Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 recap. Happy New year!

So it’s 2011 and I want to do a 2010 recap for some aspects of my life that had some change. I’ve been tied up with household chores. So, I couldn’t write this up before 2010 ended. I hope y’all are having a beautiful 2011 so far. I am! I’m just really excited about going to London on Monday (Jan 3rd), to start my semester abroad.  I’m going with an open mind, crossed fingers, and two boxes.

So here we go with the 2010 recap

I still believe in one God. I finally decided that it might be ok for some people do not believe in God. The most important thing is for them to do good, show love and not harm another person. I wish I spent more time with God in 2010. I hope to be better in 2011. Side note: that’s why I pray for a steadfast Christian husband because I need someone to ginger my religious spirit and not someone as easily distracted as I am.

[Non-Platonic] Relationships
This is an aspect that I rarely blog about. In 2010, love was a tricky thing. I easily fell in like but love took time. I narrowed down my characteristics of a partner. I learnt that you must not put a label on love and go with the flow. Also, everyone around you may seem lovey-dovey in his or her relationship but that r/ship may be going thru chronic emotional turmoil. My love is not blind; it wears glasses and contacts #igatjokes but seriously.

I went to Budapest, Rome, Vatican City, Milan, Paris, London, Abuja, Madrid and Los Angeles, Atlanta, DMV, and of course North-East Tri-state in the USA. It was a crazy year. I’ve no regrets and I hope to travel more in 2011. Paris, France remains my favorite place. I spent only 5 days there but there was this homely NYC feel to her. The everyday style of Parisians was amazing too. French folks can cook, umm let me no get into the roadside crêpes. If I am to choose only one thing to do in France, it will be eating some crêpes.

I developed a college friend circle tighter than a cheerio in 2010. We went to parties, had all-nighters in the library, talked about college guys, shopped and went thru so much stuff together.  My college friends may not know this but I love ‘em to bits. All of them are African-Americans but that’s the only common thing about ‘em; people with different interests – a poet, a romance linguist, an archaeologist... They can kill for my curry chicken too :D.  i’m def gon miss them ,when I’m away in London, this semester.

I am not a full-time worker yet but 2010 is the year that I made the most money and spent the most. #dontknockmyhustle. Most of my money went on travels followed by my wardrobe. I curbed my wardrobe spending in the fall/winter though but I still have more clothing than I need.  I’ve to watch it in 2011 even though I know going to London will not help matters. I London is expensive and I don’t have a job there. But I can’t just be looking at Topshop like a lukuluku nah. So, I will be out for student discounts and will actually have a limited budget to spend with.

In sum, 2010 topped my previous years and 2011 will have to go far to beat 2010. But hey, cheers to better happenings in 2011. I believe it shouldn’t take one a whole year for one to realize that (s)he ought to change he(r) attitude. Thus, I have no New Year resolutions but I’m starting this year with more positivity.

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This blog is about 18 months old now and I currently have 105 followers; I’m joyful. To those, who passively read my blog, thanks for doing so. To those who comment, your feedback is very much appreciated. I will try to get back to your comments more promptly this year.

Have a good 2011! Don’t get caught up in making resolutions, keep it moving, time waits for no one.

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Je t’embarasse


Anonymous said...

Awesome recap. Looks like you had a blast in 2010. Wishing you a better 2011.


The truth as it is said...

wow!!you travelled alot..2011 would be better..
I like your blog!!

Suru said...

I can't believe you traveled to all those places that's awesome. I go to school in the DMV and live in the Tri-state. I hope you liked those places. I'm also going to Madrid for study abroad next fall. How was the city for you?

Lara said...

You sure had a good year...2011 would be better by his Grace

Fluffycutething said...

I liked this bit best ' Don’t get caught up in making resolutions, keep it moving, time waits for no one."

Cheers babe and have a fanatastic 2011

AlooFar said...

Happy New Year, Traveler ;)

ShadeNonconformist said...

Happy new year Yinkusolo. Quite jealous at your traveling. Thank God for your 2010 and i pray and hope that your 2011 is that much more amazing.

I hope you're settling in nicely into life in England. Study hard and have fun.

Lol @ lukuluku. I haven't heard that word in a while.

lani said...

wow ... I bet 2011 will be better than that
check my website out; you can link my blog from there:

I will add you on twitter (griptime)