Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So you think you know Yinkuslolo? Stylish and Versatile Blogger Award

I went to Camden with @juiceegal, three sundays ago. I'm going back to pierce my ears :)

Hi, I'm finally getting around to blogging. This semester has been no joke. I claim to have a lot of free time in London, but there is also coursework do in little time. I still want suggestions of places in London to visit. By now, you should get from this blog that I like to explore and not stay at home. I don't even have or like watching TVs. But after fter these 5 months, is there anything that will be of interest in London to me here again? We will see.

So, Taynement gave me the Stylish and Versatile Blogger award eons ago but the Yinkuslolo that I am will acknowledge it in this century.

The rules of this award.
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. Thanks to Taynement that tagged me.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself. Read below
3. Award 15 other bloggers. I tag every blogger that hasn’t done it because I seem to be the last one doing this.

In no particular order,

  • Hopeless romantic - I believe in the power of love. It is simple, yet so complicated. I always pray to be loved and love without limits. I gush over loving couples. In reality, I don’t go awww everytime I see couples showing each other love or obsess over Valentine’s day. I just love loving. More importantly, you have to learn to love you for yourself before you can love another healthily.

  • Only child of single parent – This is unusual for a Nigerian to proclaim openly. I think Naija is one of the few countries left, where there is a stigma for single mothers or children born and raised out of wedlock. This is another blogpost for another day.

  • Love for French – I took french in elementary and high school, with breaks in between. I have taken French classes for 2 years in university. Yet, my French is still at the intermediate/conversational level. I think that I will not be as fluent as I want until I actually reside in a French-speaking environment. These classes are not cutting it and I have a low aptitude for foreign language learning but I am determined. Though, I ditched studying abroad in Paris for London this semester, I am planning a 2-day trip to Paris in March and a 4-day trip to some cities in France in April. I loved Paris so much, when I visited in January 2010

Picture of Eiffel Tower that I took in Jan 2011

  • Sleeping with panties only – I don’t know if many people do this but whenever it’s not too cold and I have no company, platonic or otherwise, I always sleep with no clothes on. This may be TMI but yeah that’s a fact. I just love the feeling of my duvet and bed sheet against my skin, after a night shower especially.

  • Seafood = orgasm - Thai duck curry wins. Calamari owns. Nigerian fried snail hits the spot every time. I will leave it at that.
    Edit. Thanks to Azuka, duck is not seafood. what was I thinking? Another correction thanks to Myne, Snails are not seafood because they live on land, right? Anyhoo, Calamari is still part of the seafood family.

  • Riding - I do not know how to ride at all. Get your dirty mind of there. I do not know how to ride a bicycle because I never had one. As for cars, I have been to driving school s twice but I’ve not driven a car on the road out of the schools yet. The last driving school session I attended was last summer. So, I have probably forgotten all of that and will need to start again. Oh well, one day sha, one day, maybe when I get a car to cruise around.

  • Friends – I have never had an appointed best friend. No, I am not that kid with no friends. I actually do have close friends from very different parts of the world but I think I move from place to place too often that I cannot nurture a long distance ‘bestie-ship’. In high school, I was the centre of almost everything from academic to extracurricular. I had a wifey (platonic), we were close and competed for the top in many subjects. After HS, we cut off, (no phone). A year later, I moved to a flat directly behind her house and we reconnected. Three months later, she went to a private univ outside Abuja, I moved to Hungary. New beginnings right! Two months later, I went to the US for uni and started all over again. Now I have a crew close to my heart, no labels. I’m currently in London; I meet new people often and I love it. Most of my friendships are seasonal. I love those friends, who can pick up from wherever we left. I despise those, who do not keep in touch, but have the means too. Don’t judge me, the whole BFF craze is cool but it is too much of a responsibility for me to bestow on someone.

