Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Amber!

Yeah, she be doing some fly things but I gotta agree that this is some cool stizz.
Quick overview, Amber Rose is a model and the on and off woman of Kanye West.
This turquoise hair color is a risk but it's Amber dammit. It looks good on her. Maybe cos I like her already but it looks like a feasible trend in the nearest future.

This is her previous hair color and a pic with my person(cos his Love Lockdown track gets me errytime)


PS: I know some folks will soon go on molo and even attempt changing their hair color. Pls, know the shape of your heads before you try it. U can tie a scarf(with the color u want to dye you hair to) tight on ur entire head, till your hair looks flat. Look in the mirror and check out the sample. No do follow follow oh!


Nice Anon said...

You are ever so cool for this!
This chic is the BOSS! If I were kanye I'd get her pregnant so she can have my babies. I lie not!

Anonymous said...

dont kill me but i hate kanye hes an ass...he once said that reading is wack on national a country where blacks need to start going to school and moving forward and a rolemodel is telling them not to read...mschewww!!

Imoteda said...

I absolutely hate Amber Rose... for no absolute reason. She just seems to represent all that is wrong and trashy in the world to me.

Yes I know I'm a hater. But argh!

(though I actually like the new hair:P)

And I'm sure she's behind the failure that is Drake's Best I Ever Had Video. I refuse to believe Kanye had anything to do with that.

Anonymous said...

@ Imoteda - Kanye directed the video, so how on earth can Amber be responsible for the failure??? We know Kanye likes boobs, and that we got PLENTY in the vid. Granted you hate Amber Rose, but temper your hate with common sense biko o!

Sir Scribbles II said...

....O boy! See babe!!!! yea ur right oh! Some pple go look dis picture now go carry clipper ransack their cranium ehn lol!

RocNaija said...

I'm so getting some peroxide next time I pop into Tesco..

Miss Natural said...

lol I dont know about her but I have to she does carry the look well. I thought it was a colour riot sha...screaming neon! lol

chayoma said...

dunno what Ye is doing with her
she always does the neon colors....what is up with her and neon colors???

Yemi David said...

I used to hate her but nw,I frigging love her..d hair color is fierce...
Lmao at d p.s...u r a

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

lol.....aweee dis colour really suits her... i love it.. she is fashionably daring... n roc.. pls dnt try anything... biko?..

Rene said...

leggy what's your beef with kanye?
i totally love her hair esp the fact that twas a risk
lol @ your p.s.

Sulihp said...

lol @ "P.S: I know some folks will soon go on molo and even attempt changing their hair color. Pls, know the shape of your heads before you try it."

i no like this kain hairstyle oh...u no go fit dress anyhow witam!

but e fit chic sha...i dey even jealous am small

Tigeress said...

You guys do know he's gay right? Well thats the rumour in the south side of Chicago (where he's from). Ask anybody on the corner of 71st and Jeffery.

yinkuslolo said...

@n.anon: yeah right, but do pple like Amber get preggers? u know say d girl get her own scoin scoin misbehaviours

@leggy: oh Kanye and his shortcomings!

@Imoteda: kai, I had to go see that video, total BS. Why Kanye? but I dont think it has anything to do with Amber

@@anon 5:08: yeah, u right with that boob thing

@robby: haha, i really had to forewarn pple in my PS

@roc: u had better be joking

@miss natural: i think colour riot is becoming overrated. besides, it's a summer look, u gottta pop out. i wudt wear those colors tho lol

@chayoma: ha! u dunno! what does a man do with a woman, a woman like Amber!

@yemi: haha, u now like her cos of the hair color? lol

@GidiP: help me tell roc oh

@Rene: not erryone can do what Amber did, infact only a few pple.

@sulihp: Amber sabi dress nah. plus her wardrobe def speaks in all languages

@tigeress:Tigeress! with all this reference, are u related to kanye? ab, na ur house be dat lol. but serzly, so kanye is gay? i shud look into that. but a lady like amber shud make him straight sharply

Imoteda said...


I was kidding about the Amber thing people. I know Kanye did the video. I just refuse to believe it so I'd rather blame Amber.:)

Gee said... @ tying scarf with the hair color!

Anonymous said...

lol..hmm me I don't get this love for Amber. I guess I'm just not a big Kanye fan or something, I don't know jo.

muyiwa said...

they fit eachother

yinkuslolo said...

@imoteda: hahaa, u funny. the way u jus reverse to jokes.

@gee: abi, na advice oh

@tay-mee: the babe is jus doing it for me. i dont like kanye, jus his songs sef

@muyiwa: word!

nneoma said...

yeah, i agree, amber is not my most favorite of personalities but her style is AWESOME. Minus the turquoise hair, i would so try to pull that off. it's hot!

yinkuslolo said...

@nneoma: if u do, that wud be awesome. haha, i wudnt try it tho, i leave such steez to amber