Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am thankful for the following:
  • I am a college junior ( university 3rd year level) studying Neuroscience (the study of the brain) and I am loving it.
  • The chance to study abroad in London, next semester (spring 2010). Holla if you go to Queen Mary, University of London or know someone who goes there.
  • The independence that was imposed on me at the age of 10, and it has turned out right so far
  • Financial comfortability, meaning that I have all that I NEED, (not want).
  • Good health, and hopefully better in the futrue.
  • Sanity to not succumb to some worldly desires.
  • Good hair, that I neglect sometimes but it still remains fly.
  • My myopic sight that has forced me to see the world, patiently
  • Technological advances that has made living easier.
  • Friends, mostly seasonal but necessary. They all play a role at some point.
  • The grace to keep my faith in the existence of God, even when challenged.
  • Lastly, for my mum, who has been my mother+father all in one. myspace graphic comments
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Why are you thankful?

PS:  Holla if you go to Queen Mary, University of London or know someone who goes there.
PPS: ***drumroll*** my birthday is coming closer, DEC 19th. too bad I'll be losing 5 hrs of the day, in air.

Je t'embarasse.


ShadeNonconformist said...

I heart this post so much. Per the grace to keep our faith in God even when challenged, so true so true. May the Lord continue to give us all the grace to do so.

I'm thankful for life, family, amazing friends, good health, happiness, positive growth&self development.

I really wish i had done a study abroad program while i was in school but I felt there was just no time:( Oh well. Thank God for your opportunity.

ps. Happy birthday in advance:)

doll said...

i like esp the last one

Anonymous said...

nice one. ur

Seshe James said...

Nice one dear, The lord is so good.

I know someone that went there, he did his masters 2 years ago. Glad you love your course. I know someone in thier final year doing the same course as you. You are set for life.

I am following you now
check out my blog, if you like it, follow.

Yinkuslolo said...

@shade, Thanks dear. I'm trying to make the most out of my undergraduate phase o.

@doll and ifeoma: :) Mamma mia

@seshe: oh right. seeing you here for th efirst time, welcome. why did you say im set for life, specifically?