Saturday, May 14, 2011

On Pole Dancing

I've watched this video more than five times, since morning. I love it for so many reasons.

The video is sensual without being as explicit as the stereotypical pole dancing video.

  • Natural: It didn't have any commercial effect to it. You know that appeal that commercial porn videos have: perfectly waxed body, all-Italian, flowing hair and made up look. The pole dancer, who is also an instructor, Ashley Wright, has her natural hair in a casual next-door girl look. 
  • Healthy: This will be a good workout. I guess, it will help with toning the abs, thighs and arms. I'm currently trying to incorporating fun classes/activities into my weekly work-out regimen. I run twice a week and go to the gym for a 20-min elliptical session, 5 minute cardio (treadmill), 10 minute weight-lifting. The scale is already showing positive results. 
In the spirit of spicing up my work out routine, I'm starting Thai boxing classes, next week at Tokei Centre, London Bridge. Thanks to this 8-pound deal


Will I be taking pole dancing classes sometime soon? I don't think so but I may erect a pole in my matrimonial bedroom. That shouldn't hurt. #jokes

Have a nice weekend
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LadyNgo said...

man that pole dancing was serious business. i guess gravity is only a "state of mind" for some people lol

J'Adore Fashion said...

Wow! That is some energy required for that pole dancing!

ps: Thanks for stopping by; my glasses is from forever21


Kench Alegado said...

Woah, I can't imagine myself doing that haha..

Ginger said...

This is some healthy axesual pole dancing. I can almost imagine doing this in a church event

Okeoghene said...

Nice video. She looked so elegant on the pole*if that is possible to look elegant while dancing on the pole*; makes me want to learn. Good luck with your spice.

Harry Seo said...

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Bella Joya said...

OMG i love watching her dance... one of these days ehn!!! anyway hi, new follower!!!