Friday, July 17, 2009

I berra be quick to respond

So, I don't like being caught unawares. I love surprises but when I walk into the bathroom and meet someone early mor-mor, I get scared for half of a second. To get a clearer picture, if I am reading a book and someone hovers above me suddenly, I skip a heartbeat and slightly discombobulated. Albeit, I am not agoraphobic, I even fancy dark places.

Before I digress, I was walking back from the gym yesterday, while thinking about what to have for din-din, lost in my solitary world. Then, two guys walked past me. One of them, guy A, said something towards my direction. I just smiled but didnt reply becos I wasnt paying attn to them and didn't get what he said. This is the conversation that ensued immediately between the guys.

Guy A: That's why I like folks in the South. People up here are not even friendly.
Guy B: Maybe she didn't.... blah blah
And their voices trailed off.

What GuyA said is substantially true, when I went to the South, strangers seemed very amiable but in the North, OYO (on your own) is the order of the day.
The main point of the gist is that, I was still trying to replay what he said cos it was muffled.
I think it was, "Out for a stroll?"
At least, I smiled back and did not want to reply with some awkward response until I knew what he said. I may have been [unconsciously] shy, remember my 'Thank You post". But I was so famished and was only thinking about food then. Funny enough, I had bread, honey and seasoned chicken for Dinner.

PS: I may be at six flags this wkend. Haha, what can [a grown-up-looking someborri] like me do there?
Update: I went, the experience was friggin' "nuclear" [culled from CC's vocab]. Watch out for the next post

What am I doing now:
Smiling at the thought of my deposited pay-check. TGIF


Anonymous said...

yup...the people in the south are kinda nice...always saying hey there

Bubbles said...

I wanted to be first
ahn ahn.!
off to read

Bubbles said...

lol @ six flags
gurl you grown.!!
haha don't mind me jo
I want to go to six flags as well
but i fear.!!

emm i'm in NY
people are not friend
i shall wait.!

Sweetnothin' said...

have fun @ Six flags, it never gets old, at least for me.

Sir Scribbles II said...

Those guyz shud come nd see london, if you say hi to a starnger on d street you'll be branded a terrorist or a rapist

Imoteda said...

I never hear what people say to me on the street coz mostly i have to be very close or looking directly at you understand what you're saying
A lot of people must think Im an idiot or really rude. Lol
Canadians are pretty friendly. ive just never understood the need tot talk to strangers

temmy tayo said...

@Sir Scribbles: I beg to differ. Maybe it depends on your area in the UK. E no be reach that one for my side oh.

Miss Natural said...

TGIF, as for me I am disbursing my paycheck...from a couple of hundreds its gone to the single digits. I really must have been in debt sha :(

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

true most ppl are rude... buhh me i just dnt get it at times... I'd be in d elevator and they smile at me randomly...sometimes i think its random and i ignore... especially if its with old ppl...dats an invitation for them to tell u their life story..."when i was in the war..."

Nice Anon said...

I am deathly afraid of rides but do enjoy!

Tigeress said...

Have fun at 6flags!

iphyigbogurl said...

have fun at six flags missy!! i wish i could go to six flags too...damn summer school with a lot of papers to write!!!
one day i shall be the first to comment on ur blog!! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Lol..eya I've never been to the south, but these days you don't wanna be talking to random people on the streets you know. Yay to six flags(well the Darien lake one), I'll be there this weekend too! said...

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Original Mgbeke said...

Yeah Southern folk are certainly pretty friendly. Anyway make bobo no vex, you no hear am.
I should go to 6 flags before summer runs out; embrace the inner kid.