Thursday, July 23, 2009

You can comment now!

See me o, trying to pimp my blog and effing up my layout settings. Stupid, stupid pimping! Just becos I use a MAC, I have to edit the html of some jumbled code without instructions. Dude!

Sorry intended commenters, I am back jejely to my former simple layout. jeans template ko, lace template ni! *mtschewww*(I really hate the way pple hiss and write this down but Im in a bitter Italian mood) U can now go back to comment jare.

Fabulo-la, merci beaucoup! for pointing that out

What am I doing now:
Preparing to go squash some ball in the court


Imoteda said...

Thank you o... I tried and tried and tried to comment and it didn't work.

And its good. i really didn't like the other lay out. sorry.. lol
Simple works better for me

chayoma said...

we can comment!

Lolia said...

Oh yayy! I was trying to comment on your blog and it didn't work! RIP jeans template :)

Fabulo-la said...

Im glad to be of help.

Im waiting for the subscriptions!!! :(

Bubbles said...

i was wondering o.!!

Vera Ezimora said...


Babe, changing a template... no be small thing oo. *sigh* Lost my blog roll twice. :-(

Tinu said...

ope o!!!!!
i thot it was my compura

Lady X said...

Amen to the old Layout o!

SkinnyLegs said...

I was so happy when I saw 0 comments under that one... I thot I was gna be first.
Little did I know.

Mz. Eniola said...

loooooool! i likd d pimp out one doe! lol...u just made my nyt! ha ha d tag is too funny!!x

Sir Scribbles II said...

Now don't get frustrated wiv html, show it love nd it will show u love back lol...sha wateva make u happy

RocNaija said...

The part that confused me is what you using a Mac has got to do with html coding?!

RocNaija said...

PS.. Small hint..
Next time open a test blog and try it out there first before incorporating it into your real blog..
Saves you a lot of hassle. :)

muyiwa said...

i love the jeans template oo,but maybe complex shaa

Yinkuslolo said...

@imoteda: good riddance to jeans template abi?

@chayoma: ok, where ya comment nah?

@lolia, lady x: may it really rest in peace cos i don dey curse am for not allwoing my comment thingy to function

@fabulo-la: gmail inbox

@bubbles: wonder wonder wonder wonder....(fela's song)

@vera: i no change again, i cant afford to lose and reupdate my blogroll

@tinu: na the yeye template

@skinny legs: lmao. i was actually thinking folks dint just wanna comment but after 5 hrs, i was like 'whats up?'

@ms eniola: na real yeye oh. the jeans looked cool to me too

@sir scribbles: if u know the history behind my love-hate r/ship with html ehn. long story.

@rocnaija: the intructions text was written in a window-compatible format. so, i cudnt view it on my mac and had to figure out by sifting thru the code, annoyingly. i dont think i will be changing the layout anytime soon sef

@muyiwa: it was not complex oh, just the commenting stuff that issues. nice lookign but i dont wanna disactivate the commenting

Sugabelly said...

Oh I'm serious alright. I've just put up the new Dbanj pics on my blog.

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL. I musta missed the jeans layout. Ha!

AustynZOGS said...

I owe you so muany thanks for all the beautiful comments you make on my blog.

Yinkuslolo said...

@Om: u dint miss much lol

@austyn: you're welcome anytime