Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Community service project in Nigeria this summer?

Remember when I blogged about being jobless, if I go to Naija this summer? Well, I guess I may not be anymore and it's not like I have gotten job or something but read on.

I spoke to someone in my school about funding an environmental project in Nigeria but I was late and the fund had ran out. Fortunately, I just got an email today that there may actually be some funding available.


I don't know how much is available but I am looking to do some community environmental-related project in or around Abuja?
Something like a built water tank, summer programs (which is not really practical)?
Basically something on a low budget of $3, 000 but with a long-lasting effect?
Time line: less or up to 2mths. Preferably 1mth.

Ideas please?!

I'm so glad that I may have a shot at giving back to my own motherland and make use of my summer time.


Sugarking said...

Rmbr to put some aside for some good naija weed o! Naija weed is the shit!!! Joking sha. lol

Yeah, I gbadun ur initiative sha. Just don't hand the money to any eye-torn contractors o!

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

That is a good initiative, guess you are looking at the outskirts of Abuja. Do you have people on ground to do the project or you would be coming down to Naija your self. All the best girl.

BBB said...

how about a weightloss camp for kids

El-Divine said...

since its environment related you can sponsor a drive to plant trees. you can buy the seedlings, pay people to do it and hold a workshop to recruit people that will continue doing it even after you've left, no matter how small their efforts are.
with $10,000 i think it can be done. if u like this follow my blog

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats and well done on the initiative, I hope the funds come through. I don't know what part of Nigeria you'll be staying but there was this article on a guy in the Abuja Area. You can contact Jeremy of naijablog for more information.

2cute4u said...

Nice concept..
I'm impressed.


Why not conduct a quick research on a subject of concern as regards environmental issues in Nigeria? I am sure the people providing the funds would love that somehow..

BTW, when are you going to Naija? I am also going soon to collect data for my research...


Anonymous said...

APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! well done sis! Sorry! i don't have any idea on environmental projects....but if the money would be enough for a bore-hole to be dug in any of the local areas in the community, that would have a lasting effect.
PLEASE, DON'T BE PERSUADED TO DO ANY MEDIA PAPARAZZI O! It annoys me when people spend twice the amount for a project ON THAT! Please, whenever you make up your mind, GO QUIETLY & DO YOU THING PELE-PELE & ZOOM OUT FAST! lol 9ja's do believe anybody that comes from abroad is LOADED! so my sis, NO STAND FOR MOUNTAIN TOP TO ANNOUNCE YOUR ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE PLEASE. take care & safe journey. SHALOM.

Yinkuslolo said...

Thank y'all.
Nitty gritty is so funny

I'm working on my proposal but I'm leaning towards water conservation and personal hygiene

blogoratti said...

Great idea...wish you all the best in that!