Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts running through my mind while I was running through the park

Hey readers lovers,

I’m typing this post from the kitchen that I share with eight other flatmates, as I watch my drumsticks and white rice boil to edibility. Eight other people? It is very possible because not everyone cooks and the kitchen is actually big. We have sufficient utensils and cooking equipment for days. London is very sunny today; it reminds me of my 2010 spring break in Los Angeles.

In January, I went through a phase of drinking lots of SmirnOff Ice. Then, I stopped but I kept the evidence of my abstinence.

I'm addicted to fruits. I love the 1-pound fruit bowls in Whitechapel Road market kiosks.

The books that I planned to study during my semester abroad. I'm yet to turn a page of any :(
French dictionary. Random book by Daniel Schacter. Complimentary Cosmo Sex Guide (I didn't buy it, it came with the mag), GRE workbooks.

While I was running through Mile End Park earlier, I noticed many people jogging or riding their bicycles with dogs. Like the typical Nigeria-bred person that I am, dogs scare me. No joke! Even puppies can make shivers run down my spine. My mum is scared of dogs too. I guess that is whom I learned my fear from. I remember when I visited a friend in Paris for five days. When I got there, I met a dog and cat unexpectedly. I considered taking a flight back home immediately or checking into a hotel. But I didn’t. You don’t want to know how I survived in a two-bedroom apartment with those pets bullies. It was a struggle. In the park, there was a man playing with his dogs. He would throw a golf ball into the canal and the dog had to go get it. For some reason, I never knew that dogs could swim, until this afternoon. It was very interesting to see this particular dog swim gracefully.

While I was running earlier, I didn’t want my 34 GGs flying from Mexico to Kazakhstan. (ps: Bravissimo claims my babies are 34GGs. Before this year, I thought I was a 36DDD. So much for measuring boobs mehn). Back to my story, I was jogging slowly. I’m way too conscious of my boobs flying up and down, so I don’t go on the treadmill in the gym. But I got this really firm sports bra from Bravissimo (A British lingerie store for plus size). So, everything is in place, when need be.

While I was running earlier, I decided that I don’t want to be a UK size 10 or US size 6. I just want to be fit and toned. I have never been obsessively conscious of my physique but I get the satisfaction from seeing the reflection of a banging bod, when I stand in front of the mirror. Jennifer Hudson recently dropped a lot of weight, I don’t want that. I’m content with being as thick as I am, not thicker though. All I desire is more contouring, toned gams, abs and guns.

*insert imaginary awkward ending to the post here*

New fave song of the week: I'm a star by Chrisette Michele. I love this song. It's on the borderline of slow and fast RnB songs.

Linguistic discovery of the week: Most America-bred folks don't know what a 'lorry' is.

Je t'embrasse

PS: My debit card finally came in the mail. It took two weeks longer than expected because they initially posted it to my US address. I'm fine though :)
PPS: I'm embarking on a multi-city euro trip, for the first half of April. Sh*t is about to go crazy. Watch this space for the report.
PPPS: I'm putting the main body of this post from my drafts. It was written a week ago.


Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned before that I so admire how you are completely maximizing your semester abroad. I love it and kudos to you. Enjoy the mess out of it and 34GG's??


Clara O said...

Everyone knows the year abroad is the year you do everything but study ;)

In spite of my parents being very animal friendly - we had chicken, fish etc in Nigeria, and have/had guinea pigs and rabbits in England, I HATE animals! I'm not scared of them, just don't like them around me...I guess that's my "Nigerian-ness" coming out!

And 34GGs?! Omigosh, you're so lucky!

2cute4u said...

I can identify with jogging with the big bobs swinging .. lol...
That's also my territory..
I loveeee dogs!
I've lived all of my life with them, but I can't be comfortable round dogs that aren't mine sha ooo..
share ur belief about your body and toning...
So envy you your trips no be small..

A Simple Thing said...

Aish, I feel you on the swinging boobs. Teenage years with lack of proper tying down meant my participation in many races was stopped prematurely ¬_¬
I admire your dedication to running as well!

Miss C.C said...

lmao guess we are the same
so scared of shitty animals dog, tortoise, snails just name it!

Yankeenaijababe said...

I am scared of dogs too, no kidding. Why? Well back home, let's not forget dogs are used to protect from thieves, you know right

congrats on the sport bra, best thing to buy, it sure works...:=) I so can't wait to read of your trip, will be watching your blog for more juicy news...:=)

Vyvyka said...

I will always use every opportunity to let every one know I am sacred of dogs, cats, chicken, it! I just cant stand pets so Yinkuslolo..I feel u on that one. I'v heard alot about Bravissmo...hope I find mine there :)

seye said...

How are dogs bullies. *rme*
And what's with Chrisette Michele. Someone told me to get the song too.

LOL @ them not knowing what a lorry is.

Ginger said...

How can you peeps be scared of those innocent man loving creatures :(? You are missing out on great companionship! I think this is a Nigerian thing. I'm probably the only one here who says hello to strange dogs on the street :).
*34GG makes me think of 34 GiGaBoobs lol. sue me!
**You are a UK size 10? me too. though I hover between 8-10. Yay for skinny!!

Yinkuslolo said...

@Taynement; Thanks, I try you know, seeing as this is the only party-abroad semester that i'm going to experience

@Clara O; Lucky? oh man, I wish they were smaller like DDDs because I can't wear some certain clothes or jump. They get me some nice attention though.

@2cute4u: Dogs are a no-no for me. I mean they are cute and all but I can't just touch

@A simple thing: I know, I used to be a long distance runner and triple jumper until 11th grade. We can guess why :(

@miss c.c: same here, I want to overcome such fear though

@YNCb:yeah true, but i learnt robbers actually shoot the dogs before they enter the compound you know

@Vyvyka:yeah, Bravissimo is really nice. They stock underwears from sizes D-KK

@Seye: Dogs are bullies to me man. I mean they scare the shit out of me. once they know that I'm scared of them, they threaten me with all sorts of barking and lunges

@Ginger: HAHAHAHA, Gigaboobs? I'm not a UK size 10 oh, I said that I want to be that slim. I'm actually a UK size 14-16.

Mia Farraday said...

I love running!! One of my fav things to do. I also have a huge ass pile of books I keep meaning to finish, including the Iliad which I've been working my way through for like 4 months. Enjoy your travels, hun!

Anonymous said...

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