Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I'm a Fly-gerian..."

If u're current on bville you wud have heard that I met Kemberly, for like 30 secs, at the Independence Day parade in NY. Unknown to me, Original Mgbeke was there too but I dint meet her tho.
Wow, I'm not gonna go into details about the parade. I ran into other people too. Mehn! Seeing so many Nigerian just felt strange. Bad cue! It's high I paid Naija a visit.
I got a legit flag too, a Naija groupie sticker, 2 shirts, fried snails and some yeye Palmwine.
Below are a few pictures of the bunch.

some damn snails, my fave seafood. I dint even care about the potential james and john in it. I took it home, cleaned and ate. yum!

These over-revealing attires. Trust me, they didn't look sexy, their supposed-goal.
I was standing behind the stage, the best angle that i could get. Thus, my pix position. Towards the ned of the show, my friends and I realised that we must have been caught on tape cos we were close to the stage with the cameras across. You can't eat your cake and have it huh?
These were some Calabar dancers. Good work!I don't know what ethnicity this is, but they did their thing too.
Later that night, I dint go to the after-party party for many reasons but mostly because I wanted to chill with my friend, who graded from my uni last year. Newyorkers! I give them the upper hand. We were out like 12:30am and the streets were as busy as Oshodi on Friday afternoon. I may be generalising but the only part of NewYork that end up going to errytime is Manhattan. That place is damn busy. The nocturnal rendez-vous are poppin' tho.

This guy below was dressed up as batman. You can pay him 2 bucks and take a pic with him. I am talking business on the streets at 1:00am here. He carried me but I dont have that pic on here. The guy, sorry Batman, is effing strong mehn.

In other randomness, Mumcee is just a funny someborri. She went to Naija and guess what she posted to me? Toothbrush! Like, this is the first thing she is posting to me, by her own instincts. Toothbrush! I was like this woman! but I appreciate it though. All the brushes, that I have come across in Yankee are soft. I like enhanced bristles. But this toothbrush she sent is too hard. Too hard, if it mistakenly brushes your skin, it can bruise you.

je t'embarasse


Anonymous said...

ive been saying it since!!!all the toothbrushes here are soooo soft!!ive been using the toothbrush i brought from naija since january.
and you must have had fun,i had fun too at the green and white party i went to on saturday!!

juiceegal said...

Somebody had fun without me *sulks in a corner* lol
Your mum is funny o ahn ahn toothbrush again??....lol

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Am such the women felt the brushes there are not doing justice to your teeth...lol.

Bubbles said...

I wish I went to the parade :(
I had work.! dammit.!
Yeah I agree the toothbrushes are mad soft.!

Myne Whitman said...

Yeah, Kemberly and Original mentioned you. I can see you girls had some good fun over the weekend.

You mum is funny sha but shows she hears what you say and keeps you in mind. Nice mummy wants some good toothbrush for her baby. LOL. And yeah the ones here are soft.

UnderCover07 said...

Yup yup I heard! I decided to go to MD this year...missed out on the 9ja food. Glad u had fun!!!!

Sweetnothin' said...

nice pics.. hope you had fun

LASGIDI/ NY said...

I totally agree about the toothbrush. The ones here are too soft. been using the nigerian toothbrush since I got here, My roommate on the other hand uses Closeup from naija, she has taken her own to a whole nother level!!!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

i like you mom...
i bet she thought the same
and decided to send you the "ish"

Original Mgbeke said...

I could definitely have walked past you Ms. Lady. The place was so packed, I refused to eat anything else but the suya.
LOL @ your mom sending you a tooth brush. Na wa o!

Yinkuslolo said...

ok, from ur responses, her sending the toothbrush was not out of place. maybe justa lil. lol

histreasure said...

ur mom's so sweet..it means she listens to what u say even when she doesn't let u know.

u guy's sure had fun on that Naija's day o..nice!!

Fabulo-la said...

I want a pcture with batman too!!
Was superman available?
Or was Lois being a damsel in distress?

Anonymous said...

Menh I missed the ATL party too! I had to go to a friggin conference.