Sunday, March 13, 2011

Team Insomnia

Tonight, I'm wandering idly through the streets of the interwebz. I checked my grades, mediocre for my standard :(. Fortunately, coursework counts for less than 25% in the UK as opposed to the regular 60% in the States. So, I can still breathe comfortably. I tried writing my French essay, talk about linguistic writers' block :(. It is 2:45am and I have a 9am class (3 classes on Monday #riseandgrind). A good student should be in bed but Yinkuslolo is the captain of the night owls' team

This sunday, I spent six hours at a Nigerian-British friend's RCCG church in Thornton Heath, worship service, hanging out, planning meeting and clearing up. Too many laughs, it was nice and they were all Nigerians. I haven't been to an all-black church outside Nigeria before :) The youth leader emphasized on 100 year-old Abraham's ability to have sex with Sarah at that age, without Viagra. I don't know how Romans chap 4 led to that LOL.

This weekend was nice but Michelle and I took the big L (stands for loss in American lingo, I guess) twice though. I also pissed her off, so I'm going to apologize to her via skype in a minute, though she lives three floors below me. I need to curb this my blunt tongue a bit. She doesn't read this blog anyway.

I will blog about my intended topics, from my last post, later.

PS: Night buses in London are so hilarious. The tube stops running at 1am. So, if you do not have a car and cannot take a cab, you're stuck with the bus. You can encounter all sorts of people on the bus, from flamboyant gays, drunk folks, quarelling Russians, sleepy Spaniards, to random hikers. Michelle and I always have a fun time on the Bus 25 that runs from Oxford Circus to East London.

Je t'embrasse.
Pray for Japan. Donate to charities. They need your help, no matter how little.


NakedSha said...

Random thoughts amidst insomnia are epic.

I'm trying to figure out how Romans 4 led to that also. I guess the Bible IS subject to many interpretations.

Go to bed captain-of-the-night-owls'-team.


Myne Whitman said...

Hope you finally got some sleep, how did that French essay go?

Have an awesome week, and be careful on those night buses.

Dith said...

I didn't get the bit about course works counting for 25% in the UK as opposed to 60% in the U.S?
Did u mean unfortunately or fortunately??

Insomnia--ahh gets the best of us. Its way past my bed time and I'm here commenting on ur blog. lol

Lastly, took d bus in london once. Um I don't think I would ever intentionally attempt that again. Pure Madness--some Molue stuvvs!

Yinkuslolo said...

@NakedSha: Me too. That youth service was too funny. I went to bed at 5am

@Myne Whitman: I have not finished it yet but I still have two weeks before handing it in :) Thanks, those night buses can be sketchy sometimes

@Dith: I meant fortunately, because that means I didn't screw up a large percentage of my final grade. LOL at your molue reference, very funny! yeah I will send you an email soon

Ginger said...

Ain't you adventurous! night buses scare the heck outta me. Especially in London. I would walk if i could....which is probably less safe but i need that space in case something sheles!

Abraham and

Yinkuslolo said...

lmao. I know! That Bus 25 is like a 'molue' no joke. I love it though because I've had the best public transit encounters on that 25.