Monday, November 16, 2009

"Where is Leggy!?" I have the on

I promise that this is not with relation to the recent and definitely, unwarranted dispute in blogsville.

If you try to go to Leggy's blog, you will get the 'the blog cannot be found' default. Actually, Leggy deleted her blog with the intention of coming back in 2010 because some non-blogsville folks, who found out her blog, were reading her supposed-anonymous posts. From the source, these non-bville residents think that she is writing stuff about them and she decided to go off-air for a while.

Well, the problem is that she is trying to recover her deleted blog acct and that has not been successful. She told me to ask If you know how to recover a recently ( less than 90 days), pls let her know and drop your suggestions for recovery.

Currently, she is back to her first url,

Je t'embarasse.

PS: Right know, all my tests have rendered my technologically-challenged. I have no ideas


Myne Whitman said...

I don't have any idea. I saw her comment on my blog. I hope she recovers it.

Rose said...

I mentioned a blogger site I know. I do hope it helps.


Poor Leggy! I have no clue!

BTW, what is the blogsville dispute? Geez, I get the piggy flu and miss everything! I never ever know what's going on.... Hope everyone is back on peaceful terms sha

histreasure said...

i read her post this morning,i can imagine how frustrating that can be..i lost a post and almost tore out my hair,how much more an entire blog.

hope blogger does it for her..

on d dispute, i'm sure it was just one huge misunderstanding and everyone calmer now..

Sassy Trends said...

Ehyah, really wish i could help...someone in the house definately will...pele o leggy hun..xx

chayoma said...

i did read her post somewhere...
Now to find the url..

Anonymous said...

Damn that sucks. Can she contact google and check with the tech guys? This is why it is good to be anonymous oh. You can speak your mind and not have wahala.

temmy tayo said...

Poor Leggy!

Kai, I can imagine her pain.

Original Mgbeke said...

Oh wow, thought she deleted it and decided not to. Cos she posted after she deleted it, or maybe I am confused. Will check out the new link, thanks for the heads up.

Tisha said...

tell leggy she's carzy
was once tempted to delete my blog
but i won't

let anyone do anything with my blog that they want to do.

really wish i could say it
i know i got guts.