Wednesday, February 10, 2010

where teh fudge is my fone?

so, my fone doubles as my alarm clock and my academic life DEPENDS on it. But I can't find it. I have to wake up for class in 4hrs (i.e. if my alarm rings some disturbing sense into my head). It's 4am now and if I dare sleep, I know I'll wake up at noon naturally. Hmmn, that wud be murder because I would have missed my first three different classes from 9-12.

Shit! I can't afford that because one of them is a compulsory review for an upcoming test.

I'm scared to sleep and too fatigued to continue studying. Oh no. where is my fone?!?!?! I dont even want my numbers, all I need is teh alarm.

I can't tell anyone to wake me up tomorrow, my housemates are snoring already. FML.

And yes, it's that serious.

P.S. Comments are disabled, effing rant.

update: I woke up at 1130am. missed the three classes and got an email about my missing fone at 1210pm. fml x2. but I'm glad I have my alarm clock back now.