Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers! (the movie/film)

I usually try to see the recent movies. Tonight, I decided to watch Transformers 1 with my dormmates because my school was gonna a sponsor the seeing of Transformer 2 at the theatre tomorrow.

I really wanted to see the pt 2 but decided to watch the pt 1 cos I have not watched the latter before. It was a disappointment. I know the film's genre is sci-fi and all tech but I just did not feel the pt 1, which I just watched. why?

  • I paid full attention to "follow" the film
  • The film was all unrealistically robot-ish. i know robots are not real but these ones didnt appeal to me despite their size and ability to transform. maybe there were just too many robots
  • The film's audio discomforted me, it had sudden increases in volume and sorta gave me ear/head aches. i cant even imagine how loud the theatre's speakers wud be tomorrow
  • The storyline was to save the world, an intention that left me with questions(why?)
  • I constantly dozed off during the last 20 mins

if the pt1 turned out like that, I don't wanna bother myself to go watch the pt2 tomorrow, even if it's for free.

scifi is not my fave genre but still the hype for the pt2 has gone from mountain to valley. I dunno what pple will think of the pt 2 but I am using pt 1 to pre-judge.

PS: Micheal Jackson kicked the bucket. If you don't know yet, infact I don't want to believe someone hasn't heard yet. Any way, life is pleasant, death is peaceful, it is the transition that is painful. may his soul RIP

It's kinda interesting that some pple are now paying attention to MJ's songs after his death, I may be guilty.


Chi-Chi said...

yes your guilty!!
we always did...


yet to watch Transformers

Sir Scribbles II said...

First of all I've taken 10 points off ur geek card! Maybe I'm just biased coz I use to watch the cartoons as a kid but the only thing wrong wiv d first movie was that the robots weren't lit up properly so it was hard to distinguish between autobots and decepticons...however It's was d bomb mehn!

Yeah, it's like they all forgot about the dude then wen he dies suddenly everyone is downloading is songs

BTW, I love safe by M.I so I've given u 2 points back on ur card lol..."I'm looney like tuney"..M.I. is just evil lol

muyiwa said...

tried to watch the movie,cos i like meagan fox but didnt have time due to tight schedule,can anyone brief me about it

Imoteda said...

Er.. I'm tempted to stop visiting this blog o!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transformers is an amazingggggg movie. The first one was awesome. Ahn Ahn chick now.

How could you not love it. Especially when meagan fox in all her glorious hotness was in it????

Perhaps you should watch it again alone.

And yea its a shame about M.J but if BET doesn't stop playing his videos and show my The Game and One on One someone's gonna get a beat down.

Farah Fawcett Died on the same day. May her soul rest in peace

Tracey Ellle said...

rip mj.. u should probably see hangover or the proposal.. both were amazing

Anonymous said...

see proposal..its the ish...and yeah i agree with u on the transformers stuff..a guy told me its too over rated!i agree wt imoteda aon the rip tired!!!

yinkuslolo said...

@chichi: yeah right

@robby: i am not a geek actually lol and I watched very few cartoons as a kid. note: i watched the pt1 and decided not to bother my self with the pt2. as for MI, i wud like to see/read ur analysis of him. when i hear his vocal, i [kinda] go loco

@muyiwa: i believe u can search it online cos i may be biased if i do so. thanx for stopping by

@imoteda: haha, my not liking transformers is not sufficient enuf to describe what my blog is
all about. i agree megan fox looked good

@tracey and leggy: i am down for proposal. sandra bullock's look on the poster is promising

Miss Natural said...

I loved transformers 1 and 2 oh!!! lol but yeah pple are different, for instance I didnt get the hype about jenifa lol.....but yeah its a great film. u might as well go, its for free. u can always doze off in the cinema as long as u dont snore loud :) now the next film I wanna watch is 2012 and wolverine. p.s finish up naruto haha

Anonymous said...

hey hun thanks for following my blog...please come again.

Ive heard that this movie was hot....gotta get out there to it. btw, nice music and blog!

Tinu said...

Ah yinkus u have to see it o!!!
im not a sci fi person myself but it was AWESOME!!!!!!

Rene said...

i'm with leggy on proposal and yeah go watch the second part of transformers.

NaijaPrincess said...

You r d first person ive met dat didnt like Transformers. all my friends for facebook were tesifying about how great it was, i was tempted to go see it sef but $10 to see people n robots fight no seem fair, if they fit throw free popcorn n drink i for go watch am.

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

ehennn!!!!!!!!! so im not the only one that thinks this way... i just got back home from seeing transformers... pure waste of my time... the fighting scene's wer actually getting boring... p.s did Megan fox get her lip done? lol...n d movie was too long... i believe it was over hyped!!

BSNC said...

I have not still seen that movie.. Yes M.J's death touched alot of people.. R.I.P M.J

chayoma said...

how can u say Transformers aint the ish?
it was the BLOCKBUSTER of the year....hands down!
already pre-ordered the DVD....
Damn, i am shocked! so what movies would u give a 4 star?
Terminator Salvation, Wolverine??
Tinu didnt want to see Transformers but she enjoyed it (whether it was my fries she was stealing i dunno)
u should give it a try althou i will tell u ahead of time to dedicate 2 and a half hours to it (it is that long but AWESOME)

PS... love M.I.'s safe.... na that one save u from all my

Original Mgbeke said...

I actually liked Transformers I, haven't seen 2 yet. Well if this was the case, you might not wanna go see it tomorrow. LOL

RocNaija said...

So when are we gonna get the results of this your poll??

yinkuslolo said...

@oyin: u're welcome

@Tinu, Rene: I took a pass and i don't think I will have another opportunity sef to see it

@NaijaPrincee: I actually went grocery shoping instead.

@GidiPwincess: Thank u Thankkkkkkk u. Upon all of tha, the pt1 gave me headache. I cant risk my mentality for the pt2(maybe I am exaggerating)

@BSNC: Rip MJ oh

@chayoma: I have not seen those movies also. i am not an action/sci-fi person. u feel me on my MI sturvs bah. u and robby scribbles are on the same page

@OM:I did exactly that oh

@Roc: If u mean the transformers pt2 poll, more peaople suggested I go see it cos it is supposedly a good movie.