Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET Awards '09.

BET made me proud with the Awards. I seldomly watch the channel but these comments came up when I watched the Awards ceremony.

T-pain! really! Isn't that ur "BIG-ASS-CHAIN" a little inconvenient for u to wear and for us to see.

Jamie Foxx was yummy and his voice, dayumm! but I was kinda looking forward to another "Halle Berry session" **wink**

I want Estelle, scratch! I want her skin, beautifully chocolatey.

Beyonce, "hot" defines her but not her performance tonight. That her angel-like dressup during her perfomance didn't do it pour moi.

I appreciate the 20 seconds that Jamie gave those ladies in the audience. oh, I see that guy tryna sell his cd.

Omg! One of the Ojay brothers, the Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, said "there was snow, pple were dancing and shit!" (u get?) He swore but that's BET for u. Another Ojay brother was digging his ears with his finger when his folks were giving shoutouts for the award. That guy must have been absent minded.

Can someone agree with me that Amber Rose is a hot shenagan(my word for chikala)?

This may come off as sentimental but I don't think Joe Jackson(MJ's father) should be at an awards ceremony 3 days after his son's death. Maybe, he is just repping the Jackson fam.

There were lil girls on stage when Weezy was performing. And clearly the performers were uttering swear words cos the audio was constantly bleeped. common!

And the commercials! Don't tell me Tiny and Toya are creating their own TV show. That's expectedly hilarious.
Can Sprint stop coming up with unrealistic ads? Who throws money away? I don't like the metaphorical ish.

In short, BET Awards had me cracking up.


Anonymous said...

lol...i didnt lyk bee tonight too.

cerberus said...

off Topic,
I Love your profile photo.
First time on here,
Planning to bee back


GiDiPwInCeSs said...

aweee mehnn i havent watched it yet.... my cable conveniently disappeared 2 days before...wth.. im sure i missed ..hope dey will show it online..btw a lil help pls whats d meaning of lwkm and smh?..i kno random q.

yinkuslolo said...

@leggy: u feel me bah. the avemaria thing dint work for me

@cerberu: thanx, i liek the pic too

@GidiPwincess: have I told that i am feeling ur name. i think they wud reshow it on BET sometime on Wed or so.
lwkm: laff wan kill me, naija's pidgin equivalent of lol
smh: somehow

Yemi David said...

twas boring joh compared to '08 award..M.J shldnt hv died nw..d award was jst all bt him..oh bey..I was expecting sum diva-ish really vexd..did u see her cat walk??lmao..its like supporting cucumbers wit toothpick..her body did her no justice mehn..

Miss Natural said...

I didnt watch it. but I will, u've made me want to now.

Tracey Ellle said...

lmao ur hilarious.. i didnt watch the show cos i was at gay pride..(way more fun... wayyyy) im still recovering but yeah i heard the show wasnt terribe... loved beys outfit... and latoyas... gorg... joe jackson looked a bit silly coming out.. i mean stay home and cry!

faB!! said...

lol.... those Tiny and Toya ladies. *rolls eyes*. I have no comment for them yet until that show airs. And I'm only goin to watch it cos Tiny's face makes me!!!
But I heard them say the show wasn't goin to be a baby mama show. That was so relieving!!

And the kids that were on stage. "are u kidding me??" that's what I kept muttering to myself the whole time. I was tryin to justify why they must have come on stage but I didn't see them do nothing so wth??
But someone told me one of them was Lil Wayne's daughter and the other TI's or whoever. So...yea, maybe that explains why they were up there hearing all the bleeped words. They hear that ALL the time.

muyiwa said...

i was thrilled by janet jacksons's speech

Tinu said...

i HAted it!!!i thot it was soo disorganized and arrrrghhh i dnt even wan to think about it!

yinkuslolo said...

@yemi d: i think if not for mj's death they wud have even lacked what to do. its gets 'borier' every yr.

@ms natural: it wasnt all that oh

@tracey e: i dint really like bey's outfit sha

@fab:Tiny is ridic mehn. yeah, lil wayne and Ti's kids were there.

@muyiwa: i missed the speech oh, i guess i'll youtube it now

@tinu: it was not disorganised to me, they participants dint just bring it on. BETA is not getting better over the yrs.