Below are pictures of a canal and my visit, outside London, to Old Hamptons court palace.
Regents Canal, next to my uni, Queen Mary Univ

Boat on the same canal, next to my residence hall

Old Hamptons Court Palace, where generations of royal British families used to live

Entry map post

The Palace garden, so beautiful

A four-post bed in the palace. I want something like this in my matrimonial bedroom.

I hope everyone is having a good week. It’s reading week (no classes) for me and Fashion week in London. Guess what I’m doing on Friday? Going to London fashion weekend yay! This is my first catwalk show ever. I will have to wear some of my fashionable pieces with style, take photos and try to imitate those fashion bloggers. I kid, I kid.

Au rêvoir!


Kate said...

I'm sooooooo jealous of you Jand folks and your impromptu trips to Paris!
And i feel you on the BFF thing...kinda...oh the pressure!

Azuka said...

I thought duck wasn't seafood. :-)

Yinkuslolo said...

@Kate: I know right. Thanks to the Eurostar too
@Azuka: Caught! I was sleepy. ok that's not an excuse. I have written a correction to edit my mistake. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love how you are making the most of your semester abroad. Enjoy!

I feel you on sleeping naked. it's comfortable

my word verification is surtra hehehe


Anonymous said...

I love how you are making the most of your semester abroad. Enjoy!

I feel you on sleeping naked. it's comfortable

my word verification is surtra hehehe


Yankeenaijababe said...

wow! Na you de enjoy, I so want to visit Paris, wow! You are having fun o jare

Myne Whitman said...

Is snail seafood? The naija ones especially are land snails. So I guess Calamari wins, yay squid! :)

As for Nigerians and our narrow-mindedness about single parent, no mind us jare.

Enjoy dear.

Yinkuslolo said...

Jesu, and another one, I'm so ashamed that upon my years of studying biology, I couldn't pick on the fact that snails live on land for the most part. shame!
Thanks Myne

Natural Nigerian said...

I love Camden Market! So vibrant.

Is it really unusual for Nigerians to proclaim that they are from single parent homes? I really never noticed before. I am a single parent and that is usually the first thing people find out about me.

ShadeNonconformist said...


I'm also a hopeless romantic. Though i like to pretend like i'm not. I also don't know how to ride a bicycle that well. I started learning last year. But i'm sure i've forgotten how to... I love snails but when it's fried, it's so hard to chew. It gives me a toothache...

The garden is truly beautiful...

I hope you continue to have fun traveling and enjoying school. Enjoy the fashion show...

Less i forget, the naija stigma for single parents and children raised out of wedlock is so silly and hypocritical. God help us.


doll said...

interesting. I am jealous about the fact, that you have been around the world and I I I

Adaeze said...

Yinkuslolo, thanks for your sweet hug on my blog...I appreciate!

Man, how many countries have you lived in girl? And in the course of how many years? I'd like to know, for my personal ...insight lol. I mean, since I am in the midst of making so many choices myself. Will reply to your email soon!

I am also a romantic int he same way you sense - also not too extatic about valentines day. And I'm glad you like french, I am part french :-p me too I want to learn the language fluently, but my mother never bothered to teach me!

Yinkuslolo said...

@Taynement: surtra? ;)
@YNC: I'm trying oh, i've not been to France yet though. Been occupied :)

@Natural Nigerian, Shade NonConf: Well, those that I've met sometimes give the sideeye or try to highlight the negatives of the situation. more often than not, the mother is blamed for everything

@Doll: Thanks I've not been round th eworld yet, hopefully before I'm 30. Gats go to Asia and Australia :)

@Adaeze: I've lived in just 3, but within a short time period. Crazy but I love it. Grew up in Nigeria and lived there through high school, moved to Hungary 3 years ago and also start university in the States, 3 years ago. I live in UK (London) now temporarily because I'm studying abroad :)

Ginger said...

British Uni's have one thing going for them...scenic natural environments. Just the right spot to cool off after some serious swotting.

Yay for hopeless romantics!!!! Love triumphs in my book all the time..

Single child - well, you're not strange in the West are you? leave Naija people jare.