Thursday, March 25, 2010

What does community service mean in Nigeria?

To an average Nigerian, what does community service mean? I'm not quite sure how many opportunities are available in Nigeria. Most of the volunteering opportunities that I found online are organized by foreigners and expensive too. Yes, you have to pay to volunteer. I'm kind of feeling disappointed that there are not a lot of home-based volunteer/teach-abroad programs.

If you know about any, pls send the info to my email,, or just leave a comment, with a link preferably.

You don't want me to write about undergraduate internship programs in Nigeria? I saw something about Shell somewhere but that's it. I learnt that Interniing during the summer in Naija is all about who you know.

Oh well, Yinkuslolo may go to Nigeria during the summer and I can't spend three months just eating suya and making free midnight calls. I gatta be busy.

Things that I'm willing to do
-Work in an office/hospital

For what in return?
For nothing really, a stipend will be desirable.

S'il vous plaƮt, Help a sister out. Bueno?!

Those with connections, *side eye to the rich pikins*, hook me up abeg.

what is this? I hear that engaged Lance and Eva have called it quits. Damn, I loved their asses together. Too much hotness. *clutching my pearls as I realise lance is up-for-grabs single now* I didn't say nothing

My mac is back, safe and sound. Going to back up my stuff asap, ie during the summer.


Anonymous said...

Nice Anon: That is what happens when you engage for so long without making solid plans. 6months to plan the wedding or a yr max! After that trouble fit dey for paradise o!

give it a whirl. Volunteering is always a good thing to do.
PS: I see one can't comment on your photo blog?

Lady X said...

The fact that you have to pay to volunteer defeats the whole purpose of the volunteering. I bet they wouldn't make people pay to do volunteer work in their countries. Mtsew!

Try a bank or Ministry. Or one of those networks like MTN. I bet they wouldn't mind letting you work for free. Those customer service people can be so incompetent. But then again what would I know about anything work related? I'm Hausa! You know we're all lazy and we like to spend money we haven't earned (I'm being sarcastic btw)

KG said...

Everything in Nigeria seems to be about who you know. Not that it doesn't happen elsewhere but it seems to happen on a massive scale in Nig. So crazy.

LOL @ can't spend three months just eating suya and making free midnight calls. I gatta be busy.
The rich pikins you're asking help from call all that busy o.

Lance & Eva breaking up is unfortunate. Lance is one FOINE ASS man tho. His abs are so

leggy said...

you are going to nigeria in the summer...i seriously hate you right now.
they broke up?lol..

Imoteda said...

If you want to volunteer in something that has to do with teaching I suggest you look up a company called Volunteer Corp. They teach students from public school. Kinda like a tutor program. I'll try and find their contact info and get it to you. I don't know what the pay is though.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Volunteering in a school, you can get...Just work up to any school of your choice,and talk to the person in charge, they would gladly take you especially if you would be doing it for free.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

walk i mean

cosmopolitandiva said...

My dear volunteer for the Red Cross. I'm actively involved with them and I can tell u for sure that we are looking for people. Red Cross Home in Yaba would love to have u over anyday anytime to read to the kids, play with them and plan fund raising activities (especially for Alero who needs 10million for hole in the heart sugery in India). Its on Maroko Road near Danny Estate in Yaba. God bless u in advance. You won't regret it. (I Love those kids!)

yankeenaijababe said...

Quite impressive Yinkuslolo to know that you want to volunteer in Nigeria, I wish we could travel together sometime next year to do volunteer work. I hope you get a good one in Nigeria.

It's all about carrying yourself well and knowing the right people in Nigeria, try the public schools or orphanages...tell them you are willing to do it for them for free but would appreciate if they could be nice and not cause any drama

It's a shame Nigerians don't really talk about volunteering, they think money when it comes to NGO.

I truly hope you get a good one.

Myne Whitman said...

You didn't say where you wanted to be based. Nigeria is a big place you know. You can wait till you get there and try cold calls. Most places wil always appreciate a free hand.

Suru said...

I'm sure there are many places that would gladly want your help. I remember even as a child in naija I used to teach at a school in the summer.

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Babe I'm gonna tke u up on ur offer one of these days o! R u in the NY area??

aeedeeaee said...

You can try schools...they have these summer camp/school things..You could teach them a, music, craft...or whatever beneficial stuff you can teach 'em..

onosetale(damsel) said...

i wanted to do the same thing as well...i fear that i wont get a passport in time to go..its too bad that naija is all about who u knw, but then again so is of luck

Yinkuslolo said...

thanx for the suggestions.

hey ms enigma, im in a nearby state but i plan to come ny this mth for the timaya concert. are u going?

shoot me an email at
whats urs?

doll said...

The only formof CS i'v done was the compulsory CD during NYSC