Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That Underwear game

When it all comes down to it, you attract folks with your outerwear but nothing gets me like an A+ underwear game. I'm not talking about those who consciously match their bras and panties, it ain't all that maybe cos I don't do it.

My mother spends a great deal on underwear and that has made me to invest in my underwear collection too. Funny thing, 80% of the time, my mum gives underwear as presents. She must be the highest retail customer of Marks&Spencer Intimates.

Simple tips for the ladies, I may be biased.
  • Go for panties that don't show panty lines or pantyhem depressions, when you wear tight bottoms. Thongs are a safe bet. Sidenote: My friend told me that I should stop wearing thongs so often like a stripper, story!
  • Also, go for cotton underwear that will air to pass thru to your intimate skin. Silk may be sexy but the heat eh.
  • Please and please, sanitize/wash your bras. It is easy to neglect the bras and pay attn to only the underbottoms.
  • For the well-endowed sister, if your straps are gonna show in a sundress, pls watch that bra-strap size. Nothing gets me like seeing a 3cm bra-strap. I know it's a challange if u got 36DDs like me but there are some good bras with not-so-wide straps. They may come pricey, but I call it an investment.
  • If you're gonna wear that short freakum dress, pls make sure your panties/under-bottoms are close to your skin color. I don't appreciate being flashed pink panties on some ebony skin. Better still, wear some short tights underneath. I love/use my shapers to death.
  • Big-boobied sisters again. Don't wear undersized bras. No matter the size, e go dey for market.

As for the gents, just one rule.
Pls, have sparkly clean briefs underneath. Nothing turns me off as much has seeing a discoloured and possibly sweat-smelling boxers
  • Preferably white. ok, I lied. I loooovvvveee white briefs on bros.

Over to you guys, what makes an Underwear game A+? what are your undewear pet peeves?

Keep your Underwer game 100%, and what is under the underwear lol.


~B~ said...

*Guilty face*
I dnt INTENTIONALLY set out t match my undies but half the tym they're in sync ;)
I get a thrill knowin I hav some racy/lacy number under my usual drab, extra confidence booster :)
I dislike those bra straps dt luk lyk tank top straps too mehn, not cute. I'm with u on d guy briefs, white just luks sexy!

Nice Anon said...

I don't match BUT I make sure that I have clean sweet looking ones on. And you know what turns me on even more? When a man has one of em boxer briefs on from Calvin Klein or Armani on. Just seeing that is so sexy! There's this Brazilian boy at my gym who wears those and I swear he is so cute! If only his English wasn't so terrible

seye said...

Been long I came here and the post I am seeing just made me go "ah!". Lol.

Glad it ended with something for guys. ;)

How you dey na?

TayneMent said...

oh my gosh anyone who knows me, knows my disdain for panty lines. I can never understand wearing white pants or tight pants and I see this two lines aiming to slice your nyansh in half.aaaargh! it kills me.

2cute4u said...

k.. well said, nicely put.
I'm busty and like the part for like 'endowed' sistas lol..

leggy said...

im a i usually dont have problems getting a well fitting bra..i match, i dont think its anything spesh tho, i just buy them together so i wear them together. nice under-wears make me feel confident. shrugs.

Anonymous said...

...thongs ke for BIGGIE like me? you de find my trouble sha o! lol... i hear my sista, i had never matched underwears, i go for neutral colors & bras with thick strap& my size to keep my boobs firm! It is so annoying to be seeing bra straps & panties line...nothing like COTTON PANTIES! it reduces yeast infection!

Lara said...

Cotton panties any time...
I hate when sisters bra strap shows.

Sugarking said...

"Thongs are a safe bet. Sidenote: My friend told me that I should stop wearing thongs so often like a stripper"

"I know it's a challange if u got 36DDs like me"

Thanx for increasing my conji level u hear??!! mcheeewww!!!

P.s. I'm about to switch to "Man Thongs" tho, how u see am?

Yinkuslolo said...

@~B~: I am not against straps showing, but those fat ones annoy

@N.anon: haha, i feel u on the CK tip but y shud let the brazilian guy's english get in the way?

@seye: i dey, at least we talk on twitter

@taynement: feel u sis

@2cute4u: how cute are u lol? busty sister unite

@leggy: confident is good

@nitty-gritty: U're too funny i swear. where are u based in naija? anybody can wear thongs. better still, there are very full panties that have lines below the bottoms. ps. keep up with keeeping those boobies firm :)

@lars: cotton panties wearer unite

@sking: na u sabi. man thongs are meh except ur pkg is so small. from what ive seen, thongs are not for men esp if u're endowed in that dept. btw, man thongs are just uber gay

Imoteda said...

Oooooohhhhhhh chiiiilllllldddddd I loves me some underwear!!!

I'm a 36F so finding bras can be a bit of an issue for me. I think I have like 8 good bras but when it comes to panties I cannot count. Everytime I go to the mall I end up with new painties. (Mostly thanks to LaSenza's 5 for $25 deal lol).

I don't do matchy matchy much but I try and make sure my underwear is at least in the same colour scheme. I have never liked thongs even when I was smaller but now that I'm bigger I cannot even start messing around with then.

I love boy shorts, french cut and brazilian cut panties.

I like this post jo!

Miss Natural said...

lol i might even print out this list. It made a lot of sense! lol but i hate thongs, cant stand them...boy shorts are hot!

Bubbles said...

Mondays = Leopard print days hehe

I hate thongs. jeez.
but I agree my underwear game is on point!
Victoria Secrets is my heaven

Chi-Chi said...

haha nice
but I can't stand underwear's that have holes in them gosh!
I would say an A+ is if you really have time to match lol
which I don't hehe but I never wear very weird combos like orange thong and green bra haha + I'm a lover for thongs! : )
nice post

Anonymous said...

I stay in LAGOS, the state of excellence & wit! Tnx, it's either the 'CLOWN' in me that sees the funny side of things or the 'STRESS' of living in 9ja that had made many of us to find 'LAUGHTER' in any situation so that person no go KOLO! Like FAZE sang his album 'KOLO MENTAL' & the guy sale sharp! sharp! Abi is it a comedian that was asked if it was difficult to create a joke..No not at all he replied...i just go to the busstop &board a MOLUE bus by the time i stop at my destination, i have gather plenty of materials to work with,...for you see, LIVING DAILY IN 9JA IS A TRAGEDY ON IT'S OWN!... ....hope i answer your simple question with my ESSAY answer ehn? *wink* lol


Omo mehn, I dont even know what to say. It reminds me of a TV show - NZ Apprentice - I was watching one time when I guy said live on TV, "I know nothing about a lady's underwear except taking them off". I was like "What?!" lol

I too do not know much about underwears safe (dont think too much o) for the ones I wear. hahaha

Have a great week jare


Rene said...

boyshorts and thongs are my fav
i like to match d color of my underwears

Yinkuslolo said...

@imoteda:36F?? I feel u sister. im going to buy another bra this wkend before summer comes. i shop at Cassique, the intimate section of lane bryant

@miss natural:boy shorts seem safer than thongs but i love my thongs jare

@bubbles: see koro giving days coded underwear uniforms lol

@chichi: i think matching is overrated. yay for thongs

@nitty-gritty: i love the essay answer. so funny and i get ur msg too

@le dynamique: c'mon u know smthn. at least the favorite of ur lady's (or guy's, if u swing that way) underwearx.

hair said...

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doll said...

i like white briefs on guys too