Sunday, February 21, 2010

sometimes, collegites go too hard

so, this is becoming my chronicles of college space.

Last nite, we planned to go to a 'black' after-party. so, my housemate had some friends over. And they came drunk, but still in a good place. That afterparty was def gonna be popping. my housemate, Imma call her Shatta, and I had planned several things to go down at that party, moves, seduction, fooly et al. you get?

Then, we had to wait for two other friends. When they finally showed up, we were seven in number. We puffed and were about to hit the road. sweet, right?

Suddenly, one of the drunk girls started puking(vomiting) in the bathroom sink, then in the toilet bowl. shit! we were like does she wanna rest for like 10 mins but she was like she's fine, on y va. As we were about to leave again, she went back to puke. I was like wtf man! (in my mind). You will not believe that she went on puking for the next 3 hrs. She def had too much to drink, before coming over. That was how we missed the party and all other plans.

So, the night turned out far from expected. But damn, Shatta and I had some plansssss.

PS: spring break is in two wks time, and Yinkuslolo has nothing planned. but she def wants to hit the road. Cali on my mind. What y'all doing?

In case you were wondering, all these babes are Akata, well except me.


onosetale(damsel) said...

stuff like that happens all the time!! and mostly because of that one person suppose to be going to Haiti for spring break, but lots of students groups are canceling here n it might be miami...have fun though in cali!

Yinkuslolo said...

some folks in my schl wanna do that to. ie go to Haiti

but i believe that the money that will spent on the airfares is better off donated to the relief team in haiti. there is little that most students can do there, considering the fact that the students will need to be certified for different stuffs and may face a language barrier.

have fun in miami

blogoratti said...

Akata uhn....
I knew it! lol,how u doing.

Original Mgbeke said...

LOL, please whose closet were they puking in? Shiooo. Ah, my stereotypical self instantly assumed that they were white. Tsk Tsk to me.

Yinkuslolo said...

haha, not wardrobe cloet, but toilet bowl. i meant closet, as a naija word

leggy said...

i cant go to folks would kill me if i even mentioned it.
im going to maryland for the springbreak to see my friend.its going to be awesome mehn.
kk...if it were seriously leave that sorry.but i would.


definitely wldve ditched d girl... its the rule of partyin.. ye who dull shall be left behind

TayneMent said...

Lol, I am with eleyeth. One person will be voted to stay with her.

LucidLilith said...

did you make her clean it up after she got sober? I would be pissed. That's why i dont make friends with anyone that cant hold their likker.

Rene said...

im totally with leggy on ditching the chick

2cute4u said...

hmm, enough jiving.. easy o.. oh well WTH.. have fun while you're at it..
nice flow you got..
have a post just post.. 'save a soul' I humbly ask that you grace it with your presence and give your imput.. waiting to hear from you.. thank you ever so much.

Anonymous said...

mehn dat was some dullin. una 4 leave d babe comot jo.

Suru said...

good thing she's alright tho... Me self I want to go to Cali can I come with you lol

Sugarking said...

Chai, forget fuck up, that babe off kup seriously. All these people dat can't hold their drink. That's I why I tell them, "stick with the weed!!!". Weed don't don you like that. Never!

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