Friday, October 9, 2009

Two huge Dilemmas

I plan my breaks, as far as three months ahead. Honestly, it's just because of flight costs.

But I have been debating where to spend my spring break. Seriously, I'm confused.
I already planned to go to Naija this December, cos Mumcee will be there too. Also, I get to see my friends and folks, I have missed them. I get to retain my sanity. Naija is really home to me.

But my mum can't make it again, she is staying home in Budapest. I really want to see her. Else, this long-distance mother-daughter relationship will loose its elasticity. I have only been home for 3 weeks, this year.

I can't go to both places. So I have to decide.

Pros of going to Naija:
  • I get to see friends and folks.
  • I will enjoy the tropical weather and dodge this punishment, called winter.
  • I will possibly go on a mini West-African tour.
  • I will lose $2000+ of my money to the cheapest air service that I can find to spend just 3 weeks.
  • I will not see the most important, yet some-what absent, person in my life.
Pros of going home, Budapest:
  • I'll see the infamous MumCee
  • I will def go on a mini-European tour, if I can stay warm. I had better be warm ni.
  • By hook, crook, or book, I will book a cheap flight. Even if I have to stop over in the north pole.
  • I will not see my friends, almost 2yrs now. I feel different from them.
  • I will die of cold. No kidding, Yankee is cold, but Hungary is freezing yo. Clear slippery ice is not the best thing to be walked upon

To be honest, runsing three continents is no joke, not even funny. Don't do it, the fun ends after the first round-about trip.
Where should I go?

My hair!!!

I can't maintain my real hair. It's treated but due for relaxing. I see no point in paying someone $60 to do my hair, when I will still get a weave. Ajebo girls in my school know nada about making one's hair. Now, my hair is short, breaking, somewhat-unkempt and covered with my lace-front wig. When the winter comes, it will just break off totally.

Thus, I want to take the big chop this weekend and go natural. I may not even grow it out, just keep it low. The low-cut hair-do is low maintenance but I prefer the long hair length. I will still be wearing my orisirisi hair extensions/wigs/weaves.

I am not yet into the empowerment thing, when you take the big chop and go natural or otherwise.
I want to do it for the financial benefit and time-saving advantage.
The hair is not even growing so I will let it go.

So, what am I still waiting for? Damn, I don't wanna remember what I looked like when I was on low-cut, back in high school. not the best of my looks. What if I have to bare my real hair and not like my cut. Well, I am too occupied to enhance my facial looks and wear screaming jewelry for the sake of a low-cut.

This hair?
Anyway, I have to finalise my winter break itinerary before I end up staying in Yankee, my loss.

I'm off to work. Oh! This is my first time at my second job, I'm an Events' Usher.
I still want to take bar-tending classes sometime though.

Ignore typos and any mistakes as usual, Yinkuslolo dislikes proof-reading.

Je t'embarasse.


Anonymous said...

i admire people who go natural,but i cant do it...i just cant.i looked horrible in low cut in secondary school which is the main reason i swore never to cut my hair again..i hate combing my hair and moisturizing it...i just hate touching hair oil so most times i braid it and let it be.
if you are convinced that you really want to cut your hair and you are pretty sure that you wont regret it then go ahead and do it.
goodluck though.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

i don't know what to tell you but to follow your instincts and to your mom, she knows you best and you can siff through whatever she says and make your decision...
good luck!

ociajan said...

After going tru the whole natural hair movement on blogger, i actly tot of going natural---till i combed tru d natural hair under my permed hair...its al abt wat u r comfrtble wif...n i ges d ryt products!

Myne Whitman said...

What do you want for your vacation, home or trips? Then ask yourself which one naija or Budapest is. Voila your problem is solved.

If your hair is not trying anymore, cut it and allow to grow back in peace.

All the best.

Bubbles said...

Go to naij!!!
I'm only saying that because I'm gonna be there :)

OMG I have the same problems with my hair.!!
it's starting to break
and I had low cut in H.S as well
and I looked like a crack whore

Original Mgbeke said...

Your spring break lasts for 3 weeks? LOL, going natural is not always about empowerment sha o.

Yinkuslolo said...

lmao at ociajan, the typical natural nigerian hair is tough to comb through. natural != easy.

but if it is trimmed low, i dont think it'll be a problem.

@OM: my winter break is 3wks and 2 days or so. yeye pple.

Yinkuslolo said...

thanx very much for your input y'all.

Miss Fizzy said...

Go natural! It's easier than you'd imagine to maintain and the end results are beautiful. There are guidelines you should follow and if you do it will be a breeze. Anything that's worth having takes effort so you have to be willing to put in some time at the start to learn how to take care of the hair.

I'm totally biased I know, but I love my lil 'fro.

Fabulo-la said...

Go and see ur mummy jo. ur friends will really always be there..or not.

I miss my mummy....
dnt cut the hair yat might still grow..just put it in corn rows or sth and cover it with ur lace front..its working for me so far..hehehe

Yinkuslolo said...

ms fizzy, i just had a chop

fabulola- i am leaning towards that side. imma go see my mum

Tinu said...

go and see ur mommie!!
just take care of ur hair deep condition and all and MOISTURIZE!and ull see improvements!

StandTall-The Activist said...

When next will you see your mum if you don't see in Budabest? When next can you visit Nigeria? Think of these 2 questions when making your decision.

All the best.

On Hair, I am on natural, matter of fact, on dreadlocks, it's being 7 Months and I am liking it.