Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WORK IT Tina Turner.

WORK IT Anna Mae.: "

Anna Mae Bullock (b.k.a. Tina Turner) hit the Armani Prive Haute Couture fashion show during Paris Fashion Week yesterday. She’s 70 and still working it out.
The original Ms. Tina.

Ok Fierce Kitty Tina. Fun times with Armani couture.
Photos: WENN
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I want to look like this, in my own skin, when I'm 70. love it.

PS: My Photo Blog has been delivered. I'm still milking it. Check it out, Yinkuslolo Photography.

PPS: I'm mad this happened. Wtf, the ignorance of some folks is so annoying. At the end of it all, we Africans have to step up our game. Yes, that's what it comes down to.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paris va etre desert

Sorry, if you just got sold cos my French got better during my stay in Paris.

So, im currently in the plane flying home(Budapest) back from paris. There are only 11 passenger in this 150-seater plane. Is that a sign of the economic recession?

Onto correct gist, Paris is popping. Get the right host, goog company and there is shit to be done. I visited the eiffel tower, the louvre blah blah, got my nails done, and spoke bad French. I stayed with my friend and her folks try to speak English but it sounds funny cos it’s bad but comprehensible and whenever I speak French, they laugh at me also.

I realized that I’m not polite enough for the French. And this period is ’soldes’ ie is sales in France. Damn! every time I spoke to a salesperson there, they frowned or complained. My friend had to explain to them that I was not a good French speaker cos I didn’t add a superficial please, thank you and ’vous’. At the same time, the French can be polite but they are not necessarily respectful.

A few things that I noticed in Paris:

  • There is a metro station everywhere literally cos I never entered a bus all through my five-day stay but the metro and I went out like a delivery-guy. There are 14 different metro lines and the city is not like very huge.
  • There are orchestra bands/instrumentalists in almost every train station playing good music.
  • The French seem romantic but not PDA-ish (unlike Budapest folks) cos I saw quite a few folks with fresh bouquets on the train.
  • Cheese can never be too much. Dude! My friend organized a dinner and they were like 5 types of cheese and all other dairy ish

One of the trips I made, in Paris, was to the northern part, where there are major black/arab/other minorities neighborhoods and I fixed acrylic nails for the first time. I can't remove my contacts or type regularly now. Btw, the black French guys (and girls) are pretty good looking on the average. I pointed this out to my girlfriends, when I saw a ‘Derwin’ in The Game look-alike. Yum! Umm, did I just give away my type?

I def cannot do a description of my trip justice in my post but do go to Paris sometime. I am a fast-life but chill-mode kinda person and paris def has the I-want-to-live-here kinda feeling.

Oh, we’re preparing for descent now! This is a short flight. Will publish this post on ground.
Visit Paris sometime, s’il vous plait!

Title is from the tagline of an ad, all over Paris. I don't get it myself.
PS: my internet situation is still crappy, ill get on replying to comments soon.
PPS: I am starting another blog. Hint: that's why i have 'photo-less' posts

Monday, January 11, 2010

I may go in oh-Ten, let me start with Milano

Happy New Year. Mine started on a blah note with expected annoying grades, the mum and me squabble, a fierce stomach upset. It’s gone uphill since then. I got a new blog layout. so, you're not on a wrong page.

unto better shit, i’ve been in Milano for a couple of days and the mum is sleeping away beside me zzzZZZ. It’s cool here. Not the I-will-like-to-live-here effect but I’ll-def-like-to-pass-thru-here again. The city so far has its posh side and razz realness. Its in fucking Italia anyway. sadly, the mediocre hotel I’m lodged at has a krackhead internet service. for 21st century’s sake, why shud the internet only open facebook and google for someone? I had to go to a cyber cafe to check up some stuff, for example my personal school email for 4.50 euros per hr, ie is like 6 dollars. i saved some 15 mins for tomorrow lol. Considering the fact that I understand some French and I’m colonized by some pale folk fluent in English, I’ve been able to navigate this perfecto-panini-aqua world, duh?  My mum is still learning how to say ‘ciao’. pronounced ‘cha-wu’

Today, I went to Duomo, a tourist/commercial/massive center in Milano and I went to designer shops that I’ve only seen their products in Vogue, from Burberry’s to Louis Vuitton’s So, mum wanted to buy a bag and told a saleslady to keep it for her while we go check out something in another booth. before 10 mins, we came back and the bag was sold. My mum vexed but calmly pulled the race card. Shit was real lol. but now that i think of it, I had not seen any black in that huge convoluted mall. She ended up buying 3 bags. I don’t even know why. haha, she def wanted to show that African folks cop good stuffs too. I hope that was not her pt tho. I really wanted to enter a Louboutin shop and just ogle those pumps. Maybe if I went to the 4th floor. By the way, my fave shop for this break is Mango, used to be Zara. I can def walk in there confidently and buy something worth my kudi. Things are def expensive in Milano but if you know where to look, you’ll get some very good stuffs at affordable price. And folks here can druss, they can driss, they can dress!

In terms of demographics, Milano is diverse with black folks even coming up on their news lol and pple speaking diff languages around you. Y’all may not know that when I’m home in Budapest, I may not see any other black folk when I go out with even public transport. That place is effing transparent with only white folk. oh! mum just woke up. earlier today, I told her that Lagos may look like Milano in 2050 and she begged to differ cos some ridiculous ish cannot be undone in Gidi. We have to step up our game in Naija, for reals.

I was also in Rome for a few hrs and visited the Vatican City. In a few days, I’m off to Paris solo. I know someone thinks that  Imma be on some Illuminati tracking tour soon. btw, why is jay Z getting pple on mad nerves with that his new vid.

Yup I’m on some real waka-dugbe before the craze of college starts.
So, on that note oh-Ten is gonna be a good year and I hope this post is actually published. Else, this hotel’s internet is racist selective.

in this year, I want to

  • Be successful with my undisclosed career project
  • Be productive with my photography-ego
  • Be more careful with my belongings
  • Find good balls
  • Use more water
Je t’embarasse