Wednesday, June 10, 2009

hahaha, lwkm!

sometime last yr, i tot my mumcee how to navigate her yahoomail. yes, it's a good thing but the woman browses more than me now sef. scratch that! she cant beat my average of 8hrs/day. anyhoos, her colleague, maybe he too just discovered the joy of emailing, sends mumcee yeye mails everyday. they are not dat yeye sha. most are quite useful. my mumcee forwards some to people. she is cool like that.

below is one of the mails. not all are like this, actually this is one of her first jokes.

This man was sitting quietly reading his paper one morning, peacefully enjoying himself, when his wife sneaks up behind him and whacks him on the back of his head with a huge frying pan.

> > MAN: "What was that for?"
> > WIFE: "What was that piece of paper in your pants pocket with the name Barbara Ann written on it?"
> > MAN: "Oh honey, remember two weeks ago when I went to the horse races? Barbara Ann was the name of one of thehorses I bet on."
The wife looked all satisfied, apologizes, and goes off do work around the house. Three days later he is once again sitting in his chair reading and she repeats the frying pan swatting.

>>MAN: "What the heck was that for this time?"
>>WIFE:> "Your horse called."

haha, how can a man give his *cough* business partner his home phone. men like this deserve harsh wives like 'WIFE". it's not good to cheat oh!


Sir Scribbles II said...

Numero uno baby, dispost just got owned

LMAO!!! oga is obviously not very skilled in the playa department...dumbass!!

Anonymous said...

lol...wen did cell phones become extinct?!lol.

yinkuslolo said...

at srcibs: no mind the guy. u are skilled bah?

oh leggy: how long are ur legs eh. better still, how tall are u? lemme free ur name. i am sure this is some mad old joke, as u read, its my mom that sent it.

P'sy-A-wana said...

how dumb can u get, the punchline was good though "ur horse called" rotflmao.

Original Mgbeke said...

LMAO, the woman dey very gangsta.

juiceegal said...

Abi o original mgbeke wat a very gangsta
D guy needs to be schooled mehn..who gives out their house numba wen they are

BSNC said...

lol your horse called. oya answer thr horse noe

BBB said...

hey welcome to blogsville
thanks for stopping by mine...
mumsie is getting teckinilogie wize haha
but seriously its good oh!! my mum cant even attach a message...

d guy is a mugu arent there cellphones anymore *not that i am for cheating* it sucks.

Maiya said...

what does "lwkm" mean?

yinkuslolo said...

maiya, it means "laff wan kill me". the latest naija "lol" equivalent