100 truths virus!!! lol..u shld go see the movie Bruno!!! i hrd that's mad!!

Rene said...

I'd been tempted to write a post an 100 truths before but I changed my mind. fowl ke?
And I was used to the music gadget, twill be greatly missed.

UnderCover07 said...

Lol...I wanted to do the 100 truth thing b4 o, but mehn the thing is jst too long, and I was lyk who cares sef!

Me I dnt mind the music gadgets on blogs o.

Fluffycutething said...

Your first pet was a fowl ke?

So you used to cuddle 'it'????????

Fluffycutething said...

Just re-read your post.... the fowl was YOUR FRIENDS's first pet :D

Sir Scribbles II said...

.ooooooooooooo...u have joined twitter...they've gotten you too....i think i will join soon oh! resistance is futile

Anonymous said...

ughh!!uve joined them...facebook is draining me enough...hope uve gotten ur forever 21 stuff...got mine two days ago

Original Mgbeke said...

Yeah you are pretty random. Ha! LMAO @ baby fowl as someone's pet. Wowzers!
Lady Gaga's album rocks o!
And come to think of it, Forever21 hasn't delivered my package either. Hmmmph!

yinkuslolo said...

@shade non-conformist: oh my friggin Jesu. a chicken as a pet, for real. haha. those are not my 'Firsts' oh, they're some babe's on facebook

@Tinu: are u also on twitter, ur username?

@GidiP: I am going for a movie marathon this wkend. I shud prolly include Bruno

@rene: abeg, fashi that 100 truths. there wud def be somthn that u dont wanna share with the entire public. not a very useful trend, if u ask me

@UC07: this ur name ehn. i hope u pardon my abbreviation. are u a detective agent or smthn similar? lol. pple will just pry into ur personal life with that 100 truth thingy.

@Fluffy: haha, me ke! fowl! it is not me oh.

@Robby: To tweet or not tweet. For the sake of ur existence in the real word. resist the urge and peer pressure.

@Leggy: Haha I got mine on Monday. I bet they read my mind cos I was already preparing some whatever for them

@OM: Don't mind those F21 pple, wasting time. Do u know that within that period of wait, I went to their store to buy something sef and wore it before the pkg arrived. Nice [fashion] blog u've got.

UnderCover07 said...

Lol...I no be detective o; I'm jst staying undercover and being anonymous. Yup u're right...there's already enuff personal stuff out there...no need for TMI.