Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"I am a Nigerian" I was feeling motherland-sick, then I read this. :D

"I am a Nigerian.I am one in 5 Africans.I am one in 8 black people, anywhere in the world.I am a...": "“I am a Nigerian.

I am one in 5 Africans.

I am one in 8 black people, anywhere in the world.

I am a Nobel Prize winner.

An Olympic Gold Medalist.

A Grammy Award Winner.

A Soccer Champion.

A Prince of the Vatican.

An Oscar Nominee.

A Giant of Literature.

A Distinguished Scientist.

A Musical Icon.

My roots lie in the dusty Sahel of the North; in the rich rainforest of the East;

In the Savannah plains of the West; in the oil-filled swamps of the Delta;

In the warmth of our villages and the vibrance of our cities.

My strength flows from the waters of the Niger and the Benue.

My joy springs from the rush of the Gurara Falls and the natural wonders of Yankari.

Nigeria is my rock.

Nigeria is my hope.

Nigeria is my home.

I am the voice of two hundred tribes, speaking three hundred languages.

I am the dance of the circle of life.

I am the laughter of the world’s happiest people.

I am nourished by the crop of the soil, fed by the bounty of the rivers.

I am your neighbor.

I am your friend.

I am a warrior, priest, king

I am a mother, teacher, queen.

I am my brother’s keeper.

I am a sage from an ancient civilization

I am a child in the youngest nation on earth.

I am the beauty,

I am the sound,

I am the vision,

I am the spirit,

I am the passion,

I am the soul of a continent.

I am Nigerian.



Nkiru Asika (via luvvdivine)

Every African is the heart of Africa.

(via fyeahafrica)



yankeenaijababe said...

Great post, who wrote this, I love it. Miss ya

Myne Whitman said...

Love love love...

MISS KIKKY said...

iLike, iLove

2cute4u said...

Patriotic and galvanizing..