Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am not a "loster"!

The title line is culled from Don't Jealous Me's vocab. That guy! He be making me lose ribs just becos I crack up whenever I watch his youtube vids. If u know him in person, thru facebook or by some 'attache' link, give him some sucre pour moi.

So, why am I not a 'loster'? I just won my first ever/contest/raffle/draw. Actually, I won the access to reading Genevieve Magazines online, three solid editions. It's a sleek+chic Nigerian mag. I learnt about the online mag thing in Good Nigerian Girl's blog sometime ago. Blogging pays off too. It was not a draw per se, I was one of the first pple to enter the contest so I qualified automatically lol!
hahah, update: I am still reading the April's edition. MI stated in his interview that his biggest turn-on is "Bakassi Peninsula". So, my well-endowed sisters, that's your shot. Beware! He doesn't like Big Toes and Bad Attitude. So, pump ur behind, wear some toe-covering pumps/stilettos(if you have big toes) and behave. MI is yours. O.Y.O sha, MI no send me oh.

Back to the gist, I dont bother doing stuff, like awoof guessing/gambling games. Back in high school, if I dunno the answer to an option question (aka objective), I will most likely miss it. Na im, I bin dey jack hard that time plus essay questions (aka theory) used to save my ass. I just have to work for all or most of my winnings. I can't be a gambler.

In short, I think I am becoming a mag junkie. I dunno why Vogue magazine keeps sending me editions regularly, when I ddint subscribe. I hope those clowns ddint charge me sometime before. The Vogue magazines includes too many adverts and 'unwearable' modeled clothes to me. No be my type. I dunno what carried me to go and subscribe to Teen Vogue, Seventeen and freely subscribe to Maxim. Maxim of all mags! That's how the other day, I was 'gyming' and browsing one Maxim mag. One of my friends was just like "u're reading Maxim?" Na im, i kon check am well. Maxim is a male-targeted mag oh. No wonder the mag does not appeal to me.

Any hoos, I wanted to pimp my blog but I don't have the time to sample layouts yet. (Hey Robby, thanks for ur effort) Thus, I settled for this one. In honor of those numerous Jean clothing lying in my closet. Thruout last academic year, I realised that it was only 8 days that i ddint wear some Jean clothing. I have changed this summer sha. As per my last sensational post, this blog is very PG-13 oh. If u grab any pun-intention, blame your left hemisphere!

What am I doing now:
Listening to Wall to Wall by Chris Brown.
The guy just dropped a public apology vid to Rih-Rih.
Next thing, he would release an "I'm sorry" track in his next album and make money off it


Imoteda said...


Congratulations lol

temmy tayo said...

New template ko, me, I no get patience for all that wahala.

Bubbles said...

When i first got on here to read your post
i saw the new template
but now it is gone

and you read MAXIM.!
you are a dodo babe

Fabulo-la said...

:( Im nt first...

I want Vogue!!
Y dont I get d subscriptions..
This gel u get crase small...

Anonymous said...

hey genevieve...girl check out 'true love'....ive got only the old editions...but its the bomb!!!!

Sir Scribbles II said...

M.I. is the ish over all ish making him d king of all ish nd d ishiest ish in dis ish....He's just a crazy lyrical black man I tell you

Yinkuslolo said...

@imoteda: congrats? from using my pimp template for only 5hrs! lol

@temmy tayo: when its good, nice but otherwise, i dont have time for that wahala either

@bubbles: dodo babe? haha, dats some new steez oh. is it a slang? i can only think of plantain

@fabulo-la: i swear, i dont know why i do get them oh. just like that sha

@leggy: u have 'true love' mag in yankee here? for reals! i am sure i have not even read dose old ones. how do u get them?

@robby: word mehn. MI dey mental small small oh. kai, his safe video still gives me shocks

Rene said...

lmao. I want to Vogue too.
I was thinking of the same thing when I heard about apology vid. hiss!
How come I dint get to see the layout :(

Yinkuslolo said...

@rene: the layout barely lasted 24hrs lol