Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Short Picture post - IFSA-Butler Weekend in Wales

Random hostel in Wales
Earlier this month, my study-abroad (IFSA-Butler) program planned a trip to Wales. It was fun and a nice opportunity to leave the London bubble. I did not realise how much I was no longer used to road trips, like the 10-hour trips from Abuja to Lagos back in the day. It took about 6 hours to get to Wales from London. Boy! The fifth hour on the coach was tough - I got road/bus sick. There were two accommodation options, the hotel and a hostel for over-flow. When we got there, I was placed in the hostel but my smart-ass found a friend's room in a hotel with an extra bed. So I took this picture before leaving the hostel.

That Friday night, we had a pub - quiz. My team didn't win but yeah it was fun.

Saturday night - party in the hotel basement. Too much techno :(, great company though:)
Saturday daytime, we did some activities. I went abseiling, that's mountain downward-climbing and Go-Karting. Go-Karting was a competition but guess who came 15th out of 15 participants. I also did abseiling. I went for only one round. That activity was lowkey scary despite the harness, helmet and guard ropes

Llandudno beach
On Sunday, we headed back to London. But we stopped at this Welsh town called Llandudno. I don't even know how to pronounce that name. They had a nice man-made beach. So pretty

Pebbles on the beach
So yeah, that was me leaving London. I plan to go to Brighton sometime, when it is warmer. I heard that it's a beach town and it is about an hour away from London. No bueno.

Je t'embrasse

PS: I'm currently getting waist length braids. Oh man, my bum hurts but the hairdresser is nice. She keeps the immigration/student-hustle/relationship stories coming LOL

Have a nice week.


Clara O said...

sounds like fun, Lla.... beach looks amazing.lucky you!

Myne Whitman said...

That top bunk looks so narrow! I so do not like go-carting, at least you attempted.

The Corner Shop said...

This looks like fun!! Too much techno? heheh! Did you jump up and down and bob your head? :p

Remember me? :D


Ginger said...

Adiya - you got it. jump up and down adn bop your head. i did that twice and vowed no more techno. too old.
Wow I'd like to do the abseiling thingy. let me go see what other sites I can do that.

Pictures! pictures of the mammywater braids!

Ginger said...

I am watching the Blackberry girls vid. Too stupid to doubt its trueness.. Only naija!lol!

p.s. when is the MI show? doubt if I can make it, work would just be starting then:(