Thursday, March 25, 2010

What does community service mean in Nigeria?

To an average Nigerian, what does community service mean? I'm not quite sure how many opportunities are available in Nigeria. Most of the volunteering opportunities that I found online are organized by foreigners and expensive too. Yes, you have to pay to volunteer. I'm kind of feeling disappointed that there are not a lot of home-based volunteer/teach-abroad programs.

If you know about any, pls send the info to my email,, or just leave a comment, with a link preferably.

You don't want me to write about undergraduate internship programs in Nigeria? I saw something about Shell somewhere but that's it. I learnt that Interniing during the summer in Naija is all about who you know.

Oh well, Yinkuslolo may go to Nigeria during the summer and I can't spend three months just eating suya and making free midnight calls. I gatta be busy.

Things that I'm willing to do
-Work in an office/hospital

For what in return?
For nothing really, a stipend will be desirable.

S'il vous plaƮt, Help a sister out. Bueno?!

Those with connections, *side eye to the rich pikins*, hook me up abeg.

what is this? I hear that engaged Lance and Eva have called it quits. Damn, I loved their asses together. Too much hotness. *clutching my pearls as I realise lance is up-for-grabs single now* I didn't say nothing

My mac is back, safe and sound. Going to back up my stuff asap, ie during the summer.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's make a sandwich.

Where the hell did that fit into Gaga's telephone video? yes, I'll just come back from a 4wk-hiatus and complain about the eccentric lady's video. Just because something was done by Gaga doesn't mean that it should be applauded. After wasting my three good minutes, the audio was introduced and I was lost trying to follow the craze-line of the video. she could have made 4 diff vids from just that one, I'm talking about length-wise but storyline-wise. yet, I go to FB and I see statuses proclaiming the video as 'epic' and 'off the shizzle'. Yeye notu! pls, go and make a sandwich. Yes, that did not fit into my rant as much it did not fit into Gaga's video. It was nicely acted tho.

So, I got a Mac, when I came to college. 18 mths in, the damn thing crashed. I sent her to the Apple hospital but she's not back yet. I hope I don't lose all my docs cos I'm gonna die. literally. That being said, go back your sh*t up on the internet/hard-rive cos you never know how precious your essays, pictures, and other random files are until you lose them. using other folks' laptops has been so weird cos everyone customizes hir laptop functions to hir taste. I just cannot wait for my mac.

Well, I did not allow my mac's going into coma to make me sad before embarking on my 2-week spring brk. yes, two good weeks. I went to the DC-metro area and Los Angeles. Yo, the DC metro area is like Bollywood, lots of Indian folks and LA has a lot of Mexicans.They should just make Spanish an official language in Cali. LA was fun with the girls,so much talking and girl-to-girl drama. I can only take those girls in doses.

On another foot, The Game ( a show) is going to be back on BET this fall. Shit, I cannot wait. too much mehn, too much. Don't front, you know you like the show. If you've not watched it before, get on the first three seasons. that's like the best African-Ame TV series that I've ever watched.

I'll be back, *as I run to start my writing my Bio Lab report*

Jos on mind. Naija is almost 50 and there are still internal crises going on. A fool at 40 50 is a fool for....

Je t'embarasse.